5 Activities to Stay Active 

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to staying active in your life. Staying active throughout your life has many benefits. Such as maintaining muscle and bone health, a healthy heart, fighting depression and anxiety, and releasing feel-good endorphins. Even just 20 minutes a day can be beneficial to your physical or mental health. There are all sorts of activities that can help you to stay active without doing the basic workouts of going to the gym. Not everyone enjoys that kind of exercise and for some, it may aggravate their body. If your body is in pain, you should see Rexburg Pick PT for help with your aches and pains. If going to a traditional gym is not appealing to you, there are many other options for you. The most important thing is that you continue to stay active so you can receive benefits from it. 


A great way to be active is to swim. It is a form of exercise that is easy on the joints but also uses your cardiovascular system. Swimming allows you to strengthen your muscles and use them without a high impact on your joints. Especially as you age, it is perfect to get the body moving without the stress on it. 


A sport that you are able to do all throughout your life is golf. It can give you social benefits as well as health benefits. You have the option to walk a course or use a golf course depending on your physical abilities. It is not a strenuous activity but allows you to use your body and muscles. 


Another popular sport that you can do throughout your life is to get into tennis. This is a little bit more of a physically demanding sport as you have to be able to move quickly to get the ball. But instead of other sports that incorporate running, this is played on a smaller court so you dont have to move too far when you are going after the ball. 


Another form of exercise that is easy on the joints is cycling. Once again, you are able to use your muscles but without the hard impact of activities such as running. When you cycle, you are able to cover more ground. As you get older, if you are not able to balance as you used to you can get yourself a tricycle. Cycling helps with your cardiovascular health while also strengthening your muscles and bones. 


A popular activity throughout life is walking. It is an easy way to get your body working without the strain of high-impact activities. You are able to do it on your own or you can find others to do it with. If you are able to find people to go walking with it can also be a great way to socialize with others while getting your body the exercise it needs. 

Stay Active

Find an activity that works for you and your body. When you are able to find something that interests you, it will become easy to get your exercise in. There are so many benefits to being active in your life even just for 20 minutes a day. Take care of your health physical and mental health, so that you can be your best self. 

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