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4 Signs You Should See a Social Security Disability Lawyer



4 Signs You Should See a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Are you entitled to social security benefits but you aren’t sure how to get them? Then you might need a social security disability lawyer.

The world of disability claims and paperwork can be more than just a little confusing. You have forms to fill out, doctor’s appointments to attend, and you might even need your employer to get involved. All of this, coupled with the pain or discomfort of your disability, can feel nearly impossible to deal with. 

Fortunately, there is a way to ease your stress and unravel the confusion of your disability claim. By hiring a lawyer, you can get the compensation you deserve and take the time you need to heal and recover. 

If you are not sure if you need help with your disability claim, here are several signs you should hire a quality lawyer. 

1. You Are Feeling Overwhelmed 

One sign you should hire a social security lawyer is if you are feeling overwhelmed. The process of applying for disability and filing a claim is complicated, especially if you are not familiar with each step you need to take. If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider contacting a reputable law firm like Law Offices Of Blitshtein & Weiss, P.C. for help. 

2. You Cannot Get Answers From the Insurance Company

Have you filed a disability claim and are getting the runaround from your insurance company? Then you likely need a social security attorney. If your insurance company is putting you on hold, claiming to never have received your application, or using other stalling methods, hire an attorney to help you deal with them. 

3. A Denied Claim

If you filed for social security disability and received a denial notice, you need to hire a professional. Getting a claim denied is a frustrating experience, especially when you know it should have been approved. A good attorney can help you get your denial reversed so you can claim the benefits you are entitled to. 

4. You Need to Understand Your Benefits 

One reason to hire a social security disability attorney is if you don’t understand your benefits. Understanding what you will receive is essential, especially since it will have a sizeable impact on your life. If the paperwork is too complex, consider hiring a lawyer to help you understand what you are getting and the next steps you need to take.  

These Are the Signs You Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer

There are many signs you need a social security disability lawyer.

If you feel overwhelmed about any aspect of your claim, consider hiring help. You may also need a lawyer if you cannot get answers from your insurance company, your claim has been denied, or you need help understanding your benefits. If you are filing a claim and cannot figure out your application, consider hiring a lawyer.

If you notice any of these signs, working with a lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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What Auto Accident Lawyer Fees Should I Expect?



What Auto Accident Lawyer Fees Should I Expect

Car crashes and their associated injuries are going up in the United States. Whether or not you’re at fault, you need the right auto accident lawyer in your corner. 

But how much does an auto accident lawyer cost? Can I afford auto accident lawyer fees?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out whether you should get an auto accident lawyer and if you can afford their costs. 

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Was My Fault?

Sometimes you can’t decide whether you’re entirely at fault, or if it was partially the fault of the other driver. 

Other times it’s clear that you caused the crash, accident or not. This presents a lot of legal challenges and insurance claims that’ll surely take up your upcoming schedule. 

As such, it’s heavily advised that you get an auto accident lawyer whether you’re at fault or not. If you are to blame, then it’s almost a no-brainer. 

However, not everyone can afford a lawyer. Many are careful when they contact an auto accident lawyer because of costs. 

Let’s take a look at when you should definitely contact an attorney after a car accident. 

When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident

If there are any injuries that happened because of a crash, you should look into an attorney. When inaccurate police reports are filed for an accident, an attorney is also handy. 

If you’re confused about your insurance policy or don’t know how to proceed with a lawsuit or claims, get an attorney. They’re also crucial for helping determining fault and for reminding you of your rights. 

Typical Attorney Fees for Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers usually work based on a contingency fee basis. This means they won’t get paid unless they win your case. 

Contingency percentages usually run between 25% to 40% for most injury lawyers. Say you got about $100,000 in damages. An attorney with a 25% fee will pocket about $25,000.

You’re also responsible for expenses and fees tied to your case. Some firms can foot that bill as the case is happening, then take it out of your damages along with the contingency fees. 

