5 Best Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

Our brain is only 1.36 kg in weight, but it handles the human race’s most sophisticated jobs. As per ratio, it uses about 20% of total supplied energy in the body with 2% of body weight. It shows how much workload it takes. But with age, food habits, and the environmental conditions of our brain functions derriere day by day.

 There are some non-modifiable reasons behind it too. But the study says, with proper care and training, you can improve your brain functions up to acceptable limits. 

So here are some handy tips to improve brain health and IQ. 

Train Up Tips 

Eat a healthy and balanced diet. The proper proportion of carb, proteins, fat, vitamin, minerals, and fiber is essential. But in growing age, pregnancy, or unusual physical conditions, only food is not enough sometimes. So you can take fortified food supplements like neuroactiv6 and such. Fortified foods are nutritionally improved nutrition to meet your body needs. Organic and registered supplements usually cause the minimum disruption to our commensal bacteria and rejuvenate the health. Eat bananas and apples regularly. Bananas have serotonin increasing capacity. It acts as a natural antidepressant and increases the formation of BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factors). Apple is rich in several digestive enzymes and vitamins. 

Exercise every day. If not possible, at least make a schedule to fit your routine and burn out. Exercise is not only for burning calories and being slim. During the workout, your heart pumps more blood. That means the brain gets more oxygen and glucose. No doubt, more glucose makes the mind happy and active. If you are not into tiresome workout reps and sets, go for yoga. This process is meditative and more useful for the brain in the long run. The study says people meditating every day can better control emotions and stress as they have more cell density in the frontal lobe ( the area responsible for planning, feeling, and short-term memory) and the brain’s hippocampus. 

Play brain games. This suggestion might sound kiddish, but every day is practicing simple brainstorming to increase your IQ by six points. Talk to your child regularly. The more you talk to them, their vocabulary will be rich. Puzzle games, crossword, sudoku, Rubik’s cube solving are great brain boosters. Try to talk to your children or read interactively. Simple conversations and thinking will gradually increase your critical analyzing capacity. Remember, predictions are no magic; they are just extensive calculations. Only a trained up and active mind can manage it. 

Use your cognitive skill to improve brain health. Some repetitive, organized functions need practice, such as knitting, walking on a straight line, overcoming race, and making decisions fast. These activities need extensive collaboration (physical activity, thinking, concentration, and compilation) of most parts of the brain. So the compact and efficient movement keeps our cerebrum and cerebellum in function. 

Check your EEG feedback. Before starting any treatment or therapy, be sure that your brain fog is functioning well anatomically. An EEG (Electro Encephalogram) may help your doctor analyze your brain waves and decide if you need medical attention. In the USA and some other countries, insurance policies cover the procedure. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a common practice in western countries to improve brain health. The basic strategy is to supply more oxygen to the brain to keep it working better without any fatigue. 


Brain health is significant for a healthy life. With an increasing rate of dementia, amnesia, clinical depression, and such devastating diseases at risk, this is the time you start taking care of the big fellow. 

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