Common Types of Personal Injuries in Virginia

4 Common Types of Personal Injuries in Virginia

Accidents and injuries are familiar occurrences in Virginia. They can happen to anybody, anywhere, at any time. They occur due to another person’s negligence, and the victim may be entitled to compensation. However, there are different injuries and not all qualify for a personal injury claim and settlement. Below are some of the most common injuries in Virginia that you should know.

1. Head and brain injuries.

The head and the brain are typical in car accidents, slips, and falls. The damage to the brain might manifest as physical scars, memory issues, personal changes, and impairment of daily functions. These injuries can cause significant changes in a family, altering independence, earning, or working abilities. 

They can also affect connections with a partner, spouse, or children. Moreover, head and brain injury can result from medical malpractice and workplace, and reputed attorneys from Marks&Harrison law firm can educate you on your rights.

2. Broken Bones.

Bone injuries mainly involve your legs and hands and can be simple or complex fractures that might necessitate surgery. Unlike minor fractures, which are treated by putting on plasters, broken bones can bring about complications, particularly in adults. Common accidents that lead to bone-breaking include;

  • Assault
  •  Vehicle accidents
  •  Sport injuries 
  • Defective work machinery 

3. Back and spine injury.

The back is a complex structure composed of numerous bones, the spinal cord, nerves, muscles, discs, and ligaments. The linked parts might be damaged in a car accident, falls, and slips. Back injuries are common and will affect your life in various ways. Less severe injuries may cause temporary discomfort, whereas more significant ones may result in permanent incapacity. 

4. Damaged sight and eye.

Damage to your eyes and vision can significantly impact your daily life. Direct trauma to the eyes or face, head trauma, or contamination can cause vision loss. Your visual problem could result in partial or complete blindness. You can suffer sight and eye damage due to: a traffic accident, electrical shock, an assault, and even medical negligence.

How to determine the right personal injury attorney for my case

Injury cases are critical when it comes to compensation. Therefore, you should have the right judge for a smooth and successful claim process. Here is how to settle for an excellent attorney;

  • Research from online websites, you will find different attorney firms. Do some research, look at reviews and comments from clients, and choose an attorney from a highly reputed firm.
  • Ask family and friends; they can refer you to the right one since they might have worked with one before.
  • Choose insured and licensed attorney-They are more trusted and have extensive experience.
  • Don’t settle with the first attorney that you get; compare different lawyers to know how long they have been in the industry, are reputed or not.

Wrapping up

Accidents are a common cause of injuries arising from another person’s negligence or normal accidents. When you suffer such damages, seek help from an experienced personal injury attorney for help and guidance. This way, you’ll likely get the rightful compensation for the damages.

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