4 Ways to Care For Your Panties

Ladies! Panties are not something that lasts forever. But the last thing that you can do is maintain them properly. Proper maintenance can make your panties stay a little longer. So now how to maintain it? Ladies, trust me it’s not a big task. Just make sure you clean them properly. Now, what precautions should I take? And what are the things I should keep in my mind before cleaning them? I know these questions have popped into your head already!  The proper care is essential to the longer-lasting of panties. A lingerie is the closest garment to your skin and intimate areas. You can’t wear the same panties for one week straight because it’s really important to take care of your intimate areas from bacterial and fungal infections. So it is very important for us to take care of them and clean them properly. Here are a few tips on how to care for your panties.

  1. A mild detergent and cold water:

Yes, you heard it right! Make sure to wash the panties with cold water only. Because hot water can damage the elastics or spandex of the panties. And to remove body sweat, body oils, and certain stains(period blood) use a proper soap. Wet the bar and gently work the lather and rinse it properly. Make sure to rinse it properly or else the detergent or the washing bra can cause irritation and itching. Point to remember:  Always use cold water for removing bloodstains.

  1. Avoid drying in the machine:

Avoid using the dryer in your washing machine. Excessive squeezing motion will break down the elastic fabric and cause damage to your pretty panties. Instead, dry them in the sun but also make sure to not expose them too much. Also, make sure to dry your delicate and sensitive pieces in the shade to protect the colours. 

  1. Pre-soak your panties:

By doing this you can prevent your panties from unwanted bacteria or fungi. It is, therefore, very important to pre-soak the innerwear in order to get rid of any kind of fungal or bacterial growth that might already be growing in your underwear. Also, use fabric softeners since they keep the fabrics super soft, fresh and odour-free.

  1. Store your panties properly: 

Yes I agree, Washing them properly is an important step, but storing them is equally important as well. Make sure they dry completely before storing them in your lingerie closet or else bacteria, fungi and other unwanted bacteria will grow. Also, Make sure to lay your underwear flat in your closet or drawer, so that they have a good amount of space to breathe. 

Be sure to use these simple and easy tips to improve the lifetime of your favourite panties. While these tips will come in handy to keep your panties in a good condition, it also keeps your body free from unwanted bacterial and fungal infections. And if you’re looking for some good quality panties at affordable prices head straight to clovia.com. Here you can buy panties at great deals like 4 for 499/- and so on! Hurry up before they get out of stock and don’t forget to keep these important points in your mind! Enjoy!

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