4 Best Anime Streaming Sites For Your Enjoyment To Beat Quarantine Boredom

Are you bored? Have you re-read all the books in your mini library? Have you repeated all the songs in your playlist? In this time of a pandemic when everyone is stuck at home, everything becomes a routine and it also gets boring. But thanks to technology and the internet, you still have a lot of things to keep you occupied. How about trying some anime series for one? During our childhood years, watching anime was one of our favorite pastimes. It might be harder nowadays to find reruns of our favorite anime shows on television. But we can always turn to the internet to find the best anime streaming sites.

In this article, we’ll give you five awesome anime streaming sites to keep you entertained and occupied to make your quarantine period more enjoyable. Keep on reading to find out more!

But what should you watch?

Before we get into the best anime streaming sites, let’s first introduce you to two awesome platforms where you can get great anime show recommendations. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose what to watch with so many options available. So, it’s good to get some help from anime enthusiasts.


My Anime List is dedicated to introducing people to anime. It gives its users reviews, rankings, and schedules of anime titles that are upcoming. If you’re wondering which new anime series you should watch first, check out their review section to see the different comments and ratings of other anime enthusiasts on the series or show. There’s also a section with anime rankings, so you can see how popular a series or show is at this time. You can also check out some additional information such as trailers, cast members, number of episodes, and so much more!


This unique platform is made as a messenger. It allows people who are like-minded and have interests they want to share or discuss with others. It’s very popular for anime and K-Pop fans. People can post blogs, polls, content, and so many other things as Animo likes to promote a sense of community for its users. When you use this platform, you can search for users and them anime suggestions or feedback regarding a particular anime show you’re interested in. You’ll also be able to personalize your profile as much as you’d like. It’s a great way for you to meet people and connect with old friends!

Best anime streaming sites

Okay, so now that you have two awesome websites to get recommendations for series or shows, let’s get into the best anime streaming sites for your enjoyment!

Amazon Prime Video

One of the best streaming platforms is Amazon Prime Video. It’s a frontrunner as an on-demand streaming service, after all! Although their catalog is a bit smaller compared to its competitors, you can still stream plenty of old and new titles from them. The Viking-inspired anime called “Vinland Saga” is Amazon Prime Video’s headlining title. So, watch out for that!


Of course, we can’t exclude Netflix from this list. After all, it’s known to provide its users with the best digital releases, movies, and TV shows⎯old and new! Aside from that, they also offer some great anime shows for you to binge on. This platform offers different plans for individual or group subscriptions, so it’s perfect for you, your family, and friends. Netflix also introduced Netflix Party, which is great for watching shows with other people who aren’t physically there with you. It’s great to have quality time with your loved ones while enjoying your favorite shows. Some titles available on Netflix include Naruto, Yuyu Hakusho, Kimetsu No Yaiba, Attack on Titan, and so much more! And the best part about Netflix is you can download your favorite anime episode so you can watch them offline later on!


Crunchyroll is a great option if you’re looking for a subscription-based anime site that offers Japanese drama! It’s the best choice if you want a lot of series or shows to choose from, thanks to its expansive library. We can safely say that Crunchyroll has the best library from subscription-based anime sites. They have it all from classic titles to the latest ones. 


A fun fact about Funimation is that it’s the company that brought the Dragonball franchise to the United States. And if you didn’t know, during its release, it was the most popular anime of all time. For this reason, Funimation became successful. As compared to the other ones we’ve mentioned on our list that have subtitles and Japanese audio, Funimation has dubbed versions of their available anime shows. This is great for those who don’t enjoy reading subtitles.

Try them out!

And there you have it, four of the best anime online streaming sites for your enjoyment! Now you can enjoy your quarantine time more. We hope this article helps you with your anime binging plans. Go on and give it a go!

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