Some attorneys ask for retainers at the beginning of the case. This could be because firms might not have the resources to take your case to court. The retainer is usually deducted from the final contingency fee. 

There are persona injury attorney fee calculators online if you aren’t sure about your costs.

How to Settle a Car Accident Claim Without a Lawyer

But what if you can’t afford one?

Hiring an attorney isn’t cheap, so there are ways you can do without a lawyer. 

You’ll have to gather all necessary documents beforehand. Things like contact information, photos, eyewitness accounts, and anything else that counts as evidence are crucial. 

Make sure you properly estimate your damages, including lost fees. After taking stock of all your costs, send a demand letter that details your injury claim. 

Be mindful of settlement offers, since insurance companies tend to low-ball in this stage. 

Understand Auto Accident Lawyer Fees

Auto accident lawyer fees can add up, so always be aware of what you’re getting for the price you pay. Use this guide to know when and how you should pay for auto accident lawyers. 

For more informative articles on car accidents and law, check out the rest of our site. 

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4 Safe Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life



4 Safe Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life

There are, on average, over 16,000 car accidents in the United States each day. To try and prevent yourself from being a part of that statistic, you need to know (and follow) a few basic safe driving tips.

In this article, we’ll give you 4 of those tips to keep in mind, as well as tell you how to drive safely on the road. That way you can better protect yourself as well as those around you when you’re behind the wheel. 

1. Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States. If you want to know how to avoid car accidents, you can start by removing all distractions from your car while you drive.

Of course, your smartphone is easily the biggest distraction that you have with you while you’re in your car. With that in mind, simply putting it in the passenger seat while your car is in motion should be more than enough to remove that distraction from the equation.

Also, if you’re listening to music or a podcast while driving, be sure to keep the volume levels down. That way you can not only focus better but also hear emergency vehicles when they’re nearby.

2. Watch Out for Other Drivers

You can do everything right as a driver and still get in an accident if someone hits you. So, while it’s impossible to prevent this from happening outright, you can reduce the chances of it occurring by watching out for other drivers better.

Being locked in on the cars around you and staying on high alert can help you get out of the way when someone swerves over into your lane. And at worst, it’ll ensure that you’re paying close enough attention to the road to not cause an accident yourself.

3. Perform Routine Car Maintenance

If you’re looking for driving safety tips to implement, and you aren’t doing so already, start by booking a maintenance appointment for your vehicle. That way you can make sure that your tires and your brakes, along with other key aspects of your car, are up to par.

If you’re handy, you can do some of these things yourself. But even then, letting a professional look at your car at least once a year is recommended.

4. Use Your Headlights

When you’re driving at night, the chances of you being in an accident slightly increase. Because of this, you need to make sure that you use your headlights at all times when you’re driving after dark.

Also, make sure that your headlights work well and are bright enough for you to be able to see the road clearly. Because the last thing you want to do is to get behind the wheel at night and not be able to protect yourself or those around you.

Looking for More Safe Driving Tips?

If you want to stay safe while driving, you need to be sure to keep these safe driving tips in mind. Because failure to do so could be a fatal mistake, which is scary to think about, but the truth of the situation.

Looking for more car tips and tricks? Check back with our blog often! 

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What Does a Business Lawyer Do Exactly?



What Does a Business Lawyer Do Exactly

Interested in reclaiming control of or recession-proofing your career in 2021? Then, you might want to start a business.

Research shows that a whopping 40 million individuals ended up losing their jobs in the first few months following the arrival of COVID-19 in the United States. However, by starting your own company, you can essentially hire yourself and keep yourself employed no matter what the economy around you looks like.

Not so fast, though. Before you start your business, it may be in your best interest to hire a business lawyer.

So, what does a business lawyer do exactly? Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about business lawyers.

Let’s jump in!

What Does a Business Lawyer Do?

