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4 Tips for First-Time Job Holders



Your first job is an exciting experience, but it can feel overwhelming, too. Every new job is a learning experience, but your first job is a crash course. You’re getting accustomed to a whole new world and handling things like negotiations, tax forms, and professional emails for the very first time. 

If you’re landed your first gig and are hoping to gain a few tips from the experts, we’re here to help. Read on to learn our favorite tips for first-time job holders. 

Salaries are Negotiable 

If you’ve ever watched a TV show that takes place in an office, you’ve probably bared witness to a salary negotiation. It’s the thing that job-seekers dread the most. It can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. 

Here’s the thing: most employers expect you to negotiate. Because of that, their initial offer to you is likely a low ball. They expect you to negotiate up, and you should. 

Unsure where to start? Allow us to guide you. Begin your salary negotiation by finding out the average salary for others in your position. There are plenty of websites that have this information. Remember to adjust based on your experience (which at this point is probably minimal). 

Once you’ve got a number in mind, increase it. Just like you can expect your employer to lowball you, you should expect them to negotiate whatever number you suggest down. Give yourself a little wiggle room with your salary by scaling it up to begin with. 

Finally, remember that negotiation doesn’t have to be as dramatic as it is on TV. Just have a conversation of what salary you were hoping for, and be prepared to tell your employer why you deserve it. 

Other Things are Negotiable, too 

If you’re thinking about a negotiation, remember that salary isn’t the only thing you can negotiate. While health care typically isn’t negotiable, things like time off, working hours, remote work, and more are all up for negotiation. Decide which of these things are deal breakers and which would simply be nice to have, and negotiate accordingly. 

Show Up Prepared on Day One 

While you may not know exactly what to expect on your first day, there are a few different things to prepare for. For one, you’re going to be learning a lot of important information. Be prepared to write it all down. Come with a professional-looking notebook and a pencil or pen, even if you expect a work laptop. You don’t want to show up empty handed on day one. 

The next thing you can expect is a good amount of paperwork. Employers usually use your first day to get you onboarded in their HR system. That means personal information, tax info, and more. Even if your employer doesn’t mention it, it’s a good idea to show up with your driver’s license, birth certificate or passport, and your Social Security card. That way, you can be prepared to fill out tax paperwork about dependents, tax allowances, and more. 

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions 

Your first day on the job can feel a lot like your first day of school. You’re in a totally new environment where it feels like everyone knows everything—and you know next to nothing. 

In situations like these, it can feel tempting to retreat into yourself and adopt a “nod and smile” attitude, even if you’re totally lost inside. You may be worried about revealing how little you know or intimidated by interacting with your mentor. Our advice is to resist that urge. If you don’t know something, ask. 

Asking questions isn’t only important because it gets you pertinent information. It also shows your mentor that you’re an active listener who is thinking critically about what they’re saying and processing the information in a logical way. It also gets you interacting with your new managers and coworkers and will help speed up the process of learning to feel at home

Start your job off on the right foot by following these tips and going in with a positive attitude.

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How to make chain wine bottle holder



Welding is a great hobby for anyone who wants to repair or built things for fun. Welding is a great way to make money. You can also turn your hobby into a thing that pays extra money. If you hate buying things when you can make them yourself then this project is right for you.

If you follow these steps then you can make chain wine bottle holder at home. This project is beneficial for both new and professional welder. Professional welder can test his skills and new welder has opportunity to improve your welding skills.

Step 1

You need to collect following things before starting work on this project

  • A MIG welder
  • MIG Welding helmet
  • ⦁ Welding gloves
  • ⦁ 3 feet steel chain of 30 mm long link (2.2kg/meter weight). You can change size and length of steel chain according to your choice.
  • ⦁ Take a empty can of 1000ml volume has 4 inch diameter and 5 inch height
  • ⦁ Spray paint of any color you like
  • ⦁ An empty bottle of wine

Step 2

Arrange steel chain around the can of 4 inch diameter in uniform circle and weld the chain links by using MIG welder. MIG welding gun is just like a hot glue gun of welding world. If you need more stability of chain holder then use some other can of bigger diameter.

