4 Reasons to Sell Your Family Home When You Retire

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While some retired people opt to avoid change by remaining in their family home as long as possible, this thinking stems from a romantic nostalgia more than practical reasons. In fact, there are many logistical reasons why selling the home that your children grew up in will be your best option as soon as you become an empty-nester. 

Financial Advantage 

If you haven’t looked into the value of the home you currently own in recent years, you may be shocked by how much it is worth. Housing values have increased substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean the bubble will last forever. The best way to be sure that you gain an excellent return on your investment is to sell soon. 

Besides the fact that it is currently a great time to sell your home, you’ll also gain a significant financial boost by downsizing and moving from the city to a more relaxed rural area. Since you won’t have to reinvest all of this money in the new home that you buy, you’ll be able to keep the extra money to help you to live a more comfortable retirement and heighten your financial freedom. 

A Better Neighbourhood for Social Interactions

One of the reasons people downsize their homes when they retire is that they are interested in living an active adult lifestyle like those offered by Blythwood Homes communities in the Niagara region. Such communities are designed for people over the age of 55 who are eager to gain opportunities to participate in social and physical activities in their retirement years. 

When you live in a community filled with people like you who are also invested in maintaining a vibrant social lifestyle, you’ll encounter many more opportunities to meet new people you enjoy. You’ll also find many new people that share similar interests as you, which will help to make social interaction easier for those who are less naturally extroverted. 

Healthier Lifestyle

While increased opportunities for social interaction can help to promote good mental health during your golden years, there’s probably nothing that will contribute to your health more than staying physically active. 

Active adult communities are designed to promote physical fitness, so they are built near many amenities that will help to keep you active. When you’re living near others who also enjoy things like golf and daily nature walks, it will be easy to accomplish your daily fitness goals. 

Poorly Suited to the Aging Process

If the house you currently live in was designed to support a bustling career and a growing family, the chances are that it is not going to be very well suited to the contingencies of your golden years. In an active adult community, you’ll be able to have most of the regular maintenance that your property requires taken care of by a service. 

Retirement marks a significant change in your lifestyle, so you deserve a new home that will best suit your future plans. Get in touch with a custom home builder like Blythwood Homes to get started on your retirement dream home. 

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