4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Using Steroids When Working Out

Achieving the perfect body is a long and difficult process. Nothing comes easy when working out, but many will lead you to believe otherwise. The “true” way to achieve your body goals is to do it naturally. But steroids are and always will be a shortcut to greatness. Unfortunately, there is nothing great with taking steroids. Not only are they bad, but they’re harmful to your health.

As such, we’re here to give you the four reasons why you shouldn’t be taking steroids when working out. Remember these reasons as they can be the difference between life and death.

A Note Before We Start

Steroids do come with short-term benefits. But when you look at what steroids actually do, you’ll quickly forget this claim. We’re surrounded by images of the perfect body. Hollywood paints a mirage of how to achieve the ideal body. Images of Chris Hemsworth make it difficult to look past the use of steroids. What everyone should know is that everyone in Hollywood takes steroids. It’s the quickest way to look like Thor.

But building lean muscle or getting shredded is a process that can take years. It is precisely why people turn to steroids. So before you decide on following what Hollywood or popular bodybuilding influencers say, know that the healthiest way to get the perfect body is through hard work and determination. With all that said, let’s look at why you shouldn’t take steroids.

Steroids Cause Infertility

Men and women shouldn’t need a bigger reason to stay away from steroids than this one. However, you’ll soon learn that there are plenty of other, more harmful reasons to quit steroid use. If you hope to have children one day, know that steroids can cause infertility. For men, steroids reduce sperm count shrink your testicles. The way steroids work is by interfering with your hormones. Testosterone is a hormone that directly impacts how much sperm your body produces.

The lower the testosterone levels, the less fertile you’ll be. Steroid use comes with short-term and long-term side effects when it comes to testosterone production. In the short term, it can reduce sperm count. But in the long term, it could make you infertile.

While it might be appealing to take steroids to achieve the dream body, know that you’re sacrificing your future by being unable to continue your family tree.

Steroids Make You Aggressive

Hormones aren’t the only thing steroid use impacts. Scientists have found out that steroids also impact brain functions and impulses. In some cases, short-term steroid use won’t make you aggressive. But take it over a long period and too much, it will make you violent and hard to control your impulses. Not only that, but steroid use makes you irritable, which is yet another reason to stay away from them.

It’s not uncommon to lash out to loved ones when under the effects of these substances. After all, they’re not natural. They’re made using a combination of chemicals. While our body produces steroids naturally, some are made in a way that taking them represents a huge risk. If you do decide to go down this dark path, it’s best to familiarize yourself with what you can and cannot take. Bear in mind that all man-made steroids are harmful. But to get the full picture, here is a list of legal steroids that aren’t as harmful as some others.

Steroids Increase the Risk Of Developing Heart Diseases

One of the most concerning reasons why you shouldn’t take steroids is that they increase the risk of developing heart diseases. The goal of working out is to help you live a healthier life. So by taking steroids, you directly go against the primary reason for working out.

Everyone knows the benefits of working out. But for those that don’t, allow us to fill you in. One of the best reasons why you should start working out is that it makes you healthier, both physically and mentally. Exercise also reduces the risk of developing certain conditions and diseases. So why would you take a substance that harms you?

Steroids Make You Go Bald

Baldness is anything but a serious, life-threatening condition. But baldness is yet another side effect of taking steroids over long periods and in large quantities. Baldness is something most men want to avoid. Premature hair loss can come from many things. It can come from stress, depression, and taking steroids, among others. So why increase the risk of premature hair loss when you can have lush and beautiful hair for years to come? If that alone isn’t enough, consider this study posted in the Daily Mail that says men with hair are perceived as more attractive and successful.

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