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5 Financial Skills Every High School Graduate Needs to Know



5 Financial Skills Every High School Graduate Needs to Know

Mastering basic personal finance skills is crucial to a high school graduate and can help secure a financially stable future. Financial skills are not usually included in a student’s formal education, so many graduates know very little about personal finance. Here are five basic financial skills every high school graduate needs to know.


A high graduate needs to know how to create a budget. It is one of the most basic financial skills, yet only a few graduates can create a detailed budget. A budget involves a plan on how to spend money that takes into consideration your income and expenses. It is essential in thriving financially because if you don’t know how much you can spend safely monthly, you can easily go into debt.

Graduates who know how to set up a realistic budget can plan for the future and meet long-term saving goals like retirement. It also enables you to live within your means by matching income to expenses. Budgeting skills can help you to separate wants from needs and avoid financial hardships in life.


Investing seems daunting if you lack a basic understanding of how the stock market works and how to choose and invest in stocks. Learning basic investing principles can make a huge difference in handling money in college and as an adult. Investing will allow you to grow your savings into real wealth that can change your lifestyle.

Investment principles such as diversification, asset allocation, and rebalancing will help you state your investment career early and earn the freedom to pursue other interests. You will be able to assess what kind of investment to get into and manage your portfolio according to trends and the investments’ performance.

Bank Account Basics

It is important to know checking and savings accounts. Some graduates do not even have bank accounts, which limits their access to affordable financial services. A checking account is vital for your financial success as it helps you to control your money. It is free and easy-to-use, but poor management can lead to high-cost overdraft fees.

Another basic banking skill is balancing a checkbook. Balancing your checkbook ensures that your monthly statement balance matches the balance in your checkbook. This involves monitoring deposits and withdrawals and reconciling entries in the register with the same transaction in your bank statement. This has been made easier with online financial tools available today, but it is still a must-have financial skill.

Managing credit cards and debt is important as it prevents you from accruing huge amounts of debt. It will help manage your spending and understanding how revolving credit works. Paying full balances or making early payments can help you save on interest. It is equally important to build credit and increase your credit score.

Having a good credit score can help you qualify for a lower interest on a mortgage or rent an apartment or pay less for car insurance.

Long-Term Financial Planning

Graduates need to understand the importance of a long-term financial plan. It entails setting financial goals, prioritizing them, and developing a step-by-step plan to meet them. This skill will lay the foundation for a more financially secure future.

Basic Savings Strategies

Learning to save for the future or emergencies is mandatory for everyone. Living from paycheck to paycheck without a cushion can lead to a financial crisis. Financial experts advise on maintaining an emergency fund for at least three months of living expenses. The 50/30/20 saving method is a good strategy that accounts for 50% of income for basic amenities, 30% for wants, and 20$ for savings. Making saving a habit will reap fruitful financial results in the future.

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5 Advantages of Using a Motivational Speaker to Boost Morale




5 Advantages of Using a Motivational Speaker to Boost Morale

The employer that wants to have a motivated and encouraged staff will work on putting certain practices into place. One thing that an employer might choose to do is find a motivational speaker to help boost the morale of their employees.

1. A Motivational Speaker Shares Real Stories People Can Relate To

When someone gets up to speak to a crowd, they need to have a message prepared that is going to be applicable to that specific crowd. When a company does its research and looks into all of the motivational speakers available, they can find someone who will share a message relevant to their employees. A good motivational speaker will connect with their audience by sharing real stories from their life, and employees who feel that they are understood will have their morale boosted.

2. A Motivational Speaker Encourages People to Work Hard

When a motivational speaker is brought in to help boost the morale of a group of employees, that person won’t just encourage the people and get them to be happier at their job, but they will get them to work harder, too. A good speaker will get people to dream, and they will help them understand that it will take hard work for them to reach their dreams. A good speaker will help people see that they are only going to make a difference in the world if they work hard.

3. Employees Will Talk After a Speaker Has Left

A motivational speaker isn’t only useful for the short time that they are in front of a crowd, but the messages that they share are shared by those who hear them. When someone gets good information from a motivational speaker, they want to share that with others. Even if the entire staff at a company is not able to sit down and listen to a motivational speaker, some of the morale boosting messages shared by that person will be spread by those who are able to do that. Those who do get the chance to hear the speaker will talk to one another about all that they have heard, and they will be motivated for a long time going forward.

