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5 Best APKs for Streaming Movies and TV Shows for Free



If you are an android user and you wish to have access to some applications for streaming your favourite movies and shows, you are in luck. A huge population of the world is now using android based operating systems and they prefer to watch movies on their mobile devices.

This makes it extremely necessary to have some free video streaming APKs at your disposal. A good application will be small in size, have many features, and will give you a great UI. In this article, we will take you through some of these apps to help you make a better decision for yourself.

Let’s take a look at some of these great apps one by one.

  1. Kodi

This APK is great since it offers a huge collection of movies and shows totally free. The app is available on google play and has a user rating of 4 and over 10 million downloads. This shows clearly how much famous it is among android users.

The app comes with very few ads and offers a smooth streaming experience with the least number of unwanted interruptions. Install this app right now and take advantage of its great streaming service for free.

  1. Nova TV

This is a relatively new app but by no means a bad one. It can work with devices other than mobiles including Fire TV, Android TV Boxes, etc. It has over a million downloads and a google rating of 3.7.

Nova TV has a great UI and the app’s core program is updated on a regular basis to remove any bugs. You can also use various add-ons to enjoy additional features if you want. 

This free app is great if you want to have access to the latest show from all over the world as soon as they are released.

  1. Viva TV

The great thing about Viva TV is that it allows you to watch very high-quality content just like Movies da. You can watch 1080p and even 4K resolution content with this APK.

This app has received great reviews from users across the globe for its amazing UI and quick search features that allow you to stream your content with ease. The number of shows and variety of genres it offers you is literally unmatched by most free apps.

The APK is constantly being improved to get rid of all the shortcomings to provide its users with a fulfilling streaming time. Install this free app today to enjoy the best streaming experience ever.

  1. Film Plus

The film pays extra attention to the user interface and gives you the most convenient streaming experience that you could ever ask for. The app is great when it comes to user security despite being totally free. There are very few ads that make your streaming even better.

Film plus has a great deal of streaming features. You can choose from various links; the video result can be adjusted, and the auto-completion search feature helps you to find what you are looking for instantly.

You can find similar APKs for movies online on various torrent websites. These websites offer a lot of useful APKs and fitgirl repack games that you can download for free.  

  1. Sony Crackle

This is another great app that gives you access to thousands of films, web series, documentaries, reality shows, and much more. Sony Crackle hosts the latest movies as well as content from the olden times.

You might face some ads while streaming but that is nothing compared to its numerous cool features. You don’t need to get registered with the app or even log in to view its content which saves your time.

This APK takes very little of your storage space while keeping the performance absolute best. Try out this app for an amazing and stress-free streaming experience.

Final Words 

With the help of any one of these apps, you can make your streaming experience worth your while. All the above-discussed APKs have every essential feature to aid your streaming and make it great.

So, stop searching randomly for apps to install on your devices for streaming and pick out any one of these and start having fun instantly.

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What is WordPress and how to install it?





(Learn how to choose to use Themes and plugin, how to get online website on Sever? Answer every step here)

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a software package that caters to everyone, not just developers. With a content management system that focuses on simplicity to use such as CMS (Content Management System) is a content management helper for users who do not have the knowledge to create a website along with a variety of help, whether Volunteer groups or WordPress support That will help give advice if you have problems, whether it’s choosing which plugins to use or which themes to use, which can easily answer your needs in creating the website of your dreams.  For getting best wordpress theme click here on Best Retro WordPress Theme and visit on our famous platform Moki-Moki  Martket. There you can get various types of best theme in low budget. I will suggest you to must visit there once indeed you will satisfy from us.

How to choose WordPress Themes?

Back to The 90s Retro WP Theme is best for your business which included in stylish and attractive look. You can achieve various famous themes from Moki-Moki market for getting best plan for your website contact with our most famous service provider.

Themes are ready-made themes for WordPress. You can freely choose a theme to express your website’s uniqueness, but how do we choose the right Themes for our use? Whether it’s Free Download Themes or Therefore, we have to choose the one that meets our needs. The first thing you need to consider is what is your website like?

  1. Website Templates for Business SMEs
  2. Website Template for E-Commerce Business Online Store
  3. Website Templates for Blogs

Before deciding on a theme should you plan or make sure that the theme you choose is good or not?

When is the theme updated?

Of course, updating is that we can trust how much the theme developer takes care of us because each update mainly helps with website security especially for paid themes, so choose wisely. sorry

How about the theme review?

