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4 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Billboard Campaign

Advertising is a great way to get your business noticed. There are various forms, like word of mouth, old-school newspaper ads, and social media posts. Most companies will often use social media as their primary source since about 72% of Americans use some type of account.

However, using social media to tap into your market can be challenging because others will occupy that space. Rather than spending money on that, you can use another effective method: billboard campaigns. Billboards have always been a valuable advertising method due to the amount of traffic they get daily. But before using this marketing tactic, you should consider a few factors.

1. Billboard Costs

Deciding to use billboards is the first step in expanding your impact. The next thing you’ll need to consider is billboard prices. On average, expect to pay around $850. Although, there are a few components that may affect the overall cost, such as:

  • Location: When you’re in a larger market (i.e., New York or LA), ad space will be pricier than in rural areas. You’ll also need to consider the billboard’s location in the city; will people glance at it while driving on the highway? Are there other competitor billboards in the area? These are some things to keep in mind.
  • Format: Billboards come in various sizes, depending on the company’s needs. There are traditional billboards that stick out on highways or in retail parks. But digital, mobile, and transit billboards can also help your company garner more attention.
  • Design: You can’t forget about the billboard design; it’s an essential factor that will get people to notice your business. The costs will depend on your creative strategy. Hiring graphic designers to bring your vision to life will be pricier, but it can help your billboard stand out.
  • Installation: Billboard installation costs will depend on the type of ad space. The design will also determine the final billboard price. For example, digital and mobile billboards may cost more than standard versions.

2. Simplifying Your Message

Some businesses don’t have successful advertisements due to an overcomplicated message. Customers feel confused about the meaning, which leads to a lack of sales. Using billboards can help simplify the point, but only if used correctly.

Since billboards have limited space, you’ll need to keep communication shorter and sweet. A general rule of thumb is to keep your message under three seconds. It’s not a lot of time, but you have to remember that people want the information to be concise so they can make a decision. If you need more time, you can extend the message to about eight seconds, but no longer.

Consider the type of design you think will get your point across quickly; will it be large pictures or words? Or different symbols? People must understand your vision and brand, whether walking or driving past.

3. Don’t Match the Color with the Surroundings

As mentioned above, several components help develop a successful billboard campaign. Two key factors are your message and design. Without a great design, passerbys won’t think twice about looking at your billboard. Instead, use abstract colors to make a lasting impression.

Brighter colors always pop to anyone walking by, meaning more heads will turn when they come across your billboard. Digital billboards are more beneficial since they can use various colors rather than one. Whatever you decide, try to differentiate the colors from the area’s surroundings. Blending in won’t help your marketing campaign.

4. Have a Solid Call to Action

Having a great design and message on your billboard is half the battle. You’ll need to have a strong call to action to drive the sale home. It’s a prompt that encourages customers to visit a website, call a number or scan a QR code.

They can be tricky phrases because you don’t want people to be turned off from your company. But it’s best to use strong action words and simple phrases such as:

  • “Buy now”
  • “Find out more”
  • “Visit our website”
  • “Take advantage of”

Here are Important Keys Before Starting a Billboard Campaign

Having a successful billboard campaign can be a deciding factor for your business. The first thing you’ll need to do is consider the costs; bigger markets will have more considerable business expenses since you’ll need to consider the location, design, format, and installation costs.

Your message and call to action will sway customers into buying your product. Short but informative communication will show your company’s marketing skills and prompt customers to take an interest in the ad. Then with a solid call to action, you’ll be able to drive the sale home. Implement these components into your next billboard campaign and watch how your business thrives.

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