5 accessories where synthetic diamonds can be used to customise it

Synthetic diamonds are exactly similar to organic diamonds except they are made in a lab instead of underground. Similar atmospheric conditions are created to develop these diamonds. They are as real as diamonds can be. Now be it natural or synthetic, when we think of diamonds, the first image that pops in our mind is that of jewellery. Beautiful necklaces, earrings, finger rings, etc. adorned with these lovely studs. But that’s just the beginning of it. Non-jewellery accessories can also be bejewelled beautifully to enhance their look. If you’ve never thought of customising your accessories, here’s a few items that you can design yourself and decorate with synthetic diamonds.

  1. Wrist watch

Wrist watches play an important role in upgrading your look a few notches. Both men’s and women’s wrist watches come in a variety of designs and patterns, making it no less than a style statement. Gone are the days when watches were just a tool for telling the time. Now they are an indispensable part that completes your attire. Watches are available diamond studded already, and you can customise them yourself as well.

  • Bracelet

It is debatable whether bracelets are an accessory or a jewellery item, but nevertheless, we have it in our list here. Bracelets can be designed right from scratch without much hassle. You also get DIY bracelet kits for children and adults. Using synthetic diamonds to decorate the bracelet as you wish; either fully or minimally can give a new life to your outfit. Embellish them with small or big diamonds and it will definitely stand out in comparison to other accessories. Compliment your lab grown diamond engagement rings with a lovely customised bracelet.

  • Phone cases

Needless to say the mobile phone is the most important accessory and possession of one and all these days. People, especially youngsters are constantly on the lookout for personalizing their phone cases. So it’s not just about the safety of the phone anymore, but a style statement again. The case is mostly symbolic of the personality of the owner. So we see photographs and little crafty arts, patterns and what not. If you want to go a step ahead with your customization and make your phone an eye-catcher, you could use synthetic diamonds. Sure they are costly, but so are phones and it’ll definitely be worth it.

  • Cuff links

Cuff links are often not given the importance they deserve. Most men think they are simply tiny button-like things to hold an outfit together and do not need much attention. But go wrong with one cuff link and you’ll see the disaster it’ll turn your shirt/suit into. If you have a party suit or just one that is super expensive and classy, why not add a little sparkle to it abalone rings. Adorn your cuff links with synthetic diamonds and see how quickly you get noticed in a room full of ladies. Be a head turner and stand out with diamond-studded cuff links.

  • Hair clips

Add a literal crown to your crowning glory – your hair. Plain hair clips are so passé. Think out of the box. Why should only a tiara have diamonds? Your hair clips can have them too. Look up for creative designs or think of one yourself and get busy decorating the hairclip to give a princess-like look to your beautiful hairdo. Enhance your look on your big day and also check out engagement rings in London to know more about synthetic diamond customisations. There are various more accessories that you can think of, to be customised using synthetic diamonds. It’s totally worth the price and rest assured, it is only going to amplify your appearance. So go ahead and add a little shimmer to your look and life.

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