Another help in choosing a theme is to look at the reviews of users who have installed the theme and how they respond, whether it’s answering the theme support’s troubleshooting questions.

How fast does a web page load?

The most important thing goggle pays attention to in searches is the speed of the website. How to check how fast a web page is? How heavy is the load file, the web page loads very slowly, what should I do? We can customize themes faster according to Page Speed ​​Insights recommendations.

Does the theme have SEO standards?

Focusing on SEO is the best help for our keyword search, whether it’s your product or organization, which will increase your chances of getting on the first page of goggle.

Can the theme support all screen sizes?

Responsive Website is the reduction of the website size according to the device used such as IPhone, Ipad. With the current smartphone usage behavior, accessing the website is easy until the usage statistics are captured Website through a mobile screen by online shopping or even searching for information in various search engines.

WordPress Plugins are interesting.

For Plugin is plug-in software for added features and convenience to users can help page site attract more users do not have to write any code at all by Plugin for WordPress, most are designed to be easy to use. With a manual for use, which chooses to install add-ons depending on the needs of the user, such as Plugin Menu, Plugin Facebook, Plugin Slider, or it will help to search through goggle pages like Yoast SEO, which is popular. Most of all, choosing a plugin is the same decision as choosing Themes.

5 plugins for that are recommended to use for building a website

  1. Yoast SEO Plugin
  2. For goggle page search optimization
  3. Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan
  4. Prevents and detects malware, if not protected there will be issues such as ads not approved by Google Adwords.
  5. Contact Form 7 Contact

Management through a secure form to protect your form from spam

  • WooCommerce
  • For website selling plugin that can answer all the problems for your store as well.
  • WP Super Cache
  • Helps to increase page sp

How to install WordPress?

Many people ask many questions and doubts, such as why installing WordPress doesn’t fix it and how to fix it? Today we have a detailed answer; you won’t be disappointed with the detailed installation instructions from localhost all the way to online on Sever. You may be asking why you can’t start with localhost and install WordPress on Sever. Or you can do it depending on your usage, but we recommend you to do it all on localhost before going online.

5 things you need to set up a website

  1. MAMP
  2. File Setup WordPress
  3. Web Hosting
  4. Domain
  5. FileZilla

Step 1 Download WordPress 

Once the download process is complete, extract the WordPress file before installing, because we have to simulate our PC as a Web Server first because WordPress can’t be installed immediately, so we need to use MAMP to simulate web server first.

What is MAMP?

MAMP is a program that emulates a PC into a Web Server for running website code. The advantage of MAMP is that it supports newer versions of PHP. How to install MAMP can be downloaded at Download.

Step 2 Install WordPress

 A WordPress installation window will appear after selecting the language, click Continue.

Setting up information

Site Title: The name of your website.

Username: The name used to log in to the website.

Password: Set a password to be highly secure.

Your Email: Enter your email. Be careful not to misplace it because if you forget your password, it may waste your time because you have to start over again.

Search Engine Visibility: It is recommended to tick this to prevent Google bots from coming in to touch the test sit then click Install.

How to install Themes for WordPress?

Select the menu Appearance > Themes, you will find a page including Themes that come with the system that we have installed. We can find more beautiful Themes by clicking on Add New Themes. You will find Themes Free for you to choose accordingly that you like.

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What is an SMM panel?



smm panel

SMM Panel meaning is Cheapest SMM and SEO Services Reseller Panel Script or website, where People Buy-Sell Social Media Marketing Service Such as Facebook Fans, Twitter devotees, Instagram Followers, YouTube watch time Views, Website Traffic, tiktok likes, and more significant associations.

Best SMM panel

There are seven characteristics to find the Best SMM panel. • #1 Number One – API support for panel owners and Individuals for Automatic Orders, • #2 Number two – Must-Have cancel and refill button for customers, Customers Must have the freedom to cancel and refill Orders. • #3 Number three – the panel which is shown How many hours and minutes to completed an Orders, • #4 Number four – The best panel always provides Super Instant customers support, Provide 24/7 Customers Help. • #5 Number five – Every service must have a good description for customers, All Customers must Understand Services, How it works. • #6 Number six – Best panel always active, popular payment gateway for Shopping Services, Like Carding, PayPal and More International Payment. • #7 Number seven – Good panels always have straightforward Terms of Service and Refund policy with Money back guarantee.

What Is a Child SMM panel?

A child panel is a panel that may be connected only to It cost $10 per month without a monthly orders limit. You Can Resell Our SMM services by Your Child panel to Your Customers. It is fully white-label so you may sell it as panel service for your customers. Just spent Monthly $10 and become a New SMM Panel Owner and Start Making Money Online.

