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4 Signs That It’s Time to Call a Nursing Home Abuse Accident Lawyer New York

There’s something different about your loved one. For a long time, he or she was happy at the nursing home. That’s no longer the case. While nothing specific has been said, you’ve noticed little differences that indicate something is happening. If any of the following is involved, you may want to consult with a nursing home abuse accident lawyer New York and get advise on what to do next.

Changes in Personal Hygiene

Your loved one has always taken a lot of pride in his or her appearance. That’s no longer the case. During recent visits, it’s apparent that baths are not occurring as often. The clothing also looks like it’s been worn for more than a day.

It’s not unusual for an abused patient to stop bathing as a means of becoming invisible to an abuser. Assuming there’s no medical reason that might explain this change in behavior, you may want to involve a lawyer.

Your Loved One is Withdrawn

In times past, your loved one had a lot to say during the visits. Lately, it seems as if you do most of the talking. The responses tend to be no more than a word or two. If you voice a concern, it’s deflected by claiming fatigue or having a headache.

While not feeling great may explain the change during a single visit, it does not cover several of them. At this juncture, there’s something up, and you want to find out what it is. If a discussion with your loved one’s doctor does not yield any information about health changes, then you may want to see a lawyer.

Or Doesn’t Want You to Leave

Even if your loved one isn’t talking as much, there’s still a strong sense that he or she does not want you to leave. It’s certainly common for people who are in nursing homes to enjoy visits and be a little sad when the visitors get ready to go. However, there’s a difference between wishing someone could stay a few more minutes and is desperate for them to stay.

The issue could be that the loved one knows there will be no abuse while you are on the premises. If that’s what you suspect, getting in touch with a nursing home abuse accident lawyer New York and discussing what you’ve observed is a must.

Cringing When Certain Employees Are Nearby

In the past, your loved one seemed to get along with everyone on the staff. Lately, you’ve noticed that your loved one seems to draw back a little when certain employees are in the area. All it takes is to spot them walking by the room or coming into view across a common area, and the loved one seems to pull inward.

If you’ve noticed this happen more than once, it’s likely something that goes beyond a mere personality conflict. Talk with a lawyer about what you’ve seen, and discuss what sort of action should happen next.

Keep in mind that a lawyer can be one of the best resources for finding out what’s happening. If there is evidence of abuse, the lawyer can handle the legal end of things and possibly provide some aid in moving your loved one to a different facility.

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