4 Products to Help Back Pain While Sitting at Desk

4 Products to Help Back Pain While Sitting at Desk

There’s no doubt about it; sitting at a desk for eight to nine hours a day can cause serious issues with a person’s back. In fact, some people end up developing chronic back and neck pain. However, for most people, simply getting up or not going to their desk for a few days isn’t an option as they need to work and earn a living for themselves and their family. So, what can you do to alleviate the pain? Read on to learn about four products that can help your back pain while sitting at a desk.

The BetterBack

If you have ever seen the show Shark Tank on television, then you know that a large number of downright silly products are presented on the show. However, every few presenters will provide the sharks with an amazing product. One of those products includes BetterBack. The BetterBack is meant for those who have back and neck pain but have to sit at their desk. Before you see the BetterBack, you are going to notice how elaborate the product is, and thus those working within an office may not want to wear one. However, if you are working from home, this harness is just what you were looking for. The tensions you see from the variety of straps pull the correct muscles to place you back at the correct posture.

ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

If you have your own office space or work from home, the ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set is one of the best products to minimize or get rid of your back pain. As many experts have already proven, laying down on a flat surface can help you back tremendously. However, the ProSource Acupressure mat has taken that to the next level. The mat now only allows you to comfortably lay on the floor and provides the body with a mini massage using small plastic spikes. A few minutes laying down on the mat may help reduce inflammation you’ve accumulated while working at your desk.

Standing Desks

You may have heard the hype around standing desks, but are they really all people say they are? The concept of a standing desk is that it keeps people working while allowing their backs to stretch out, thus reducing the chance that they will develop serious back and neck pain in the future. In addition, it helps the blood flow more freely around the body, and some have even reported feeling a lot more energetic. Although the science is still out on this product, there is no doubt that getting yourself off the chair every once in a while may provide a few benefits.

The InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager

Are you constantly having to place large backpacks or purses on your shoulders? After a while, those shoulders are going to become sore, and thus the pressure is placed on your back and neck muscles. The InvoSpa Shiatsu has been the answer that many have been looking for to reduce back and neck inflammation. The massager, unlike most on the market, provides people with the ability to not only get a massage, but the heating system within it allows blood to start moving and thus helps to relieve pain and inflammation.
As you can see from the information above, there are a plethora of products on the market today that can help you relieve your back and neck pain from sitting at a desk all day. Of course, if the pain persists, it is always recommended to speak with your preferred chiropractor.

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