Features of Child Panel

1. Import all Services

2. Set Your Own Prices with Percentage

3. All kinds of Currency Support

4. Add, edit, Remove, enable, and disable services

5. Activate Own Payment Gateway

6. Receive payment directly from customers

7. All admin Panel features and more

Cheapest SMM panel

We provide the cheapest wholesale SMM Reseller Panel services amongst our competitors. If you are looking for the most reasonable Marketing, then our SMM Panel is the right for you. We can beat any price On the globe. Register Now!

Best SMM panel India

We provide the highest quality of SMM promotions. Be it Instagram Followers, or Facebook Fan Page Likes, or Twitter Followers, Tiktok Likes, and Followers, our SMM panel will deliver only the high-quality ones. Our followers will be stable, and you will want to order from us again.

SMM panel Pakistan

We provide SMM Panel services for fiverr99 SMM Freelancers. Peakerr is The best and Cheap SMM panel in pakistan. social media marketing in fiverr99  Very easy because we accept Pakistani Payment gateway

SMM panel USA

We are The Main provider of SMM Panel services for USA Freelancers. Peakerr is The best and Cheapest SMM panel in the USA. Social media marketing in the USA is Very easy because we accept Credit Cards and Paypal Payment.

PayPal, PayTM and carding SMM Panel

We accept payments through PayPal, PayTM, credit carding, Perfect Money, and cryptocurrency Simple one-click deposit. You don’t need to wait for additional funds.

Fastest SMM Reseller Panel

We are the Main provider of Maximum SMM services so that we can Handle any issue Instantly. Our all services Super fast delivery of your orders and You will get 24*7 customer support from us.

Targeted SMM panel

We provide all SMM Panel services with different demographics all over the world, such as Indian, fiverr99, American, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Korea, German, Canada, Malaysia, Uk, and Russian.

Cheapest & the Best SMM Panel 2021!

We are the provider of the cheapest Reseller Panel services amongst our competitors. If you are looking for the cheapest promotions, then our fiverr99  is right for you. We beat any price in The SMM markets. You can expect Thousands of High-quality followers from us. We are always and make sure to keep our customers happy. Customer satisfaction is our priority Sir Super-fast delivery of your orders, and 24*7 customer support from our skype and Support Tickets.


Our online SMM promotion deals are the best in The Market. We must ensure that you will improve your search engine ratings, get more Facebook Fan page likes, YouTube views, and Twitter followers, by merely purchasing us.

The World Cheapest SMM Reseller Panel is the Cheapest Social Media Panel; We Provide Social Media Marketing services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and many more SMM Services. You can pay using different payment methods such as Paytm, PayPal, Credit cards, payeer, perfect money, Bitcoin, Direct bank transfers, and many more.

Cheapest SMM panel in India

You will get the Cheapest SMM services with the most attractive offers. Now you can grow your Brand On social media with the Cheapest SMM panel. fiverr99, The World’s #1 Best SMM Reseller panel-The Cheapest SMM Reseller Panel and API function for our SMM resellers. is India’s cheapest SMM Reseller panel-The Cheapest SMM Reseller Panel. With more economical SMM services in the market of cheap SMM panels, fiverr99 has grown too fast. Now, this is the only Cheapest SMM panel in the World’s Social Media Marketing (SMM) market.

PayPal SMM Panel & PayTM SMM Panel

We accept payments through PayPal and PayTM. Just one click deposit. Unlike our competitors, we have more than 20 modes of payment to choose from the list. Be it PAYTM or Skrill or PAYPAL or PAYONEER or just your Local and International credit or debit carding, we have covered it all. We have added all the primary payment methods in the World, and we always keep adding more gateway. We also provide 24/7 customer Care through various mediums such as Skype, Telegram, etc. We have also had options for refunding or canceling orders if any issue happens. Ensure that your money will always be in the safest hands.


fiverr99 is the cheapest SMM Panel in India. We have ten support staff who are always active 24 Hours customer support aria. Peakerr is a top-notch Panel for resellers.

