Network Security Breach in Your Business

4 Tips to Ensure You Are Equipped To Tackle a Network Security Breach in Your Business

Data security is a significant concern for anyone in the online space. A breach can lead to profound, very negative implications. An IBM report shows that the cost of a data breach could be as high as $4.24 million.

After the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, many companies embraced remote working. Yet, this led to a $1.07 million increase in data breach costs. Compromised credentials are a leading cause of breaches. It accounts for up to 20% of such incidents at a staggering $4.37 million.

Yet, simple mitigation measures like zero trust policies work. The use of such resulted in savings of up to $1.76 million. There are a lot of statistics on cybercrime. That should drive home the point on the need for proper network security. 

Allow us to share some tips to remain equipped to tackle security breaches in your business.

1. Use Proxy Servers for Online Security

Take network security a step further by using proxy servers. The advantages to the business are many. The proxy server sits between your browser and remote servers. All the traffic coming in or out must go through the proxy. At this stage, several things happen:

  • The proxy will sieve the traffic and remove any malicious code. This helps keep the business safe from malware attacks.
  • The proxy hides your IP address so no one can track your online activities. It also makes it possible to access geo-restricted content.
  • You can keep a close watch of the sites employees visit while online. The proxy server allows you to block any sites you may deem inappropriate or dangerous.
  • Data encryption allows for the safe storage and transfer of information
  • Balancing of internet traffic thus faster internet speeds

When looking for the best proxy for your business, it helps to understand the features you need. There is no shortage of proxy options available, including paid and free ones.

But, please proceed with caution if you go for the latter. Some free versions may expose you to more vulnerability instead of keeping you safe.

Fortunately, this free proxy servers list already has some of the best options. You get updated versions of Socks4, Socks5 and HTTP free proxies.

The platform collects public proxies from many different sources. They take the time to check every free proxy. Only those that work remain on the site. Further, the teams update the free proxy servers list every 5 minutes. That way, you can be sure that you are getting the best ones.

2. Install Suitable Security Measures

The most qualified security experts will tell you one thing. Whether at an individual or business level, online security begins with you. Take a look at the security measures you have on your networks. 

Do you, for example, have the necessary anti-ransomware, anti-malware or antivirus? These are pretty standard security features that you need to have in place.

Also, make sure that everyone in the organization enables firewalls. Put a policy in place that requires everyone to run the necessary updates. Developers roll out enhanced security features with such.

3. Establish User Privileges

We touched on zero trust policies as an effective solution to network security. But what does it mean? Preventing data breaches is more than using suitable security measures. It also depends on who you give unrestrained access to information. There are two user privileges you should have in place:

  • Zero Trust policy, as the name suggests, means you trust no one. It requires running authentication or verifications for all users. There must be continuous validation of anyone who uses your networks.
  • Least user privilege is also effective. It means giving access to as much information as is necessary to complete a task. The focus here is on bare minimum rights.

Please pay attention to the devices employees use to work. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept may seem like it is saving the company money. But, if an employee decides to use their devices, there isn’t much you can do about their security measures. It could expose the company to data theft, malware and much more. 

In some instances, it may not be possible to avoid such devices. But, the onus is on you as the business owner to ensure they have the proper security measures.

4. Create a Culture of Cyber Awareness

The best way to defeat an enemy is to learn all you can about them. Getting a grasp of the cybersecurity landscape is an essential first step. There are tons of resources, both online and offline. Teach yourself about the different types of threats. Also learn how they can impact your business. 

Yet, learning about cyber security does not stop with you as the business owner. Everyone within the organization must have the right level of knowledge and awareness. Cyber security training is no longer an option. Employees must learn things like:

  • Understanding cyber threats
  • How to stay safe while online
  • The use of strong passwords and multiple factor authentication
  • Secure password storage
  • Risk mitigation and responding to cyber attacks
  • Importance of running updates and backing up data amongst others.

Creating a culture of cyber awareness can go a long way in preventing data breaches. The cost of dealing with insider threats has gone up by 34% since 2020. That translates to about $15.38 million, up from $11.45 million. Such threats have increased by 44% within the same period.

It is important to note that not all insider threats are intentional. An employee could click on a link in an email, which is a common tactic in phishing. The online sites employees visit could also give cyber-criminals away into your systems.

Use the free proxy servers for effective solutions to this. As we said, the proxy sieves content and allows you to watch their online activities.

Final Thoughts

A data breach can cost your business money and loss of reputation. It is important to take the necessary security steps to remain safe. Educate yourself and the employees on safe internet usage. Install the necessary security measures. 

Take it a step further by using proxy servers, which have many benefits, as we have shared. There is no reason not to use one due to cost issues. Take a look at a free proxy server list to find a suitable solution for your business.

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