4 Easy ways to get a job with PMP Certification

PMP Certification jobs

A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) has various career opportunities lined up. The challenge is to choose which job profile excites him/her the most. The certification of PMP is the globally recognized benchmark certification in project management. With over one million certified professionals, aspirants of PMP are still in demand today.

The common questions which pop up for pursuers of PMP certification are ‘What is the salary package awarded for a PMP?  and What job will I get on earning the certification’.  These questions are quite normal as aspirants must invest a lot of money and time while pursuing PMP. Looking at the statistics it is evident that certified professionals earn 20% more than non-certified professionals.

When the PMI conducted the annual survey amongst reputed organizations, it was unveiled that majority of businesses had outsourced PMPs. This proves that PMPs are still highly sought-after across various industries. Organizations in construction, pharmacy and healthcare seek certified project managers as they deal with projects all the time.

What jobs can you get with a PMP Certification

Some of the highest paying jobs for certified professionals are in the field of engineering, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and consulting. An engineer with a PMP is responsible for communicating with clients and delivering their needs. In aerospace, a PMP’s role is to deliver the aircraft within the budget and on time. The pharmaceutical industry requires a PMP to host research and development activities to develop a new medication. A consulting PMP is required to adapt according to the project received. Such professionals must work on different projects throughout the year to gain expertise in all the industries.

Here are a few ways which will assist PMPs to get a job:

  • PMP credential earns recognition:

A certified PMP can use the certification as part of the resume to stand out from the huge crowd of project managers. Organizations are aware of the value of PMP certification; hence, they seek to recruit only certified professionals to carry out the projects without any hassles.

  • PMPs speak global knowledge of project management:

Certified professionals are considered to have acquired an in-depth understanding of various concepts, policies, tools, and techniques of project management which is recognized globally. This helps certified professionals to progress their career options not only in their home country but across various nations around the world.

  • Constant demand for PMP:

There are over 1 million certified professionals with PMP. However, the annual turnover of certified project managers is still quite less as various organizations are facing a shortage of such professionals. This has increased the scope for aspirants who want to pursue PMP Certification. The only way for project managers to be in demand in the present scenario is by earning the certification.

  • Having experience in the field:

While pursuing PMP Certification, aspirants must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria set by PMI. Having minimum experience in carrying out project related tasks is one such requirement. While looking out for career opportunities with PMP certification, employers instantly recruit candidates as owning the certification itself instills credibility in terms of experience and dedication.

PMP Certification Requirements

In the project management field, owning a PMP differentiates the non-certified and certified project managers. The certification acts as proof of having acquired the unique skills of project management which cannot be gained by a non-certified project manager in regular course of time. To earn this esteemed PMP certification, an individual has to fulfill the prerequisites specified by PMI. Before attempting the exam, candidates must undergo formal training in project management. On clearing the PMP exam, candidates can apply for the credential through PMI website.

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