About fiverr99: What is read below:- fiverr99 BEST SMM Panel – CHEAPEST Social Media RESELLER – Peakerr is the cheapest SMM reseller panel We Provide 24/7 customer support we provide affordable SMM panel services.

fiverr99: The Best SMM – Social Media Services for Resellers – SMM Panel – Social Media Marketing Panel” is a Cheapest SMM and SEO Service Reseller Panel Script, where People Buy Social Media Marketing Service Such as Facebook Follower, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, Instagram Likes, YouTube views, YouTube watch time, Website Traffic, Tiktok, and many more services.

fiverr99: SMM Reseller Panel – We provide the cheapest SMM Reseller Panel services amongst our competitors. If you are finding the most economical social promotions, then our fiverr99  is right for you. We beat any price. You can Gain Thousands of free followers from the SMM Panel.

Cheapest SMM Resellers Panel India – Cheapest & best SMM reseller panel in India and increase your social media brand page fan following by Likes, Followers & subscribe, etc. | The World’s Best & Cheapest SMM Reseller Panel- Peakerr is the best Indian SMM panel, and we are Indian web developers & serving the best social media services at the lowest price! We made a payment system easy for Indian customers. – The World’s #1 SMM Reseller panel-The Cheapest SMM Reseller Panel and API Available on the Web! Join the other 17949 clients who, like you, and craving success if you want to start your own SMM Reseller business as an SMM Reseller Panel India. With Peakerr, you have the most amazing services available to you.

The World’s #1 SMM Reseller is Cheapest Social Media Panel; We Provide Social Media Marketing services like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, PUBG UC, and many more Services. You can pay using popular payment methods Like Paytm, Skrill, PayPal, Payeer, and Western Union.

Best and Cheapest Panel – We lead the SMM Market-Best, and Cheapest SMM Reseller Panel Cheapest comes with High-Quality services in Cheap Rates. 24 /7 Customer support with Familiar Staff. – The best and cheapest Reseller’s panel – fiverr99 is the best social media marketing panel for resellers as well as individuals. They are dealing with PUBG UC, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, and SoundCloud services. #1 SMM PANEL IN THE WORLD -Every Reseller’s first choice. Start using which provides you with all the latest Social Media Marketing (SMM) services. With 24/7 customer support, lowest prices, highest quality, and fully functional API, you won’t ever need another panel. – The best and cheapest Reseller panel in India- SMM (Social Media Marketing) is directly using social networking sites such as Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote your website fiverr99 .com. We also offer Instagram reseller panels, as well as others.

SMM reseller panel India: As an SMM Reseller Panel, We offer all kinds of Social Media Marketing Services at Resellers price for promoting your or your client’s Smm Social Media Profiles, including Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, and much more just with a click of a button.

World Cheapest SMM Panel

fiverr99  is India’s Best & Cheapest SMM panel. fiverr99 is the best social media marketing panel for sellers as well as individuals. They are dealing with Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and SoundCloud services. Peakerr is the cheapest panel in India.

Why Choose

Organic Service

fiverr99 provides organic Services. All the services, including likes, views, shares, and everything is organic and from real human accounts. Getting engagement from real people helps you boost your insights. We don’t compromise on quality and provide service from real accounts.

Guaranteed Service

We provide guaranteed service on our website SMM server. All the services will be no drop service. If any of the services gets dropped, we will provide a refill for that service without any charges. That only happens if you get the best services for your Social Media Accounts. Read our Terms of Service

Customer Support

We are available 24/7 for your Support. We have a very responsive customer support team that makes sure non-query gets ignored. You can contact us anytime with the live chat option and you can also drop us an email through the form on the Contact page. Learn more About our Business.

Our Top SMM Services

Facebook Reseller Panel

  • Buy Facebook Page Likes Indian,
  • Buy Facebook Real Post Likes,
  • Buy Facebook Followers Targeted,
  • Buy Facebook Auto Likes,
  • Buy Facebook Video Views,
  • Buy Facebook Emoticons.

Instagram Reseller Panel

  • Buy Instagram Followers Worldwide,
  • Buy Instagram Female Followers,
  • Buy Instagram Real Profile Followers,
  • Buy Instagram Photo Likes and Views,
  • Buy Instagram Save and Reach,
  • Buy Instagram Auto Post Likes.

Youtube Reseller Panel

  • Buy Youtube Views Non Drop,
  • Buy Youtube Views Targeted,
  • Buy Youtube Likes/Dislikes,
  • Buy Youtube Custom Comments,
  • Buy youtube watch Hours time,
  • Buy Youtube Real Subscribers.

TikTok Reseller Panel

  • Buy TikTok Real Fans/Followers,
  • Buy TikTok Real Likes,
  • Buy TikTok Real Views,
  • Buy Tiktok Target likes,
  • Buy Tiktok Target Followers,
  • Buy Tiktok share/comments.