One of the most important tasks of a business lawyer is to assist you in choosing the right legal structure for your new company. Your business structure options include the following:

  • Sole proprietorship (you are operating a business by yourself)
  • Partnership (you are operating a business with one other person)
  • Limited liability company (you are operating a business by yourself or with others and want liability protection)
  • Corporation (you are operating a business with shareholders and want liability protection)

In addition to considering your liability needs, an attorney, such as Hayes Hunter PC, will help you to pick the structure that will give you the best tax treatment. This lawyer will also go over each structure’s formation costs with you. 

How Else Can a Business Lawyer Help You?

A business attorney will also help you to prepare the documents you need to successfully kickstart your company.

These documents include a partnership agreement if you are starting a partnership, for instance. In addition, if you’re starting a corporation, an attorney will help you to create bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Starting a new LLC? Then you’ll need an operating agreement and articles of organization.

An attorney can additionally help you to figure out what all of your startup costs will be. These may range from your utilities to your rent and office supplies. You’ll also be encouraged to create an accurate budget for your employee salaries and marketing costs, among other expenses.

Finally, a business lawyer will explain to you the tax forms that your staff will need to fill out (W-9 forms for independent contractors, and I-9 forms for employees). 

How We Can Help

In addition to answering the question “What does a business lawyer do,” we offer a range of tips for starting and growing a business in 2021 and beyond.

For example, on our site, you can find out about how to tap into digital marketing to expand your company. In addition, we offer a rundown on what managed information technology services have to offer your company.

Take a glance at our site to learn more about how to take your business to the next level in the coming months.

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Divorce attorney Dublin ohio




Have you been thinking of filing a divorce case against your spouse? You would need the services of a divorce attorney Dublin ohio. The divorce attorney would be the best person for all kinds of divorce case handling needs. However, choosing the right divorce attorney would require you to be prudent in every respect. You cannot be complacent with your divorce attorney hiring needs. Your attorney should ensure that you get the best services by using their experience and expertise in the legal arena. 

Should you hire a specialist? 

A question to ponder upon would be whether you should look forward to hiring just any other attorney or a specialist divorce attorney. The most common mistake that people make is to hire an attorney, not having specialization in handling specific kinds of family law cases. A specialist divorce attorney should be able to handle your needs without any hassles. 

Moreover, when you hire an attorney not specializing in the family law arena, the chances of you losing the case or unable to protect your rights would be relatively higher. The attorney would ensure that you get the finest services for a price. Despite the amount spent on the fee of the attorney, you would have peace of mind with an expert handling your case in the court of law. 

Would a specialist charge a fortune? 

When you hire a specialist for the job, you should be ready to pay a huge amount as the legal fee of the attorney. The legal fee should not burn a significant hole in your pocket. However, a specialist in the divorce case would charge a heavy price for the complications arising in a divorce case. The attorney would need to protect your rights along with saving your money to be paid as alimony to the spouse. 

Therefore, you should look for quality services from an experienced divorce attorney without hampering your budget. However, the budget should not deter you from hiring an experienced and expert divorce attorney. More than the budget, you should look for experience and expertise of the attorney in the legal arena. 

Why not invest in your legal knowledge 

You may possess some legal knowledge after watching movies, reading articles, and legal books. However, that is inadequate knowledge, as you have not qualified legal knowledge gained from a recognized college or university. Therefore, the chances of you being taken for a ride by the opposite counsel would be higher. As a result, it would be in your best interest to look for an expert attorney having experience in handling various kinds of family law cases. 

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What happens if I was injured in a taxi cab accident?




taxi cab accident

If you were injured in a taxi cab accident, you could have legal recourse and recover compensation. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may have several options for payment, including: 

  • Your personal injury protection insurance (PIP)
  • The taxi company’s insurance company
  • The taxi driver’s insurance company
  • A personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party

If another car driver caused the taxi cab accident, you could also pursue compensation from their insurance company. For help call the personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale.

Causes of taxi accidents in Florida

Taxi cab accidents can occur in many different circumstances and may affect passengers and other motor vehicle occupants, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. According to the National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA), only a small percentage of accidents occur due to vehicle defects and environmental conditions. Most crashes can be attributed to driver error or negligence. 

