5 Benefits Of Using A Stomach Sleeper Pillow

People have different sleeping positions. Studies have shown that only around 7% are stomach sleepers in any given population. These are people who are more comfortable lying down on their belly or stomach than on their back or side. 

Despite the body aches, there are people who insist or prefer to sleep on their stomach for different reasons. Some of them say that’s just the way they’ve done it over the years and they can’t sleep otherwise. But many still don’t know about the slim stomach sleeper pillow. Here are some benefits of using these pillows.

  1. Their Loft Reduces Neck Strain

The pillow’s loft refers to the height or thickness of the pillow. Pillow loft is classified into low, medium, and high. Manufacturers adjust the pillow loft by adding or removing some of the fill inside. 

The optimal loft should be able to support both the neck and the head, while keeping them at a comfortable angle to the spine. If the loft is too high or too low, this can cause a lot of stress to the neck and shoulders. 

The appropriate loft for a stomach sleeper pillow is a height of less than 3 inches. You can check this video showing examples of ultra-slim stomach sleeper pillows:

This is a low loft pillow, and is preferred by most stomach sleepers because they feel less pressure on their neck and head while sleeping. They sleep better at night and feel refreshed when they wake up without feeling neck strains or headaches. 

  1. They Support Spine Alignment

Another benefit of having your own stomach sleeper pillows is that they’re designed to give support to the spine and to keep it in alignment. This reduces tension in the neck and shoulders, which alleviates the pains and aches that stomach sleepers experience when using conventional pillows. They can also use a cherry pit heating pad with these pillows to soothe the aches.

There are several factors which affect spine alignment. Some factors which have an impact on the capacity of a pillow to support spine alignment are loft, firmness, and size. Stomach sleeper pillows are customized to provide proper support to the head, neck, and shoulders.

  1. Their Firmness Keeps Head And Neck Comfortable

The third benefit of stomach sleeper pillows is that their firmness also keeps the head and neck at a comfortable angle to each other. The firmness of pillows is classified from soft to firm. The materials used by pillow makers have an impact on firmness. Typically, the soft pillows are made of down, down alternative, and memory foam. The firmer ones are made of latex and buckwheat.

A pillow with a soft to medium firmness is most appropriate for stomach sleepers. Generally, soft to medium firmness should be able to keep the head and neck at a comfortable angle to each other; although there are still other factors to consider here such as personal preferences, body weight, and sleeping position. 

  1. They Relieve Pressure

Another benefit of using a stomach sleeper pillow is that they relieve pressure from the neck and spine areas. Stomach sleepers say that one of the major causes of discomfort for them is that their sleeping position causes immense pressure on their neck and spine areas. With the ergonomic support of stomach sleeper pillows, there’s enough support to cradle the head, neck, and spine to keep all of them aligned.

The materials often used for stomach sleeper pillows such as memory foam and latex are very good in relieving pressure. These materials are exceptionally good in relieving pressure because they’re able to follow the contours of the neck and head.

  1. They’re Highly Moldable

Another benefit you can gain in getting stomach sleeper pillows is that they’re highly moldable. Their relatively high moldability means that they’re able to give proper support to the head and neck throughout the night (or day if that’s their usual sleeping hours).

The moldability of a pillow determines how easy or difficult it is to shape or ‘mold’ the pillow depending on what its users need. Highly moldable pillows are those that can be made into a customized shape for comfort and speed.

Hitting The Sack On Your Stomach

There’s not a lot of people who sleep on their belly or stomach, but those who do, often complain of body aches and pains when they wake up. Some or most of them aren’t even aware that a lot of it has to do with the pillows that they use. Some put pillows under their pelvis to ease the back pressure, but they can really benefit a lot from using the right pillow for their sleeping position.

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