Soundcloud Reseller Panel

  • Buy Soundcloud Followers,
  • Buy Soundcloud Likes,
  • Buy Soundcloud Plays,
  • Buy Soundcloud Download,
  • Buy Soundcloud Reposts,
  • Buy Soundcloud Comments.

Likee app Reseller Panel

  • Buy Likee Followers,
  • Buy Likee Likes,
  • Buy Likee Share,
  • Buy Likee Comments,
  • Buy Likee Views,
  • Free Trial Likee.

SMM Panel Free Trial

Fiverr99 offers free Daily 50 Instagram likes trial fast, 1000 Tiktok and Instagram Views trial, 100 Instagram followers trial, 10 Tiktok followers trial, 50 free TikTok likes trial Instantly without password. We also Provide Cheap and Real Premium SMM Panel Services.

Best SMM Panel statistics


Registered Users


Orders Completed


Paid to affiliate users


Active services

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My PMP Exam Learning Process




Exam Learning Process

As project management skills are often used in work, and project managers who need PMP qualifications are often seen in project bidding, they began to start this year’s PMP learning process.

At the beginning, I searched for relevant PMP training institutions on Google, such as the teaching quality of the training institutions, the exam pass rate and the training methods, etc. It is really dazzling to people. Which training institution should I choose? I haven’t thought about it. Later, through communication with friends, I learned about a more reliable training organization, SPOTO.

Although there is only 3 months of study time, I think it is also one of the important nodes in my life. Around this exam, I have been preparing for the exam for three months. Also based on the knowledge I learned in the PMP training, I made further improvements and amendments to my life and career plan.

After three months of hard work, I successfully passed the PMP exam in September. The PMP exam preparation is temporary, but the ability is lasting. Not only did I get the PMP certification, but more importantly, I learned a lot of knowledge and provided me with a new set of thinking models.

First of all, let me talk about the whole learning process. I also encountered several problems. I believe that you may also encounter them. There are mainly the following three points:

First, is PMP certification useful?

PMP is the theoretical basis. The key is whether it can be integrated into actual work. If it cannot be combined with reality, it can only be regarded as nominal. From my personal experience, if integrated into the project, it will slowly affect your way of thinking and Behavioral mode, its role is subtle and critical.

Second, is it difficult to study and test?

In fact, it’s hard to say that it’s not that hard and it’s not that hard to say that it’s not that hard and it’s not that hard. Where is the difficulty, I think the main thing is to persist, and then persist, how to make full use of the fragmented time to learn. It is not difficult to follow the Gantt chart study plan sent by the teacher; if you can’t stick to it, it will be more difficult to pass the PMP exam.

Third, how do I prepare for the PMP exam?

When preparing for the exam, you must balance your study, work, and life. If you are busy with work and many things in the near future, you should first understand and plan for the exam to avoid confusion. I will do a pre-class preview to understand what will be covered in this class.

When listening to the video, you can learn with purpose, you can quickly locate and know where it is now. After the class, review the textbook knowledge in time. When you first do the questions, the error rate may be relatively high. Therefore, you must repeat the exercises and review the knowledge of the textbooks, especially when doing the first, second, and third models. The questions should be returned to the books to find the relevant knowledge points. After understanding, go back to the second one after completing the mock exam questions to test your own understanding of knowledge. In short, you must establish confidence, fully prepare for the exam, and study properly. The PMP exam is not Difficult to pass.

How to Get a High Score on the PMP Exam

 1) It is very important to read PMBOK. There are test points on almost every page of the book, which requires meticulous reading and understanding.

If you are optimistic about the book, you can deal with 70% of the exam questions and pass.

If you want to get high scores and gain greater learning gains, you must strengthen your ability to solve practical project problems through the understanding of knowledge points.

2) When reading a book, you can use some learning tips, such as: you can find some small stickers to mark the different chapters of PMBOKO, so as to improve the speed of reading.

Or use different colored pens to mark different PMP knowledge points to enhance memory.

Each reading can be marked with a different colored pen.

3) In the initial stage of learning, many students overlooked the importance of PMBOK.

If there is no systematic understanding of the knowledge in the book, the problem will not be good.

The best way to learn is to listen to the PMP training class first, then read the PMP learning materials systematically, and then do the questions, the effect will be the best

4) Reading and doing questions are complementary to each other. Check the effect of reading by doing questions, and adjust the reading method in time.

The questions need to correspond to the test site.

When you encounter a wrong question, it means that this knowledge point is not enough. Don’t let it go easily. You need to turn to the corresponding content in the book, digest it thoroughly, and understand it clearly and you will not be wrong again.