You can also give square shape to the chain by arrange it around square metal piece.

Step 3

Now arrange remaining chain over can so that the chain is perpendicular to the welded circular base. If the angle between arrange chain and welded circular base is more than 90 then life of welded joint increase.

You can increase the length of inclined chain by arranging it over something more than 5 inch height. Now weld the chain link carefully. Strong welding joint is necessary in inclined chain links especially bottom and top links have to bear more stress during bottle holding.

Step 4

Now arrange the remaining part of chain in circle of a diameter equal to bottle neck. Weld the links and inset bottle neck into circle. Now wrap remaining chain around the bottle neck in another circle and weld the chain links. Now weld the remaining hanging links of chain.

Step 5

Now clean the welded chain from spatters by sand paper and apply coat of spray paint. After drying paint apply coat of cleaner.

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How to change a jigsaw blade—a complete guide



Owing to continuous usage of the jigsaw the blades wear out and make the cutting process extremely difficult. If the blades are also not sharp enough, it compromises the cutting quality. We can say that the tool is only good enough if the blades are good otherwise it will be useless. Under these circumstances, you need to change the blades immediately. Some people also recommend the sharpening of the blades and reuse them but it would not be much helpful as the blades are quite cheap and the only good option will be to change them. In this regard, you can also take help from saw adviser that either you should change the blade or sharpen the old one. However, for high-quality cuts, you cannot compromise on the quality of your blades as it might deteriorate your overall project.

Blade changing system

While buying a jigsaw, you must look at the blade changing mechanism of the jigsaw. Older models usually come with a screw for blade changing and it might be time-consuming. But the modern jigsaw has a tool-free blade changing system. You don’t need to have any extra tool the blade will just come out with the help of simple mechanism.

Many new models also come with a spring-loaded lever to eject the blades. The advanced jigsaw machines are not only effective but also safe to use. While cutting the blades become hot and it is quite dangerous to touch the blades in this condition. Thus, in the modern mechanism, you can easily change the blades without even touching them.

Why do you need to change the jigsaw blades?

Jigsaw blades at some point become wear down and it doesn’t matter which quality blades you are using in your jigsaw. But it must not be a big issue for you if you can change the blades in a few minutes and resume your cutting process. However, there are several reasons which urge you to change the blades. Some of the most prominent causes are given as:

  • If you have to push the jigsaw through hard rock.
  • If the quality of the cutting has been compromised.
  • If the blade teeth are not sharp enough and have become rounded.
  • If the blade doesn’t follow the cutting line.
  • If there is a breakage sign on the blade.
  • If the jigsaw doesn’t make precise and clean cuts.

How to change a jigsaw blade—step by step guide

There are different older and modern jigsaw machines available in the market. Both of these devices have their blade changing system. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Tool-less blade changing system in the modern machines

Modern jigsaws release the blades automatically from the lever. You need to adopt the following steps for removing blades from this kind of machines.

  • You must have a new blade available for replacement.
  • Loose the lever and if you don’t know about the location of the lever then you must check the manual.
  • Eject the blade from the clamp. Some machines will eject them automatically while others will take some time.
  • Insert new blade and keep face away from the jigsaw.
  • In the end, you must ensure that the lever has been tightened and back to its position.

Tool-engaged blade changing system in the older machines

Older machines don’t come with a lever which can eject the lever automatically. Thus, you need to follow the following steps to remove blades from these tools.

  • Apply Allen key or screwdriver for loosening the screw.
  • Let the blade out of its clamp once the screw has been removed.
  • Insert the new blade in the same position old blade had been placed.
  • At the screw firmly to keep the blade in its place.