4. A Company Shows It Cares When It Brings in a Motivational Speaker

A company wants its staff to know that they are seen and appreciated. When a company sets aside some time for their staff to take a break from their work and sit down and listen to a speaker, they help them know that they see that they are working hard and that they could use the chance to relax. A company can help its employees feel good about the jobs that they have by showing it cares and bringing in a motivational speaker.

5. A Motivational Speaker Helps People Become Leaders

If a company is struggling because none of its employees seem to want to step up and lead others, those in charge of the company might look into bringing in a motivational speaker. When people get inspired by the words that they hear, they are going to want to reach for new goals, and they might be interested in taking others with them. Motivational speakers share messages of how to make plans and deal with emergencies, and they give everyone the type of inspiration that they need to help them not only be leaders but be great leaders.

The better the employee morale at a company, the more work that will be accomplished each day. The company that cares about supporting its employees can benefit from bringing in a motivational speaker.

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6 Unique Advantages of Using Mass Mailing for Your Business




6 Unique Advantages of Using Mass Mailing for Your Business

Mass mailing, also known as advertising mail, is a marketing strategy that involves sending an identical email message to large groups. Due to its numerous advantages, most companies have adopted this method of marketing. Below are some of the advantages mass mailing can offer your business.

1. Build Credibility

Marketers have long established that people tend to do business with people and companies they know, trust, and like. This has made brand credibility a vital part of doing any business. Through sharing helpful and informative information to a bulk number of people, mass mailing helps you build credibility with the audience.

Mass mailing makes building credibility easier through creating familiarity between the customers and the brand. Since most people distrust unfamiliar businesses, familiarity and understanding help create trust, which becomes the foundation for a credible business. Once you have built credibility for your company, it becomes easier to engage the customers in business.

2. Help Deliver Targeted Messages

Typical means of marketing find it hard to reach their targeted audience and hence cost more than the outreach they gather. Mass mailing is different since it allows businesses to deliver messages to a targeted audience. To convey these targeted messages, you will need to filter the emails so that only customers who meet the set criteria will receive them.

3. Increase Traffic to Your Website

When running any business, a website is a critical marketing platform. This is because you get to showcase your product and explain your services on the website. However, potential customers to browse your website are hard to find.

Therefore the best way of creating traffic for your website is through the use of mass mailing. It’s made possible by the ability of mass emails to reach hundreds of people all at once. By attaching a link to the emails, hundreds of people click and browse your website.

4. Optimize Your Budget and Time

It is common for most enterprises to encounter time and financial constraints. It’s most common with small and medium-sized companies. While big companies afford to purchase larger advertisement space, small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the financial power to undertake such projects.

Mass mailing is advantageous since it helps you to manage your time and budget effectively. Designing professional email marketing messages consumes less time and less money. This action allows you to efficiently appropriate other activities.

5. Stronger Relationships with Customers

You must maintain a strong relationship with your customers. However, for a small business, it is almost impossible to reach all customers using a telephone. Mass mailing works to bridge this gap.

Through a method such as Drip marketing, mass mailing smoothens the affair of creating a stronger relationship with your customers. Drip marketing involves slowly but continuously sending emails that contain helpful information, tips, and products to your customer. This form of marketing allows you to provide constant valuable information to your customers. At the same time, it helps keep your brand in their minds.

6. Create Better Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is an integral part of running a successful business. Once a company receives enough brand recognition, it becomes synonymous with the industry it operates within. This action makes it easy for a business to make better sales and enter new markets.

Mass mailing is a critical feature for creating awareness and brand recognition. It’s possible because of its ability to build familiarity with your brand to the customers. For example, after several mass mailing campaigns, customers become familiar with your brand, and eventually, they start to associate your business with its market niche.