In other words, you need to find the source of the wrong question, and you must know why you did it right if you are right.

Only then is a point of knowledge completely digested.

5) Project management belongs to the management category, and sometimes there is no standard answer.

The answer given by the teacher is a relatively consistent one given by many experts and teachers in the industry.

If your opinion is different from this, don’t worry too much.

6) PMP preparation is a project, you need to develop a detailed preparation plan based on your own time.

Insist on effective reading time about 1-2 hours every day.

Step by step, during the entire process of preparing for the PMP, at least 200 hours of effective reading time.

If you are busy with work, you must adjust your plan in time.

Finally, I wish everyone a smooth pass. In short, there is a reward for what you pay. When the results of the PMP exam are shown before my eyes, it is like a breeze blowing on my face, and I feel comfortable.

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Why Sound Quality Can Make or Break a Video



Picture this: You’ve just found a streamer who’s playing one of your favorite games. You want to tune in and see their reactions to and commentary over key moments in the game. You want to see someone else go through the same emotional journey that you did.

However, as you click into their stream, your ears get overwhelmed by the sound of whirring computer parts and climate control due to their poor mixing. The streamer sounds like they’re speaking into a tin can and it’s almost impossible to hear the game.

The above is but one example of why your sound quality is so important to any video or visual medium. Audio quality can make or break your videos, so let’s talk about why it’s important and what you need to do to improve it.

No One Wants to Hear Background Noise

Perhaps it’s a bit on-the-nose to state it so bluntly, but no one wants to hear the white noise that fills most offices, cities, and stages. While white noise by itself can have calming effects, when you’re trying to listen to someone else talk or trying to watch a movie, it’s more annoying than anything else.

So, if you don’t want to have bad audio, you need to find ways to reduce or eliminate all of that background noise.

You Could Hurt Someone’s Ears

Think about the last time you listened to music or a video while on the go. Did you listen to it through your phone’s internal speakers or through your headphones? If you answered the latter, then you can already understand why audio quality is so important.

Much research has been done over the years about the negative effects earbuds and headphones can have on people’s hearing. Now, imagine the noise of an air conditioning unit blasting at top volume right into your eardrums. Not a pleasant sensory experience, is it?

What Contributes to Bad Audio Quality?

Now that we’ve discussed some of the reasons why your sound quality is important, let’s talk about what contributes to bad audio. Many things can lead to poor sound quality in your recordings, but the most common causes by far include:

Low-Quality Equipment

As much as we’d all like to believe that you can spin gold from a shoestring budget, audio production is not something you can cheap out on. The cheap microphone headset you bought for the purpose of Zoom meetings will not serve the same purpose as a proper microphone intended for podcasting or voice-acting. 

Audio production software can work wonders, but even the best editor cannot make up for bad equipment. Low-quality microphones can have hisses or hums that will never go away, and poor headphones can have static or audio artifacts that make it hard to gauge your audio quality.

Poor Sound Mixing

Even the best equipment in the world can’t make up for poor mixing. Have you ever watched a movie or played a game where music played over a crucial moment so loudly that you missed the key piece of dialogue? Or played a video game where the combat sound effects all but blasted your ears out while you tried to listen to the background music?

These are some of the symptoms of bad sound mixing. It makes it impossible to pay attention to what you’re watching and even harder to understand it.

Lack of a Dedicated Recording Space

Unless you work as a podcaster, streamer, musician, or voice actor for a living, chances are, you don’t have a dedicated space for recording audio. Without that dedicated space, you can’t control background noise, get close enough to your mic, or reduce reverb and plosive sounds.

How Can I Fix My Sound Quality?

We’ve spoken at length about how poor sound quality can damage your viewing and listening experience, as well as what can contribute to this bad audio. So, if you think that your audio quality isn’t up to snuff, what can you do to fix it? Some steps you can take include:

Find Ways to Reduce Background Noise

The biggest step you can take towards fixing your sound quality is finding ways to reduce your background noise. How can you do this? The most common methods are:

  • Using a wind muff or “dead cat” over your microphone to reduce its sensitivity
  • Turn off any loud electronics or move the microphone away from them
  • Wear headphones when recording so you don’t hear yourself or what you’re watching
  • Turn your microphone boost and volume down in Windows Settings

These steps can help you get rid of low hums, roars, and hisses that can ruin your recording’s quality.

