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4 Benefits Of Using Google Search Ads For Your Business

Google search ads are great for businesses that are hoping to reach a staggering amount of consumers in their target audience and gain traffic on their website through Google searches.  Google search ads work through Google Ads, which is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to create online ads and target audiences on the basis of a match or link between the audience’s interest and the relevancy to the products or services the company offers. The platform runs on PPC or pay-per-click advertising and hence a company only would need to pay for the ads that a visitor clicks on. Listed below are a few benefits of using Google search ads for your business:

1. Google has a massive reach

Google has grown to be much more than a search engine – the company owns some of the biggest names in the world wide web including Google Workspace and YouTube. In fact Google has even evolved to become a verb. The term “Google it” has become very common in daily conversations about anything you wish to know more about. Google’s search engine alone has a staggering more than two trillion searches every year which roughly amounts to five billion searches everyday. Hence, if your business offers the solution to a problem or manufactures products or offers services that consumers need, Google is the platform for you to showcase your business.

2. Google allows business’ to target extensively

Irrespective of your business’ level of operations and your customer’s stage in his/her respective buying journey, Google allows companies to target their customers extensively. Google allows you to bid on keyword search terms, and the broader of a keyword you choose, the higher are the chances that a customer will come across you in their early stages of the buying process. You may also opt for long-tail keyword search since these are not as expensive as broad keyword search terms, and will capture the attention of exactly those customers that fit your customer base and are farther along their buying journey. This is because users that search for such specific terms already display intent to purchase.

3. Google allows you to work with any budget

Since Google Ads works on the PPC model, you can essentially work with any budget. Your budget should however incorporate the cost of your chosen keyword. If you choose an expensive keyword your budget should be equally large, and if you choose a less expensive one, you can alter your budget accordingly. In fact, given how efficient Google’s reach is, Google Ads have a higher return on investment than other marketing platforms. For more information about how you can manage your marketing budget for Google Ads visit

4. Google allows you to exercise control over your ad campaign

If you have even one employee in your company that knows how to buy ad space and use Google Ads, he/she would serve as enough of a resource. Google Ads’ accounts and dashboards are very user friendly and feature just about any data and insights you’d need to learn what makes your campaign a success or a failure. One knowledgeable employee is all you need to exercise full control over your planned ad campaigns, and Google Ads’ dashboard aids them in all ways possible.

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