4 different uses of stickers for your business

Are you starting a new business and are curious to understand how you can use stickers for general purposes and help it grow? Or, maybe you’re just interested in how to use stickers?

Whatever the reason, we’ll show you 4 different uses of stickers in your business – let’s get started.

1. Shop window branding

If your business has a retail location, this is especially important.

Printing your logo and branding your physical locations to be on-brand and give your customers a fantastic experience is super important. Referrals are a key growth driver, and creating incredible, memorable experiences is key to this.

If you’re keeping it simple and are printing your logo to put it large, front & center in your shop window, going for a clear sticker to make your brand stand out is best.

Here’s a superb example:

2. Brand your packaging

When shipping products to your customers, working out how to create a great, memorable experience is challenging.

The answer – branded packaging! When your customer sees your package at the front door and opens it to see beautifully, carefully packaged items, they will not forget. 

It’s worth a few extra minutes and the expense of branding your packaging to leave this lasting impression.

If you only want a short-run or are looking for small quantities, custom printed stickers are a great option. These shiny holographic stickers are a great example of what you can achieve:

3. Put stickers in with your packaged products

Every iPhone that gets shipped or every Google laptop that is sent has stickers with them – and they have good reason.

Getting your brand into the hands of your loyal customers is a great thing, so use the opportunity of your package going to the customer to add these little perks.

Having your logo stuck onto the back of phones traveling on the subway each day can’t be a bad thing!

4. Experiment with guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing uses alternative means of communication to get your brand message to your target audience. 

What does all that jargon mean? The best way to explain is by using an example. 

Puma paid the soccer star, Pelé around $120,000 to tie his boots at the opening of the soccer World Cup final in 1970. It got incredible coverage and was genius!

Now guerilla marketing does have to cost this much. There are so many ideas. Just try searching for ‘guerilla marketing using stickers,’ and loads of ideas show for all budgets.

We hope you have enjoyed these 4 ideas of how you can use custom stickers for your business, some for growth and other uses. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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