Generally, both of these methods are utilized for changing the blades of the jigsaw. While applying both of these methods, you must be extra careful about your safety to avoid any incident. You need to have proper protective clothing for changing the blades of the jigsaw.


There is no rocket science in the changing the blade of the jigsaw. You just need to follow certain points in this process. It will enhance your productivity and minimize the downtime when you know how to change a jigsaw blade. At the first time, it may appear difficult but once you do it again and again you will become an expert in it.

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advance level tennis racquets

Tennis racket is the most important equipment to play tennis. They are far more expensive than badminton rackets. Beginner players often looks for a tennis racket that lasts long so that they can get complete command on game before moving towards advance level tennis racquets.

Let’s get started!


Usually naïve tennis player do not have proper knowledge about string and tension of tennis racket. When you enter the store, pick up your desired racket, the sales representative there would ask you, how do you want it strung?
If you have less knowledge about string and its tension your answer would be “I don’t know” and you will settle choosing for a basic Synthetic gut.
Instead of synthetic gut you can go for HEAD Velocity or Gamma TNT which are way better than synthetic gut. You can blindly choose them if you are reluctant, at least it would be of higher quality and better playing string in your basic stuff.

So your brand new racquet is in your hand and you are moving towards tennis court and about to start your game. But Wait!
Have you peeled off the grip plastic? No.
Do it right now!
There are many people out there who purchase a brand new tennis racket and put overgrip on it without even using its grip for a single time.

Back in the old days when tennis grip were made up of leather, people used to put overgrip right after buying the racket. The reason was leather grips are slippery and quite hard on hand.
But now in 21st century you don’t need to do it. Nowadays tennis rackets comes with a high quality grips that are simply great. Play with it first instead of putting on overgrip. Use the grip first, wear it out first before you cover it.

Covering a new grip with an overgrip simply ruin the overgrip and grip. Because, while playing you will sweat through the overgrip which penetrates into the grip. After sometime when you rip the damaged overgrip, your grip would be soiled completely.
So at least used the grip for once before putting on overgrip because tennis grips are wonderful and neutral. They are neither too dry nor too tacky. After using it, you can choose a best tennis racquet grip


People use head tape around the tennis head to protect it from scratches. This is simply a useless habit. Until on unless you are one of those people who scrape the crap out of the racket by dragging it on the floor like a small kid, you don’t really need to use it. It simply increases weight on your racket and therefore your maneuverability during the game will be affected.


Normally kids and teenagers put fancy dampeners on tennis racket just to make their tennis racket different from others. That’s okay with kids!
But there are some adults too who loves to put dampener on racket head. I really don’t have any idea why do they do so! May be they don’t like the pinging noise from the racket and these dampeners are efficient enough to mute the sound. Some people think that adding a dampener will heal up their tennis elbow which is 100% wrong as these dampeners are not elbow savers. If they are meant to heal tennis elbow then they wouldn’t be this much cheap. Believe me, they just add a fancy look to your racket and dampen few noises.

Let me tell you, tennis rackets have got various dampening features that you don’t need to add this little useless stuff on your racket. Look for a superior quality tennis racket which has many noises dampening technology. Read first about best tennis racquet for intermediate player for a quick look at high end tennis racket from gotennisracquets.

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Water Purifier for Clean Water: Should You Buy One?  



Water is the elixir of life. This is not just another statement but a statement that requires users’ attention and provides a whole lot of thoughts to ponder upon. The human body comprises water to a greater extent along with blood and other vital organs. With the pollution levels increasing at an alarming rate, the water we consume on an everyday basis is getting polluted to the maximum extent. Just consumption of water is not enough but the consumption of clean and pure water has become the prime need of the hour. This puts across the need for a good quality water purifier. 

Things you need to look for while buying a water purifier 

There are a whole lot of parameters that need to be taken into consideration while buying a water purifier, but some of the most important ones are listed below.

