3 Solutions on Staffing: Travel Nurse Guide

There are going to be unexpected crises and situations that hospitals and healthcare facilities are facing, and it is important to keep yourself ready and have a plan in case you are going through it, especially when it comes to your staffing conditions. You have to prepare your reliable nurse staffing solutions. Here are our take on solutions on staffing: travel nurse guide.

Agency Plan on Nurse staffing

  1. Know that you are competing with other new healthcare models

With all of the possible unexpected crises that we may go through as a society, especially events that would be able to affect the healthcare system, there are a ton of healthcare providers who are starting to be lured into new and improved healthcare models that are leaning more into value-based care since the market is shifting, keys to productivity are changing, and more and more organizations are focusing on patient care.

With the value-based care model, organizations and facilities are slowly growing, improving, and discovering ways to attract more providers to avoid any of the employee gaps that they may face during an epidemic, doing an amazing job at building their own patient-physician trust.

The world is slowly opening its eyes to the importance of empathy since the views of the world are quick to shift so you have to keep updating ways for your nurses and physicians on how they talk to people with different backgrounds.

There are also some organizations that are more focused on productivity where they feel the need to attract providers who are more focused on the clinical environment, organizational mission, making the organization unique, and the workplace culture. They are the people who put their focus on the mission of humanity.

  1. Know what you have to prioritize in the short-term spans of things

There are always going to be crises and unexpended challenges that would face your way, including some challenges that may be tackling the recruitment for permanent positions, and the flexibility of the staffing models that you have established in your hospital or healthcare facility.

Nothing is clear, you may have a plan that you may think is foolproof, but there are always going to be unexpected things that could happen, and you have to always be prepared since it is really unclear how the whole epidemic may affect not only your patient census but your staffing needs as well.

There are going to be days where there is this sudden surge of patients but you won’t have enough nurses and physicians to accommodate all of them, but there are also going to be times where your staffing chart is full but there are barely any patients that are in need of assistance. 

So, you are going to have to know what to do in case any of these scenarios happen and have a clear plan on what to do so there would not be any sitting ducks. Make sure that you are able to fill in the gaps of your staff without having to change and move the whole thing.

  1. You need to assume that our new normal would continue to be abnormal

With any crisis happening, a perfect example of our time is during the pandemic, it really forced everyone to go with the flow and adapt to the situation and environment that they are being thrust into. 

The pandemic has impacted the way hospitals and healthcare facilities handle things, from reports to the projections for the upcoming year, impacting the way doctors, nurses, staff, and patients work as they adapt to a new system that they are going to have to get used to. With the ongoing crisis, there are a lot of nurses who have noticed burnout and a strain of relationship between the provider and the employer.

With the ever-growing and ever changing need of physicians, nurses, and support staff, you need to make sure that your facility and your system are adaptable and would make it easier for everyone, especially the recruiters, to bring in more employees and attract more alternative choices.

As we go through these different possible crises in our lives, more and more nurses and physicians are starting to find a much slower pace more attractive than the usual fast-paced and chaotic lifestyle that you would usually find in a hospital or healthcare facility.

Will the Crisis Affect the Nurse Staffing in 2022?

With the pandemic that we had been facing ever since 2020, the crisis that we are facing now would surely affect the nurse staffing this 2022 since we have already been facing a nursing shortage for a while now. Because of the staffing shortage in facilities and healthcare facilities, it is pushing up the host in the overall healthcare system, which would impact the hospitals and healthcare facilities on how they are going to maintain the service levels that they are giving off to their patients.

There are also a lot of nurses who choose to become travel nurses because they have higher compensation and they are working under better conditions, and this could really affect how the hospitals and healthcare facilities fill in the gaps with their staffing needs.

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