3 Things CBD Makes Better

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A lot of things can feel better when you take CBD. For example, your brain and your body. CBD can help you feel less anxious and depressed, and it can help relieve pain. 

CBD can also make certain activities feel better, like listening to music, doing yoga or stretching, watching movies or TV, reading, taking a bath, and hanging out with friends. And CBD can do all these things without making you feel “high,” because CBD, on its own, does not have psychoactive properties. 

Here are three things CBD makes better. 

#1 Listening to Music

Listening to music can be more enjoyable when you take products with THC, but it can also be more enjoyable when you take products with only CBD. The same is true when playing music. 

CBD helps relieve bodily pain and lessen anxiety, including performance anxiety. When you listen to music on CBD, you feel more relaxed in your body and mind, making it easier to focus on the music. If you were to try HappyTree CBD edibles when playing music, you might feel less anxious about performing, and it might be easier to get into the groove. 

CBD can also help you be more creative. When you’re not anxious or stressed, you’re more focused, and when you’re more focused, you’re more able to enter a state of flow, otherwise known as being in the zone. The flow state is inducive to creativity because when you’re in the zone you’re fully absorbed by what you’re doing and immune to distractions. You may not realize how much time is passing, if you’re hungry, or even if you need to go to the bathroom. Your reality is purely what you’re creating—you are what you make. It can feel pretty darn good. 

#2 Doing Yoga or Stretching

CBD not only relieves pain but also makes you more aware of your body, certain muscle groups and tendons, meaning that when you do yoga or stretch, you can better focus on your form, and enjoy the process more. You can also focus more of your attention on your breathing, which is crucial to building a strong mind-body connection. 

The same holds true for basically any physical exercise—lifting weights, playing sports, the list goes on.

#3 Watching Movies or TV 

Anxiety and pain are distractions. They distract you from the here and now, from your surroundings, and other people. They also distract you from entertainment. When you’re anxious and hurting, it’s hard to become immersed in whatever you’re watching on a screen 

When you’re relaxed, well, it’s a whole other story. Just as you are what you make, when you take CBD and make something, when you take CBD and watch something, you are what you watch. Just be sure to watch something you’ll enjoy, not something you won’t. If, for instance, you don’t like horror movies, they’ll be even more horrifying when you take CBD. So be warned! 

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