4 Ways to save money on Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering constitutes a large fraction of your overall budget and sometimes even more than anticipated. Couples should expect to spend about half of their budget on reception costs and wedding catering. However, they are ways to save money on wedding catering without compromising on food. The ideas discussed later will help you cut down the cost by making simple changes to the menu while guests relish an exquisite meal.

1.Look for special offers and discounts

The first step to finding the best price for wedding catering is to search for promotions and discounts offered by catering companies. You attend many weddings and expos in your vicinity, booking your wedding show on the spot or right after help you get the best rates.

Look for catering companies that offer special military rates if you are active or retired military personnel.

2.Go with a budget-friendly menu

Having expensive meals on your menu doesn’t guarantee the quality and taste. The idea is to go with the basic meals and make them delicious. Hire a caterer that makes delectable and mouth-watering items that even the simple menu will impress the guests.

You might miss out on a meal or more; however, it won’t compromise the quality. You still offer them a great food experience that will linger in their heart for a long time.

3.Skip the plated meal or family dinner

The style of the meal majorly determines thecosto catering matrimonio (Cost of the wedding). The most effective way to reduce the cost of catering is to opt for a buffet meal. It requires less staff than plated or family-style dinner, saving you a few bucks in labor cost. It also helps you save on the rentals needed. For instance: If you opt for a plated dinner, salad is served initially, which means you rent not only a dinner fork and dinner plate but also a salad fork and salad plate.

4.Opt for disposable dinnerware

Cut a considerable amount of costs in the wedding catering by opting for disposable dinnerware. Serve appetizers or the wedding cake on disposables and keep the real china for dinner service only. Use biodegradable material for serving your guests in disposables; it will make things eco-friendly and help you save some money you can use for some other purpose.

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