3 Ways that Sustainable Practices

3 Ways that Sustainable Practices Will Increase in 2021

As we transition into a new normal following the drastic effects of a global pandemic, the world is increasing its focus on sustainable practices. Consumers are placing increasing pressure on big business to be accountable for their emissions and grassroots communities are uniting to invigorate their local area.

1. Circular Economies

Linear supply chains simply won’t cut it anymore. Waste Removal Sydney companies are putting an increasing focus on recycling processes, sustainable practices and reducing waste and resources in land fill. Many businesses are also placing an emphasis on sustainability and have also been developing circular models to increase the amount of reusable and recyclable materials in their supply chain. These circular systems adopt eco-design for packaging, reduce harmful the amount of harmful chemicals used and improve treatment of waste products. In the long run this will have enormous benefits to efficiency and cost but most notably will reduce emissions and waste and further accelerate sustainable development in all economic and social facets.

2. Big Business looking beyond neutrality to Carbon Zero

Big businesses are becoming more ambitious than ever, and their methodologies are changing. With increasing customer centric methodologies being employed and innovative changes to workplaces such as the new Apple Park the future of work and consumer products are rapidly changing. Additionally, companies are looking beyond carbon reduction and neutrality and aiming for Carbon Zero goals. This means that they remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they emit. Microsoft has led the line and committed to achieving this goal by 2030 and encouraging more businesses to follow suit.

3. Climate Conscious Consumers

As consumers transition out of a chaotic COVID era they will be looking to realign their focus on sustainability and making climate conscious spending decisions. Nationwide lockdowns showed us how quickly our natural environment responds to reduced emissions and proved that collective action has massive effects on the state of our environment. An increasing movement of banning single use plastics and the rise of sustainable consumer products provide individuals with an increasing range of visible eco-friendly options across all sectors from food and travel to finances and politics.

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