On-Site Clinics

5 Benefits of On-Site Clinics

The number of employers offering on-site clinic services continues to rise. And this trend will continue rising. Why? Provision of on-site medical care helps organizations tamp down medical costs and reduce employees’ time spent visiting offsite medical centers.

Are you curious to find out additional benefits that on-site clinics offer? Stick on to discover more insights.

Increased productivity

Did you know that the actual medical cost is far below the cost of productivity lost due to absenteeism and disability? According to the CDC, reduced productivity due to medical absenteeism costs America about $225.8 billion per annum. These statistics are unsettling. Fortunately, you could reverse this worrying trend by utilizing on-site clinics.

On-site clinics can boost productivity both in the short-term and long-term. In the short-term, organizations can enjoy reduced absenteeism since on-site medical access minimally disrupts employee working hours. Employees just need to adjust their schedules to include a doctor’s appointment while on the employer’s premises.

For the long-term, on-site clinics provide employees with vital medical information on pro-active measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The outcome? Reduced long-term absenteeism associated with chronic diseases.

Reduced medical costs

Have you ever thought about how much your employees spend on medical costs? Besides the actual medical cost, factor in time consumed and other incidental costs (transport and communication) incurred while seeking healthcare. It’s a significant cost to both the employer and the employee.

Companies’ medical costs could also rise due to medical facility misuse. Overly profit-oriented hospitals can lead to unnecessary medical procedures and admissions. Given that the organization has a better oversight of on-site clinics, misuse is highly unlikely, reducing healthcare costs.

If unchecked, soaring medical care costs can eat significantly into an organization’s bottom line. Thankfully, on-site clinics can help manage medical costs.

Employee retention

Competition and retention of talent continue to become a considerable challenge for organizations. Depending on the level of employee, the cost of turnover can range from moderate to unimaginable costs. It’s for this reason that companies integrate strategic employee retention programs.

Improved healthcare can play a notable role in boosting employee retention. To that end, the provision of convenient, high-quality medical care through on-site clinics could help alleviate the challenge of staff turnover.

If you aspire to become the employer of choice, considering on-site clinics shouldn’t be far off from your business strategy armory.

Convenient access to high-quality medical care

Given that it’s quite time-consuming to visit a brick and mortar health facility, many Americans forgo primary care. This trend leads to unmanaged chronic conditions, deteriorating the patient’s general well-being.

On-site healthcare can reverse this trend. On-site medical access reduces travel time and time taken to be served because of the small number of patients. Because they are not congested, the on-site clinical team affords more time on a patient and can conveniently schedule medical procedures.

Helps to manage chronic conditions

Approximately 85 percent of healthcare spending is incurred on long-term diseases. Additionally, the effects of chronic diseases have far-reaching adverse impacts on an employee’s productivity.

The good news is that on-site clinicians are well-placed to work with employees in managing long-term illnesses. Again, given the comprehensive medical information that on-site clinics offer, employees are well-informed in undertaking healthy lifestyles, thereby mitigating chronic illnesses.

Removing barriers to accessing healthcare helps in the identification of both chronic and acute illnesses in ample time. Including preventive screenings in your health plan is a step further to the early diagnosis of diseases, increasing the prognosis rate. An on-site clinic helps you achieve these goals through a strategic and purposeful health plan approach.

Parting shot

Accessing the right healthcare is pivotal in maintaining a solid, healthy life. Unfortunately, obstacles like lack of time, lack of access, and ballooning costs get in the way. To avert this unfortunate trend from occurring in your organization, consider on-site clinics.

On-site clinics will also shrink medical-related costs through reduced absenteeism and condensed employee turnover. Moreover, your employees will acquire comprehensive healthcare information helping them manage their health better.

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