  • Quality of water 

The quality of water differs from area to area. Before buying a water purifier, you must check the quality of water in your place. For instance, in some areas, the kind of smell from the water is very unbearable. This could be due to the colorless dissolved salts and other kinds of impurities. When the amount of sediment in the water is way too high, then the color of the water is too dark. To understand the working, you can also go for a water purifier on rent

 In such cases, you need to buy a water purifier, which is of the reverse osmosis type. In this type of water purifier, a semi-permeable membrane is installed which removes the total dissolved salts and other kinds of germs and impurities. To know the water quality, go for a TDS check in your area.

  • Amount of Water 

The amount of water that needs to be purified has to be taken into account. For instance, if you want to purify your water only for drinking then a smaller capacity of the water purifier would do the needful. In case if you want to purify the water for all the water needs of your home, then you need to go for a larger size water purifier. If one searches for rent furniture in HyderabadMumbai, Delhi, and any major city, one could also see the options popping up for renting water purifiers. 

  • Size of the water purifier 

In case, you’re not a person who moves from one place to another often then a larger size water purifier would not seem to be a problem. But if you want to keep shifting places, then carrying a heavy and huge water purifier might lead to damage or the water purifier in a very bad manner. 

  • Maintenance

Sometimes, more than the cost of the water purifier, it is maintenance that adds to the burden. So, look at the terms and conditions which states the kind of maintenance that has to be provided to the water purifiers.

  • Go for registered company 

If you want to avail proper and on-time service, then you need to go to a registered company. A lifetime service guarantee can be expected from a registered company. Don’t get floored away by the heavy discounts flash by the new companies. If they turn out to be fake then your money goes into a total waste of investment. 

A water purifier in every home has become a must. In today’s times, so think more than once before. Buying a new water purifier for your home. Keep this in mind health comes first.

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The best online coupons for you




best online coupons


Do you like to shop online? But, things are so expensive that you wish you had an option to buy that expensive stuff at a discount or by a discount coupon. Congratulations, you are at the right place. Here at Cutfullprice, we have just the perfect solution for you. To make your wallet happier, we have tons of stores with promo codes and coupons ready to be used by you. Here at, we have aspired to find the most beneficial online coupons and deals for you so that you don’t need to waste your valuable time on the internet, searching for the tiniest discounts and prices on the product you want to purchase. We give the best help to our users to find the best deals and coupons to save their valuable time and money every time they purchase a product.

Online Coupons:

Shopping online and saving money can be challenging sometimes. You cant bargain for the price. So, if you wanna save your money and valuable time then you are at the right place. Here at Cutfullprice, we look for online coupons and deals to make the payment at the checkout less big for you every day. Who does not want to save money? Nobody! For someone who likes to shop online, it is a great opportunity for him to save as much money as possible, right? We love to do shopping online as well so we strive our best to find the perfect and the best deals and coupons for you so that you and your wallet become happier. In any case, if you are looking for offer discounts, online coupons, free shipping, free trial offer, by one get one, festival offer, first-time customer coupons, free giveaways then you are at the rice place. Here you can find many variations of coupons and offers. Because present day, even the most luxurious & most expensive stores offer online coupons. You can find all types of online coupons & discount deals, from those who offer free shipping to those who offer from 10% to even 90% discount. To get all these benefits you have to make sure that you visit our website cutfullprice.comevery day and subscribe to our email newsletter. We will make sure to send you amazing discounts which will be hard for you to pass. You can find many variations of coupons and offers from tons of stores, some known as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Walmart. Some less known but which offers unbelievable offers regularly like Mountain warehouse, Modanisa, Lonely planet, Great big canvas, etc.


So, if you want to save some money and time in this busy & expensive life then you must check out our website for unbelievable deals, offers & online coupons. Because here at Cutfullprice, we give you the best deals on the best products and best online coupons for your liking. So don’t waste your time and money. What are you waiting for? Subscribe today!

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