Negligence and taxi accidents

Taxi drivers can be under pressure from their company, trying to rush from one job to the next to maximize their earnings. This can lead to violating road laws such as speed limits or road signs and signals. Other ways in which drivers can be negligent and responsible for your accident can include:

  • Driving drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Texting while driving and other distractions
  • Driving fatigued
  • Speeding and driving aggressively
  • Driving an unsafe and defective vehicle
  • Failing to yield

Car accident lawyer Fort Lauderdale will examine your case for evidence of negligence to help you fight for just compensation.

How do I file a claim for compensation?

If you were a passenger in a taxi and suffered injuries, you may be able to file a claim with the taxi company’s insurance company and recover compensation. However, if a third-party such as another driver caused the accident while you were a passenger in a taxi, you could potentially file a claim with the at-fault driver and their insurance company.

If you got into a crash with a taxi cab while driving your car, you could make a claim with your PIP insurance as well as potentially claim compensation from the taxi driver or taxi company. 

Florida law regarding taxi cab insurance

Since taxi drivers are classified as commercial drivers, they have to register with the state and purchase higher levels of insurance coverage compared to regular drivers. 

According to Florida Statute § 324.032, taxi drivers and companies must have insurance that includes the following liability insurance minimum limits:

  • $125,000 injury coverage per person 
  • $250,000 injury coverage per accident
  • $50,000 property damage

While mandatory insurance coverage can provide victims with compensation after suffering an injury, recovering a settlement can be challenging. Insurance adjusters typically work in their company’s best interests and, in some cases, pull out all the stops to try to deny or minimize a claim.

You must file your taxi accident lawsuit by state deadlines

As with any personal injury lawsuit, you need to act within the state’s statute of limitations. If your taxi accident happens in Florida, you have four years to file your lawsuit against the liable parties, as outlined in Florida Statute § 95.11.

This deadline may not apply if someone died in the accident or if minors were involved. We can determine which deadlines apply to your case and help you figure out what course of action you can take.For more help contact personal injury lawyer Fort Myers.

Other concerns in a Florida taxi accident

Taxi cab claims can be further complicated if the driver is an independent contractor rather than an employee of the taxi company. This practice is commonplace with rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft. In this case, a driver will personally be responsible for ensuring they have adequate liability insurance cover. In these cases, the taxi company may not be responsible for a victim’s damages. 

Knowing how to file a claim and figure out who is responsible can be confusing. A taxi accident lawyer in Florida with our firm can protect your legal rights after an accident and help you file a claim for compensation. 

What damages can I recover from a taxi accident in Florida?

Accident victims are generally entitled to economic damages for any injuries and other financial losses they suffered as a result of a taxi cab accident. After your taxi cab accident, make sure you see a doctor and keep your invoices or receipts so we can help record your losses. 

Compensation from your taxi accident can include but is not limited to:

  • Medical bills
  • Income loss
  • Car rental and other transportation costs
  • Property damage
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

Unlike in accidents with private vehicles, individuals who suffered injuries in a taxi cab accident in Florida generally do not have to show a significant or permanent injury to recover non-economic compensation such as pain and suffering. Occupants of the taxi or other road users could recover awards for pain and suffering and similar intangible losses.

How can a Florida taxi accident lawyer help me?

Generally, taxi drivers have a duty of care towards their passengers and all other road users. However, some taxi drivers breach this duty and could be liable for the accidents they cause as a result.

A Fort Myers car accident lawyer from our firm can handle every aspect of a victim’s claim, fighting for the compensation they may deserve after an accident. We can: 

  • Investigate your accident fully and determine all liable parties
  • Help you assess your options for recovering compensation
  • Gather evidence to support your case
  • Track your insurance claim
  • Research a taxi company’s records 
  • Determine a driver’s safety record and previous accidents
  • Handle the paperwork required for your case
  • Negotiate strongly with insurance companies for fair compensation
  • Take your case to trial if necessary
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