5 Benefits of Giving New Employees Welcome Gifts

5 Benefits of Giving New Employees Welcome Gifts

The labor market in the U.S is very dynamic. In June of this year, there were 10 million job openings. The same data indicates an increase in people quitting their job. 

With so many new opportunities and an increase in people leaving their jobs, the challenge of retaining your best staff is ever more pressing. For some people, welcome gifts for new employees may seem nothing more than a waste of money.

We’re going to review 5 benefits of giving employees welcome gifts. People work for people, and giving a gift is an opportunity to make a connection. In this article, you’ll see why that really matters.

1. Feel Valued Is Valuable

Everybody wants to feel appreciated and valued. Starting work with a company that employs a large workforce, it’s easy to feel like you’re just another number grinding away for the business. That feeling can set in quickly if new members of staff are not made to feel that they are noticed and their work is meaningful.

A welcome gift sets the tone for your relationship. It offers an element of being congratulated to the successful candidate and helps to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in the work they’ve been assigned.

2. Loyalty Counts

Some people might feel that a welcome gift is nothing more than a social transaction. On the whole, people respond well to gifts and appreciate the thought. It’s a personal touch and it says we want to be friends. Creating a sense of attachment and commitment early on will encourage new employees to settle into their work and be open to forming those relationships.

3. Educate Team Culture 

Creating the right culture at work or the right atmosphere to work in is no small task. It can be fragile and like a pack of cards, can fall down quite quickly, if not carefully maintained. Welcome gifts can contribute to the culture you want to propagate in your team.

Something that conveys the idea that the work we do is noticed and appreciated. The more personal the gift the better. If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to implement this, check out axomo.com/company-swag-store-platform/.

4. Strong Start

If your new employees lack enthusiasm from the start or the fire of their initial interest quickly goes out, it will be downhill from there. Instead, you can use a welcome gift pack as an opportunity to motivate your new employees and help create a desire for them to do their best and challenge themselves in a new work environment.

Branded corporate gifts need to be used with care, but if they have real value then that can make a big difference to new employees.

5. Retain Talent

Welcome gifts are only part of the overall equation, but rest assured, the brightest, and best you employ will be weighing up their long-term future with the business. Showing a warm welcome and appreciation from the start is sending a message that this company rewards talent.

Welcome Gifts Make a Difference 

In this article, you’ve read about 5 benefits of giving new employees welcome gifts. Think back to the last time you received a gift at work you appreciated. That’s the feeling you want to capture as best as possible.

If you get the balance right, your welcome gifts will make a big difference to new employees. Check out the latest articles on our site for more professional inspiration and lifestyle tips.

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