4 Effective Ways to Combat Entrepreneurial Burnout

4 Effective Ways To Combat Entrepreneurial Burnout

Entrepreneurship has its perks. We’re the manager of everything. We’re the decision maker. We are our own boss. We can work, sleep, eat and drink whenever and wherever we want. And as long as things are working accordingly, our life is incredible. However, those perks come with a significant cost.

The Burnout Spell

I do get it. You need to get more clients, sell more and put everything in control. It’s stressful. In fact, 41% of us believe that raising business is more stressful than raising a child. Your mind is moving eerily slow and is racing at the same time. As if you’re in a dimension of never-ending mid-sentence and everyone anticipates for you to finish your sentence.

The restless nights, the countless grumpy mornings and the toxic worries that turn every bright idea into gray one – we all felt it. You feel like your worn-out body is becoming stone-like.

You, my friend, could be on the brink of burnout. I’ve been there when running the Johnny Chen Media Team. To help you stop from reaching point zero, I’m going to share my approach to effective methods to bring back the flow in your business and life cycle. Check them out below.

1. Make Realistic Expectations

Burnout is the product of disappointment and or fatigue. In a nutshell, burnout is the product of setting unrealistic, lofty expectations for yourself.

For instance, if you aim to launch a product at the end of the month, when in fact, three months is more reasonable. You’re prone to burnout if you rush everything. 

The moral lesson: Be kind to yourself and set a realistic expectation. And that’s one way of how I fight burnout.

2. Start and End Your Day With Your Favorite Dream Theme

I know, it’s always tempting to just go to bed and rant about everything that went wrong in your business. But don’t give in. You’re reading my article because you want a smooth flow, so let’s get into the flow.

List down your plans for your business. Forget about the negative part. Imagine your business doing good. It will encourage production of serotonin which makes you feel happy and keeps you away from feeling depressed.

3. Change Your Routine

Burnout could be a by-product of repetitive routines. Entrepreneurs, in general, wear different hats and handle a fraction of so many responsibilities that make a dull routine easy to handle. However, dealing with the same people or facing the same run-around on a regular basis can take a toll on you. 

Put some variation in your daily routine, whenever and wherever possible. Don’t hesitate to draft your partners and employees to help you divide the workloads. It’s part of development lessons that you need to undergo.

4. Take a Break!

Come on my friend, stop slaving yourself. Go out, pack some clothes and go somewhere to relax and cool down. Reward yourself for all your hard work. It’s the best way to combat burnout, which, unfortunately, most entrepreneurs miss.

Take real weekends or take full vacations away from work. Give no more excuses. If you keep missing real breaks, burnout will haunt you down. 


If you can incorporate these strategies in your entire course as an entrepreneur, you’ll be able to keep burnout at bay, or at least minimize the worst effects of exhaustion. Entrepreneurs like us will face challenges and near-constant trials, but the successful ones know how to weather the storm and fight their way against any odds, burnout included, and emerge victorious in the end.

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