5 Best Electric Vehicles Of 2022

For World Environment Day in 2022, we’ll be focusing more on electric cars, which are becoming increasingly popular on the road. To lessen pollution, EVs are being pushed to replace traditional ICE-powered cars. People in the United States are increasingly purchasing Electric Vehicles (EVs) due to technical improvements and rising gas prices.

The Top 5 Electric Cars For 2022

Chevy Silverado 2022

Chevy’s new Silverado EV has been meticulously crafted from the ground up to revolutionize the industry. The Ultrium platform and the Ultifi software system are at the core of this new electric pickup, which will be the base for every Chevy EV in the future. There are two large LCD panels in Silverado EV’s cabin, one for instrumentation and the other for controlling various options. The external design of the 2022 Chevy Silverado HD is bolder than the F-150 Lighting’s progressive approach.

Kia EV6

The EV6 from Kia offers a sleek design, a 350kW quick charging system, and a sophisticated interior brimming with high-tech goodies. An augmented reality display, smart parking, vehicle-2-load capabilities, and 17.6 cubic feet of trunk capacity are included. Not to mention that the chairs aren’t even folded yet.

With a starting price of $40,900, you’ve got a near-perfect electric automobile. The only flaw we can think of is that the back window is a bit narrow, and there is no rear wiper.

Nissan Leaf

If you’re just getting started with electric vehicles or don’t want to spend much money, the Nissan Leaf is an excellent option. Since the 2022 model’s starting price is just $27,400—and that’s even before you factor in federal and state incentives—the car is even more tempting.

For those who prefer to drive with just one foot on the accelerator pedal, the Leaf has a one-pedal driving mode called “ePedal” that can be activated with the touch of a button on the dashboard. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also supported.

The lower 40 kWh battery types only have an EPA range of 149 miles, which is a disadvantage. CCS is preferred by every other carmaker that isn’t Tesla, whereas CHAdeMO is used in the Leaf. When searching for an electric vehicle that doesn’t need to be too large, this is a good option.

Tesla Model Y

Aside from having a 330-mile range, a 3.5-second zero-to-sixty speed, Autopilot, and access to Tesla’s 250kW Supercharger network, the Model Y offers everything else you’d expect from a Tesla. Of course, the typical Tesla caveats apply, such as the extreme simplicity and the fact that everything is shown on a single touchscreen. You can have all the benefits of a large, roomy Tesla without having to shell out for an X-level price tag by opting for the Model Y.

Hyundai IONIQ 5

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 is an excellent choice as an all-around electric vehicle. The SUV has a lot of room for you, your family, and whatever else you need to move, as well as an incredible 300 miles of range to get you there.

Wireless charging, ambient lighting, and charging rates of up to 350 kW are all included as standard features. If you’re looking for a vehicle that can go from 0-to 60 in under six seconds, go no further than the Tesla Model S. For an SUV, this isn’t awful at all – even if it isn’t Tesla-level.

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