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5 Ways to Improve Customer Service at a Car Body Repair Shop




5 Ways to Improve Customer Service at a Car Body Repair Shop

In this highly competitive world, where stakes are high, every business needs to be on top of the game regardless of the industry. And one way to set your business apart from the rest is through exceptional customer management. In a world where customers are “one bad experience” away from joining the competitor, customer service can’t be taken lightly.

That said, customer management can’t be overemphasized in an automotive repair shop where trust and professionalism are key differentiators. Fortunately, there are several ways of fostering customer satisfaction. It’s not just about the quality of car repair, but the customer experience from when they get in your shop until you hand them back the car.

When customers are coming to your shop for that car repair, they may be frustrated due to their car’s niggling issue. The least you can offer them is a good customer experience. By so doing, you will not only make them happy but can result to:

•    Repeat business

•    Referrals

•    Trusted business

•    Positive online reviews

In light of the above, if you are in this business of auto body repairs and you are looking to enjoy the above benefits, please stick on as we navigate through ways you can improve your customer service.

Customers want a good reception and a memorable one for that case. You can offer that experience by following the below tips:

Making them comfortable

The first impression is critical, so make it count. In the first case, no one enjoys being in a repair shop. Some are stressed (inconvenience and cost-wise) and in a hurry to have their car back on the road ASAP. So be friendly, and put them at ease. Greet them with a pleasant tone and a smile.

Perhaps, you can even offer them some refreshments like tea, coffee, and water to get them in a relaxed state before getting into details. After that, ask them what their issue is and how you can help.

Listening to the customer

Cultivate your listening skills. Write down all that the customers are explaining and their concerns. Make sure you understand the issue at hand. Most customers are thrilled by the fact that you are listening to them and taking notes. Let them feel heard and their points respected.

With this, you form the basis of effective communication, and it also becomes easy to deliver quality services that will satisfy your customers.

Appearing professional

Physical appearance speaks volumes. To many, your physical appearance forms a perception of how you will do the job. Most customers will judge your competence with the first impression, which usually is your physical appearance.

Yes, we know a garage isn’t a workstation for donning suits and ties. But again, you can’t appear in tattered costumes. Instead, make sure your whole team is in full car body repair attires. It gives some uniformity and cohesion to your team members. Customers also feel that they are at the right place, and you take your job seriously.

Explaining in simple terms

It is not the time to exercise your jargon vocabulary. Modern cars are complicated, so try to make your explanation simple. Break complex processes into simple, digestible bits. Otherwise, you will confuse your customers. Would you want that for your business? Big words don’t make you an expert. In fact, customers may think you want to scam them into buying unnecessary spares.


Many of your customers will first want to understand the turnaround time. Why so? They rely on the car to go on about their lives. So, the best you can do to help them is continually updating them on the car repairs. And in case of unexpected delays, communicate the same in advance.

Ultimately, be honest with your customers. One happy customer can give you a thousand more. Excellent customer service can become your penniless marketing strategy, helping your business stand out from the pack.

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6 B2B Marketing Ideas Perfect during the Pandemic




6 B2B Marketing Ideas Perfect during the Pandemic

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the lives of many people around the world. Some businesses have scaled down their operations while others have completely shut down. This has resulted in millions of people losing their sources of income.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted a majority of businesses, it has also created numerous opportunities.

Take for example the use of the internet to conduct business. Most companies and businesses that were previously hesitant to embrace technology in their operations have been forced to do so for survival.

As a business, you need to find ways of navigating through the pandemic to ensure that you remain afloat. One of the best ways of doing so is rethinking your B2B marketing strategies.

Considering the restrictions introduced by authorities to curb the spread of the diseases, some of the B2B marketing strategies may not be as effective as they used to.

Below are six B2B marketing ideas to use during the pandemic:

1.    Take your in-person events virtual

There’s no doubt that most of your events used to happen physically or in-person prior to the outbreak of the pandemic. With strict rules requiring businesses to comply with various COVID-19 rules, you are left with no option but to operate virtually.

The fact that you still have to keep working and means there’s a need to come up with ways of promoting and selling your products and services.

You also have to change the ways you communicate with your business partners. If for example you largely relied on physical meetings, then you will have to change that and embrace online communication.

