5 Awesome Ideas to Get Unique and Attractive coffee Boxes

No one can start their day without coffee. It has come essential for our mornings. This depicts that coffee is widely used and has a very high demand. According to an estimate, around 1.4 million cups of coffee are consumed every day, worldwide. This makes coffee the most consumed beverage in the world. 45% of the total consumption is just made by America, countries with colder weather tend to have a high rate of coffee consumption. The demand for coffee is thus very high to satisfy this demand many companies are manufacturing coffee. The competition in this industry is very high. So the company has to pay much attention to the fact that what should they add in their product that will make it stand out against others. Commonly coffee tastes almost the same, but then what compels a buyer to purchase your product and a product not from your peers.

Well, it is the first thing that catches the attention of the buyer, it isn’t the taste of the coffee, neither its price nor the froth produced from coffee. The first thing that hooks the attention of the buyer is the packaging. Attractive and unique packaging not only attracts the buyer but is key to the success of any business. The main objective of packaging is to convey to its consumers or buyer that the product is unique and worthy of their money and time. A packaging should instantly deliver what the brand and product inside is about.

The custom coffee boxes are like a brand ambassador, it conveys the values and principles of your company and above all keeps the coffee fresh and preserved. It plays a key part in the marketing of your product and guarantees that the coffee reaches its customers the way they deserve. So don’t think of the packaging as a second thought, give it the importance it is worthy of. If you are looking for a company to make custom boxes for you then H5 packaging is the best option. They make sure to keep customers’ desirability in mind along with putting a professional touch of their own. They make sure to closely listen to their customers and deliver the best quality custom-made boxes. It is their manifest that they never compromise on the quality of the packaging.

Here are the following ideas to get unique and attractive coffee boxes:

As we get into it, Custom Coffee Boxes have some benefits to offer to potential clients.

Different types of boxes

First of all, the types of packaging there is to offer. These types are, Reverse Tuck End Boxes, Straight Tuck End Boxes, Auto Lock Tuck End Box or the Seal End Boxes. Each type has a different look to offer to the eye of the beholder who’ll be seeing all the coffee brands and their packaging side by side and in the end, the consumer will buy the coffee of a brand, who made sure to finesse its competition by leaving no scope whatsoever, regarding the packaging and made its brand of coffee stand out. Moreover, the packaging determines the safety of the goods inside and seals in the freshness, the aroma, and the taste for which coffee is known worldwide.

Material of the box

Moving onwards, several versatile materials can be used for custom coffee boxes. Sturdy and strong material is usually recommended so that the coffee makes it to the supermarket shelves. Cardboard is a light material and is used for smaller batches of coffee. Corrugated is a firm material that makes sure of the security of the goods inside. And lastly, Lenin which is a strong material, and also protects the coffee with its temperature resistant properties, to maximize the shelf life. These three are the more trusted materials in this industry.

Printing and customization

Furthermore, the amount of customization provided to the clients is limitless, with the only limit being the imagination of a client. The color of the box, the print on the box, and the uniqueness are all things that a client has the power to control. Different printing techniques make sure that consumers buy the coffee even in the off-season.

Low prices and affordability

Well, it can’t be counted as a unique or attractive element to the boxes but it surely is one thing that will help secure a huge customer base. Prices matter a lot in coffee boxes and hence they are available at relatively low cost. With all the unique and attractive elements, low cost is like an additional benefit. Moreover, many manufactures of custom boxes also provide the facility of free delivery and free shipment. Thus rather than going for traditional boxes go for custom-made boxes available at reasonable prices.


These factors from the type of packaging, the material used, to the customization of the box are deciding factors of the sales a company is going to make and matter a lot. Moreover, the eco-friendly materials used in the process make sure to minimize the external costs to the society as a whole, making the coffee taste even better.

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