4 Reasons Why You Should Have Facial Hair Transplant

   Hair transplant has gained a significant level of recognition being opted by so many patients and being the most satisfactory solution for hair loss; but then again hair loss is not specific to scalp. Many men suffer from hair loss also in the facial area which is a significant problem today since the bushy beard and moustache are the latest trends of men styling. Facial hair loss is also a problem for women who have weak or patchy eyebrows and eyelashes. Gladly, advanced hair transplant techniques are also for restoring the facial hair. Check out more transplant options here at Turkey Hair transplants with UKsmiles.

   The idea of facial hair transplant may sound risky at first since the target area is face, the most prominent part of the body. However, facial hair transplant procedures have proved their safety and success with many satisfied patients.

   Here are 4 reasons why people should opt for facial hair transplants.

Advanced Transplantation Techniques

   Unlike the earlier times when hair transplant was associated with FUT technique and a linear scar at back of the head, the transplantation techniques are very developed today. The increasing demand has led for revolutionary innovations on the procedure and enabled the patients to achieve very effective results for hair and facial hair transplants.

   The most common technique for facial hair transplant is FUE; its much less invasive structure than FUT, and scar-less results make the technique ideal for beard hair transplantor any other facial hair transplant procedure.

   Today’s newest technique is FUE but the transplantation procedure keeps developing to make the procedure even more successful.

Easy Recovery

   Recovery process of facial hair transplant is important; face is the most prominent area of body and the convenience of the recovery period is quite essential for patients to have the procedure smoothly.

   Recovery period after the procedure is very easy and comfortable; many patients choose to have their hair or beard hair transplant abroad to combine their treatment with a nice holiday since the recovery does not interfere the daily activities and does not cause discomfort.

Natural and Accurate Results

   Facial hair transplants are custom-made; they are planned in the light of the medical condition and expectations of the patient to have the highest success rate. During the planning of the operation, the suitable number of follicles and the ideal outline of the area to be treated are determined for the accuracy of the result.

   Facial hair transplant is performed by using patient’s own hair; therefore, results are very natural and cannot be differentiated from the original.

Life-long Effect

   Many people spend high amount of money and time on temporary solutions while trying to restore their facial hair before deciding on a transplantation procedure; people who got facial hair transplant enjoy their permanent results without needing to waste time or money on any other treatment.

   Permanent results of moustache and beard hair transplant allow people to shave or style them as they wish since the new follicles keeps growing just like the original hair.

   Monoplanthair Clinic offers free online consultations for beard, moustache, eyebrow and sideburn transplants in which all the questions of the patients are replied and a detailed hair analysis is done; to get a professional opinion on your specific condition, do not hesitate to contact.

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