5 Fun Dog Parks in Oklahoma City for Walks and Sunshine

5 Fun Dog Parks in Oklahoma City for Walks and Sunshine

Every day your dog needs anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of physical activity. Perhaps the walks around the neighborhood are getting too repetitive for you and your pet. 

One of the best ways to get their energy out is to take them to the dog park, where they can run free and hang out with their fellow pups. A benefit of living in Oklahoma’s capital is that there are plenty of places to take your dog. Keep reading to learn about the best dog parks in Oklahoma City: 

1. PAW Park

Recommended by the City of OKC, this park has 2 acres of land and swimming ponds for your dogs to play in. Partners for Animals Welfare of Oklahoma City, a nonprofit and volunteer organization, runs the park.

You are required to have a membership to use this dog park, and the fee is $100. While this might not be appealing to everyone, the park has its perks. 

PAW Park is separated into two sections, one for dogs over 30 pounds and one for dogs under 30 pounds. There is a section of the park that does not have access to the swimming pond, in case your dog cannot swim, or you do not want them getting wet. 

There are plenty of benches and shady spots for owners to use while their pup runs around. Owners must be eighteen years or older, and kids under ten are not allowed in the park. 

2. Myriad Botanical Gardens Dog Park

A fan favorite amongst the people of Oklahoma City, Myriad Botanical Gardens is a lovely place to visit, even when you don’t bring your pet. It has beautiful flowers, learning centers, and weekly events that will give you an excuse to get outside. 

The dog park portion is massive and well-maintained. It has turf mounds, so, unlike other dog parks, you won’t have to worry about the park not having enough grass or getting too muddy. 

Some rules include putting your dog on a leash when entering and exiting the premises, as well as if you are visiting other areas of the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Additionally, your dog must be healthy and have all of its vaccinations to play in the park. 

3. Midtown Mutts

Located on West Park Place, this park is in the center of all the action. Nearby are some local restaurants and bars, where you could pick up some food to go on your home way home from the park. 

It is smaller than the previous two parks. It also has two separate spaces, one smaller and one larger. However, dogs are not required to use the space that corresponds to their size. 

Midtown Mutts has toys for your dogs to play with, as well as poop bags and water stations in the event you forget to bring them. It is open from 7 am to 11 pm, which is great for people who work long hours but are looking for a way to keep their dog active and social during the week. 

4. Edmond Dog Park at Bickham-Rudkin Park

If you are looking to get away from the heart of the city but don’t want to travel too far, Edmond Dog Park is the place to go. It has easily accessible parking and four acres of land for the dogs to roam. 

Like the other dog parks, this one has two spaces dedicated to small dogs and big ones. However, if you have a handicapped or elderly large dog, they are allowed in the small dog section. 

Any dog who acts aggressively towards other dogs will not be allowed in the park. Owners must take full accountability for their dog’s actions. If you get attacked by a dog, and you would like to press charges against the dog owner, you’ll need to call a dog bite lawyer.

Another benefit of going to Edmond Dark Park is that there are restrooms and water fountains that owners can use. Children are allowed in the park with an accompanying adult. 

5. Wiggly Field

Wiggly Field is another park that is just outside of OKC—right off of I-40—but is worth visiting. The regulars there are welcoming, and it’s not as crowded as some of the parks near the city’s center. 

Dog owners rave about the well-maintained, green grass there, as well as the agility obstacles the park has to offer. There is water for both dogs and owners, which is great during those hot summer days. 

Wiggly Field is part of Ray Trent Park. If you do not want to take your pet to the dog park, you can take them on the trails instead. This way, they’ll still be able to burn off some of that energy. 

Time to Explore the Dog Parks in Oklahoma City

Now that you know all about the dog parks in Oklahoma City, go out and experience them for yourself. Most of them are free of charge, and they present an opportunity to get outside. On top of that, you can ensure your pup is getting their allotted daily playtime in. 

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