3 Ways to Improve Customer Service In Your Business

3 Ways to Improve Customer Service In Your Business

Around 90% of Americans say that customer service is the deciding factor on whether to use a business or not. It is not only one of the most important factors in a good business; it is the most important factor.

But wanting to improve customer service is easier said than done. What is it that customers want? What can you do that other companies aren’t?

It isn’t easy, but once you learn how to deliver great service, you won’t keep the customers away. Clients will be falling over themselves to work with you, not the other way around.

Here are five ways you can start helping clients and customers better today.

1. Be Responsive and Available Across Different Platforms

Customers nowadays expect businesses to be available everywhere, all the time. This includes social media, email, phone, in-person (if applicable), and 24/7 website customer chat.

You should also be seeking out queries on independent platforms like Google too.

Have dedicated staff members greeting customers. Write guidelines on how timely the responses should be. For example, staff must respond to customer emails within 24 hours and social media comments within one hour (within office hours).

This could be time-consuming and overwhelming if you do not have the staff to answer these queries. A visitor management service like alicereceptionist.com could help. Or, you could create stock answers for frequent queries. You can also outsource customer service from call centers in the Philippines to handle your customer complaints and inquiries. 

2. Under Promise and Over Deliver 

One key way to improve customer service is to go above and beyond for your clients. Or at least allow them to think that they are.

For example, if an order will likely take four days, say it will take six. Then, when it arrives early, your customer will have a pleasant surprise and think you gave them extra special attention.

Give gifts or options without telling your customers beforehand. 

Don’t under-promise to the extent that customers do not want to come to your business in the first place. Promise great service, then offer fantastic service.

3. Encourage and Incentivise Customers To Leave Feedback

How do you know what customer service techniques you need to improve unless you ask your customers?

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, leave customer comment cards with receipts or bills and install a box by your entrance. And if you have an online business, do surveys or polls on your social media pages.

You should also offer incentives. Email or give cards to your customers with 10% off their next order if they fill out a survey online.

As a rule, customers nowadays want to see businesses be more eco-friendly and socially conscious, so those are great places to start.

Improve Customer Service To Grow Your Business

When you improve customer service, you unlock the key to your business’s success. It is the foundation of your growth. So if you make it a priority, you will no doubt enjoy a thriving business venture that will go the distance.

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