3 Things to Remember When Taking a DUI Case to Court

3 Things to Remember When Taking a DUI Case to Court

It can be a scary experience if you are charged in court for driving under the influence. The law prohibits DUI because alcohol impairs your judgment on the road risking the lives of other motorists and road users. According to the CDC, at least 29 US citizens lose lives to DUI related accidents daily. If you find yourself in court charged with DUI, there are two paths that you can take to improve the outcome of your case:

● You can proactively address what led to the DUI charge to devise ways of getting lenient sentencing.

● Defend yourself against the DUI charges by pleading not guilty

If you are not going to plead guilty to the DUI charges against you, you will face the judge a couple of times before your case is concluded. Whether you plan to plead guilty or not guilty, it is worthy of getting an insight into some of the crucial things to remember as you take your court case. Here are things to keep in mind:

Dress Nicely

It is crucial to observe a professional dress-code even when you are arraigned in court. Studies reveal that first impressions constitute the backbone of human judgment. Your appearance will significantly shape the judge’s perception and consequent judgment. Remember, the judge is looking for signs of remorse in you and the possibility of committing the offense again. A professional dress code displays an organized and responsible person. Use it to impress the judge and anticipate a favorable sentence. For instance, men should wear official trousers and collared and long-sleeved shirts and possibly a neck-tie or bow-tie. Ladies should go for decent or professional skirts and nice blouses.

Hire an Attorney

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to plead guilty or otherwise; an attorney is an integral part of your court battle. It would help if you hired a professional to defend you for the judge to dismiss the case or reduce the sentence. According to the US Department of Justice, an attorney significantly influences the judge’s final judgment. For instance, if you are going to plead guilty, an attorney will help you negotiate for a lenient sentence.

Those that plead not guilty need the best attorneys to convince the court to pass a favorable ruling. If you do not hire an attorney, the state will provide you with one under the law. However, you must hire a personal attorney who will sufficiently investigate your case and put the best defense in your favor. Also, follow your attorney’s advice. For instance, he can instruct you to sit quietly or make specific statements. Your conduct in court will also reveal your personality, which might shape the direction of the case. For example, talking without permission or incessant arguments show arrogance and may influence the judgment.

Pleading Not Guilty

You were probably prosecuted after the local police officers booked you in for DUI. Pleading not guilty means you have reasons, and you need evidence to back them up. To begin with, you need a trustworthy and seasoned DUI attorney in this case. Your attorney has the task of analyzing the evidence document to defend you successfully. Here are a few things to do;:

  • Contact the bail bondsman: Once you plead not guilty, you need to pay the bond to avoid spending time in police custody. Contacting a bondsman will give you an idea of the bail cost and prepare it.
  • Gather evidence: Build your case by gathering relevant evidence. Get help from your DUI attorney.
  • Besides the outlined steps, also preserve filed evidence besides asking for a police report. Your attorney will closely work with you to identify any weaknesses in your evidence as you prepare for trials.
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