Improve Your Equipment

There’s no easy way to say this, but you can’t expect to get professional sound quality out of a $15 microphone from Wal-Mart. No matter what the package advertising might say, it simply cannot be done. If you want better audio, you need a better microphone.

This often means investing in a dynamic microphone instead of the condenser microphones you can find for cheap. You may also need to invest in a boom arm so you can position your microphone where you need it while recording, as speaking closer to the microphone can reduce background noise.

Hire an Editor

One last step you can take to improve your audio quality is to hire a professional. While you can invest the time to learn sound mixing skills for yourself, you will get much better quality if you hire an audio editor to handle the work for you. It may be an investment, but it’s worth it to avoid letting your sound quality tank your video’s performance.

Let’s Review the Basics

Poor sound quality can make it impossible for your viewers to understand your video and even hurt their ears. That’s why it’s so important to do what you can to improve your audio as much as possible. If you need more tips to improve your audio and video quality, check out our blog each day for more helpful and informative articles like this one.

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Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow?



In 2015 Apple released iOS 9, which is the reason why your battery icon is sometimes yellow. This feature is not an indicator that there is something wrong with your phone’s battery. In fact, it means your phone has activated Low Power Mode to help you get the most out of the battery percentage you have left. 

This feature turns your iPhone battery yellow when you have 20% battery on your device. Low Power Mode can extend your phone’s power for hours, which can be a lifesaver if you don’t have a charger with you. 

If you want to learn all about the feature that turns your iPhone battery yellow, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn how you can get the most out of this feature. 

The Feature that Turns Your iPhone Battery Yellow

When your battery percentage is at 20%, your iPhone will usually send a pop-up notification asking you if you want to turn on Low Power Mode. If you don’t have a charger with you, turning this on can give your phone a couple of extra hours of battery life. 

When you turn on the battery saving feature, your Apple iPhone will enable some settings to help your battery last longer. For example, it will automatically lock after 30 seconds, it will disable “Hey Siri,” and it will reduce certain background activity until your phone is charged. 

The battery icon on your phone is usually white, or red if you are low in power. However, when you activate Low Power Mode, your battery icon automatically turns yellow to let you know that all the power-saving features have been activated. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the yellow icon being something wrong with your device. On the contrary, having a yellow battery icon just means that your phone is working extra hard to ensure that you get extended battery life. 

The Low Power Mode is especially useful if you don’t have access to a charger. For these instances, you can take full advantage of this feature by turning it on manually before your phone reaches 20%. 

How to Activate this Feature Manually

Although your iPhone will automatically remind you to turn on this feature, you can also turn it on manually if you wish to extend your battery percentage before it reaches the 20% mark. Turning on this feature manually can be useful in situations when you’ll need your phone to have power for an extended amount of time. 

To do so, you will have to follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone. 
  2. Scroll down the menu until you find the Battery icon. 
  3. Tap the sliding dot next to the “Low Power Mode” setting. This will automatically turn your iPhone battery yellow. 

Once you plug in your phone to a power source, this feature will automatically deactivate once your battery percentage reaches 80%. However, you can use these same steps if you wish to remove the feature manually before it reaches that point. 

Adding Low Power Mode to the Control Center 

The control center on your phone can be found if you put your finger on the upper right corner of your screen and swipe down. This feature was introduced with iOS 11, and it allows you to have easy access to several shortcuts on your device. 

Your iPhone’s control center is a very useful tool. It can help you to quickly enable and disable features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple Wallet, screen recording, etc. 

You can add the Low Power Mode setting to this panel to be able to turn it on and off without having to navigate through the Settings app every time you want to extend the battery life on your device. To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Settings app and scroll until you find the “Control Center.”
  2. Scroll through the controls until you find the battery saving icon, and tap to add it. 
  3. Open the control center to make sure it has been successfully added to your menu. 
  4. Once it appears, you’ll be able to turn the Low Power Mode feature on and off whenever you want by simply clicking on the battery icon in your control center. 

Using Your Phone While Low Power Mode is On

When you activate the battery saving feature on your phone, you can continue using it as you would normally. However, the power-saving features might make some automatic changes that can slightly change the way you use your device. 

Enabling Low Power Mode will disable automatic downloads, background app refresh, email fetch, and other super helpful iPhone features. In addition, it will automatically adjust the brightness on your screen and disables motion effects. 

Furthermore, it will also reduce the performance of your phone’s CPU and GPU. This will make your iPhone perform a little bit slower than usual, but will save a ton of battery life. 

The Low Power Mode is a feature that was created for the times when you need to save battery. It is not something that is meant to be turned on all the time. 