2.    Use video marketing

The use of video is one of the rapidly growing parts of digital marketing. Although video marketing had already started to take root, the coronavirus pandemic has made it even more popular. The good thing about video marketing is that it gives life to your brand by personalizing it.

You have probably people saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, then how much is a video worth? Video marketing offers you an opportunity to interact with your clients from anywhere at any time.

3.    Take advantage of social media

If you have never been serious about using social media as a marketing strategy, then this is the best time to implement it in full force. Social media has so far proved to be a force to reckon with when it comes to digital marketing.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have millions of active subscribers every day. You can reach a wider audience within a short time compared to traditional marketing strategies.

4.    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is another great B2P marketing idea that any business can implement. SEO is all about improving the quality and quantity of a website’s content. If you ever want to increase the presence of your business online, then SEO is the best digital marketing method to use.

Many people and businesses nowadays rely on the internet to search for products and services. If you manage to implement a good SEO strategy, then your business is likely to rank on the first page of popular search engines like Google.

5.    Focus on your current customers

There has never been a more crucial time to closely monitor your existing customers than during this pandemic. Many businesses have lost and continue to lose their customers simply because they are not giving them proper attention. Take time to listen and attend to the needs of your customers.

6.    Generate content that converts

Content can easily attract readers through referrals and search engines. It is therefore important to create content that will help you to convert people who visit your website into active and paying customers.

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6 Tips for Running a Catering Business during COVID-19




6 Tips for Running a Catering Business during COVID-19

As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, social gathering has become prohibited nationwide. This act has led to immense pressure on most catering businesses in the country. Most business owners have to adapt to the new circumstances if their businesses have a chance of surviving. Below are some of the adaptive measures for catering business owners.

Offer Takeaway and Delivery Services

Catering business owners who desire to keep their businesses afloat need to consider offering food delivery and takeaway services. Business owners will need to device family-style meal packages that will get delivered to their customers. Additionally, thank you notes with encouraging messages should get delivered along with the meals. This act will make the customers feel cared for and appreciated. Small businesses that cannot afford to create a delivery network have the option of enlisting with a third- party delivery platform such as Glovo or Uber Eats.

New Menus and Ideas

With food delivery being the only way of serving their customers, catering businesses will have to devise new better-suited menus. These menus will have to contain food-stuffs that can withstand the delivery trip without compromising their taste or quality.

The new menus created will have to change often. This action will prevent the customers from getting tired of eating the same meal repeatedly. Preferably these new menus should change weekly. This will act as a good promotion strategy that will capture the customers’ imagination as they wonder what the next menu will be.

Increase Online Marketing

Online marketing and promotion are now crucial more than ever. Not only will it help catering businesses enter new markets, but it will also make customers aware that it is still in business. The best way for catering businesses to market themselves online is by asking their customers to share their food and delivery experiences online.

Offering shopping vouchers and other incentives online is another way catering businesses promote themselves online. Such incentives will create online traffic as people try to win. This action will raise awareness about the business and increase its outreach to customers.

Lend a Helping Hand

Even with strained finances, catering businesses can still offer a helping hand to the community during these uncertain times. Owners will accomplish this through acts like donation of meals to the doctors, police officers, and nurses in the front line. Through such charitable works, businesses will establish goodwill with the people. This goodwill might be crucial to their present and future operations. These meals should be delivered with the setup delivery system. In itself, this act of donation may act as a marketing strategy of their customer and delivery service.

Sell Perishable Food surplus at Reasonable Prices

Instead of suffering losses due to perished surplus food, catering businesses should offer this food to their customers at reasonable prices. Not only will this activity help their customers, but it will also endear the company to the people. This act will also prevent losses since the business will make a little money along the way.

Postpone Current Catering Orders and Start Booking Future Ones

The most crucial step to keep catering businesses afloat is to avoid canceling already booked events. For example, if a customer desires to cancel catering for an event, The owner should persuade him to postpone it instead. This will make sure that after the pandemic, business continuation is a guarantee.

Catering businesses should also begin booking and planning for future events. Business owners should not close shops and go home due to the pandemic. Instead, they should start booking guaranteed future events such as graduations. This step will also help them remain in business after the pandemic.

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