4 Reasons People Prefer To Buy German Watches

To most people, Swiss watches are the staple of quality and luxury. While they are not far from the truth, it gives away the fair when it comes to other manufacturers, like those residing in Germany. The truth to the matter is that out there in the skies – things are a little more complicated. We are going to share with you the reasons why many believe German watches are actually better, with all due respect to their Swiss counterparts.

Long history

The fact of the matter is that German watch industry is older than Swiss. Huguenots started watch-making business in Geneva in the late 16th century, and German businesses were a few decades old at that time. Some even claim that it was a German who invented the first pocket watch (Peter Henlein).

While seeing its ups and downs over the centuries (just like Swiss producers), German town of Glashütte in Saxony is the biggest center of the watch-making movement. There resides some of the biggest timepiece maker names, like Glashütte original, A. Lange & Söhne, and NOMOS. Being in Eastern Germany for a while, some companies focused on making affordable watches. Some proceeded with their mission after the fall of Berlin Wall.

Today there are top brands such as Arnoldandbecker still emerging from Germany with high quality watches!

Famous for engineering

Germany’s engineering is praised around the world for their precision, innovativeness, and the sheer skill and thought put in the work. This goes even deeper in the past with the fairytales of dwarves making magical and amazing items were told the most in regions we now know as Germany. Germans made a point to look up to their mythical cohabitants living in the deep, and might even learned a skill of two, who knows.

All this points to the fact that with long engineering and crafting tradition famous for the quality and durability, you can only expect the similar with their timepieces. And this translates to the reality. German watches are incredibly well crafted, amazingly precise. What’s most important for watches, they are nothing less than highly dependable. Nowadays things between Germany and Switzerland stand well with some German companies owning Swiss manufacturers and vice versa. This brought exchange in experience and knowledge that only improved the quality of their products.

Do you know what Bauhaus is?

Bauhaus is something very German, so to say. It’s the culture that values utility over luster. This translates to the already famous line that follows most of German design.

German timepieces are not different, having more focus on the mechanics and parts, their quality rather than the luxurious aesthetics. In fact, if you’ve asked a German what is aesthetic to them, they’d more often than not say – a simple design that follows the utility of a product.

The materials

Along with their focus on providing a top-of-the-notch quality product, German watch manufactures take extra care about the materials they use. They like things durable and precise, and they choose the best materials that are up for the task. From silver, gold, platinum, and other noble metals, German manufacturers hand-craft their timepieces with special stainless steels and other alloys that provide longevity and reliability.

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