Although enabling this to save power all day could sound like a great idea, doing so will not allow you to get the most out of your device. 

Your iPhone is meant to be used to its full capacity, so limiting the times when you turn on Low Power Mode when it’s completely necessary is the best way to take full advantage of the technology provided by this smartphone.   

Settings to Permanently Save Battery

The Low Power Mode feature works very hard to enable and disable different settings on your iPhone to help you save battery. Therefore, you should only use it when it is necessary in order to take full advantage of your device when you don’t need to save power. 

However, you can permanently change some of the settings that the Low Power Mode feature does in order to help your phone save battery all the time. These are some of the main settings you can change: 

Mail Fetching

If you have an email account in your iPhone, chances are that the app is constantly working on the background to download new emails. This usually drains a lot of battery, and is one of the main features disabled by Low Power Mode. In order to get the most out of your battery life, go to the Settings app and disable this.

Although the emails won’t load automatically, you can refresh them manually every time you have to check your email. By doing this, you will be saving a ton of battery life, and will still be able to download all your latest emails when you need to see them. 


Low Power Mode automatically lowers your phone’s brightness to save battery. In order to permanently do this, head over to the Settings app and enable auto-brightness. Turning this on will ensure that your screen is always as bright as it needs to be. 

This is a setting that your iPhone probably already has enabled. However, it is always better to head over to your Settings just to make sure. When your screen is brighter than it needs to be, your phone’s battery works extra hard and you don’t really get any benefits from it. 

Background Refresh 

Apps in your phone usually refresh to stay updated even when you are not currently using them. This uses a ton of battery, and that is why Low Power Mode disables this feature when turned on. You can actually have this feature off all the time in order to save battery even when the icon is not yellow. 

To do so, go to the Settings app, tap on general, and disable “Background App Refresh.” 

This is one of those features that you will probably not miss if you turn it off. Therefore, it is a great one to update permanently in order to save battery.

Other Ways to Save Battery 

If you find yourself in a situation where you won’t have a charger all day, turning on Low Power Mode on your iPhone will significantly extend your device’s battery life. However, there are also some other ways in which you can optimize your phone’s battery to ensure it won’t die on you before you can get it to a power source. 

Head over to the Settings app on your phone and tap on the battery icon (the same place where you can enable the Low Power Mode). By scrolling to the bottom, you’ll be able to take a look at the apps that drain the most battery on your device. On days when you know you’ll need to save power, make sure to only use those apps sparingly.  

Usually, social media apps are responsible for draining a ton of battery from your phone. Same thing goes for any type of video streaming. If you know that you need to save battery, try to avoid these apps as much as possible. 

You’ll also want to turn off location services, and even disable Wi-Fi, AirDrop, and Bluetooth. All of these features weigh very heavily on your battery life, so if you don’t need them, turn them off while you need to save power. 

You can always turn on these features once you get to a power source. 

Furthermore, if you find yourself running out of battery constantly, you might want to invest in a portable power source in order to make sure you are never in a situation where you completely run out of battery. 

Check on Your Battery’s Health

While a yellow iPhone battery is not a sign of a damaged device, you might want to check on your battery’s health if you notice that your battery life is decreasing.

On your Settings app, you can get a general idea of how healthy the battery on your iPhone is by clicking on “Battery Health” below the Low Power Mode button. Ideally, the menu will indicate that your battery’s maximum capacity is 100%.

Decaying maximum capacity is normal if you’ve been using your device for several years. However, it is an indicator that the battery will not last as long as it used to. 

In order to ensure that the battery on your phone remains healthy, make sure to avoid extreme ambient temperatures. Exposing your device to ambient temperatures higher than 95° F (35° C), can permanently damage your battery life.

If this becomes an issue, you can consult with professionals such as Bulldog Mobile Repair in order to assess if getting a new battery is the right fix for you.

If your battery is damaged, Low Power Mode will still work, but it will not have as big of an impact as it does on a healthy battery. Therefore, make sure to monitor your battery’s health and determine if it is an issue that can be depriving your form getting the most out of your device. 

Get the Most Out of Your iPhone With Low Power Mode

Now you know that Low Power Mode not only turns your iPhone battery yellow, but it also works hard to ensure you save battery in times when you really need to. Enabling this feature when you are running out of power is a great way to extend your battery life.

Your iPhone comes with some incredible features that can definitely make your life a lot easier. Knowing all the most important tips and tricks is a great way to get the most out of your device. So, if you found this post useful, make sure to check out our blog. 

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