5 Facts about Diamonds You Should Know Right Now

Diamonds are undeniably one of the best options for engagement bands. However, the hardest part has to choose one from the seemingly endless criteria and price ranges. If you are struggling to understand how to sell your diamonds or buy them, let us help you out. Here are 5 facts about diamonds you should keep in mind before you let the sparkles dazzle your reason!

Diamond Alternatives

If it is just the elegant white stone you want to go for but don’t feel like breaking the bank for it, you are in luck! Diamond simulants are stones that have a similar appearance to diamonds with very small, hardly noticeable differences. Some popular options are cubic zirconia and moissanite. While both of them occur very rarely in nature, they are lab-grown for ornamental purposes. Moissanite has a characteristic rainbow sparkle which sets it apart from actual diamonds. Being much more affordable than diamonds, they are in no way compromising on their appearances!

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are super trendy right now because of their low price ranges and stunning visuals. Keep in mind that although these are grown in labs, they are the real deal! The controlled environments in labs allow them to grow with fewer defects as well, forming brilliant pieces of stones that are waiting to be made into treasured rings. Man-made diamonds have the exact same chemical and structural properties as natural diamonds, except they throw a weaker blow to your wallet. This is a fantastic option for those who are determined to get diamonds but aren’t willing to spend a large sum of money.

Types and Designs

You have probably already heard of some of the popular cuts and styles of diamonds such as round brilliant or emerald-cut. Shapes of diamonds indicate the silhouette of a diamond, while cuts refer to facets on the surface of the gem that allows for glittering. Shapes also influence diamond prices, with popular, high-demand shapes like round brilliants being more expensive. You can choose princess-cut and cushion-cut diamonds which have a feminine look, or a classic and mature emerald-cut or pear-shaped diamond. Lab-grown diamonds give you the option of choosing colors as well, giving you the opportunity to own a very unique diamond for yourself. 

Resale Value

For diamond simulants and man-made diamonds, the resale value is unfortunately little to none. Even for natural diamond rings, you won’t get the price you paid for them. Local pawn shops and jewelers are unlikely to offer you a decent price either. Reliable online options will give you a better value, so take the liberty to find opportunities to sell diamond rings Sydney.

Now that you have some of the facts, you will be better prepared when you enter the diamond jewelers. Have a great shopping experience!

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