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3 Reasons Why Australians Should Buy a Diamond



Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world, consisting of mainland Australia, Tasmania, and many other smaller islands. Its national capital is Canberra, while its biggest city is Sydney. Other popular metropolitan areas are Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne. 

Australia is a highly industrialised country, boasting the 14th-strongest economy globally. It draws strength from various sectors, including telecommunications, information technology, manufacturing, banking, and exports. The jewellery industry in the country is very stable, with a market size of $4 billion for this year alone. Australia is one of the best places to buy diamonds, with their many reputable brands like Diamonds Factory Australia

A diamond is just a hardened form of the element carbon, the sixth-most abundant element in the universe. Still, it is one of the most precious gems on earth. It is used to create stunning pieces of jewellery that offer much more than just an accessory to wear. That is why people are willing to spend a small fortune on them.

A Diamond is a Good Investment

A diamond is forever – this was the catchphrase that started it all. Over seven decades later, it still rings true. It takes billions of years to form a natural diamond, and it would take at least as long to degrade back to graphite. For all practical purposes, the diamond does last forever.

While synthetic diamonds can be made by reputable jewelers such as Diamonds Factory Australia at a much shorter period, you could expect the same longevity and endurance in each product. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it will continue to increase in value from one generation to another. 

What is more, diamonds are made with strict quality control. With such a high standard in the industry, you could expect the same quality in every piece. It even comes with a certificate that ensures its authenticity. As such, diamonds make for a good investment

The Diamond is a Girl’s Best Friend

Most girls romanticize diamonds while growing up, and for good reason. It has long been attached to strong feelings of affection and love since the 15th century when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria first used it to propose to Mary of Burgundy. 

Then came the De Beers marketing campaign in 1947 that reignited the interest in diamonds. It became a source of security for engaged women, while the lifetime of bliss that the diamond’s permanence represents became a source of comfort. 

To this day, the popularity of diamonds has not waned. With such a colorful and storied account, it is understandable for diamonds to be a girl’s best friend. What is more, reputable jewelers like Diamonds Factory Australia continue to create exquisite pieces of jewellery that justify all the focus that diamond has been getting. 

Many Options to Choose From

Different diamonds have different meanings, and there is one that suits each unique situation. If you want to express your passion and commitment, you can choose a diamond with a deep to light red hue. If you want to make her feel like royalty, you can give her a piece with a majestic deep blue hue. 

There is the tear shaped diamond, the square cut diamond, and the more traditional round diamond. You can even have it customised. When it comes to what kind of emotion you want to draw, you are limited only by your imagination. 

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What You Need to Know to Choose a Safe Casino



Everyone wants to enjoy their favourite casino games without having to worry about anything else. Having the freedom to explore all of the different great titles that an online casino has to offer is what everyone desires. However, this is not always a given as there are thousands of different online casinos available today.

It is important that you make sure you are dealing with one that is completely legit. Otherwise, you can run into all sorts of unsavoury issues. This article will look at some of the ways that you can identify a safe casino to use.

Adequate Security

The initial area to look at is by seeing what regulator has issued a license to the given online casino. If the operator has no license, then it is usually better to avoid it. The UK Gambling Commission is the best regulator for player protection purposes.

The Malta Gaming Authority also has a good reputation for achieving a nice blend of consumer protection and freedom for players. Then there are other regulators like the government of Curacao that are a lot looser with their oversight.

Another area you need to consider is the security measures in place on a given online casino. This includes having up-to-date encryption software in place, as well as firewalls and secure payment methods. Making sure that these measures are in place will give you peace of mind that your sensitive data is going to be protected.

Variety of Secure Payment Methods

Legit casinos are going to have a good range of payment options. You want to be dealing with legit payment processors. Looks out for the availability of card transactions through MasterCard and Visa, as well as popular e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. Prepaid cards like Paysafecard are another great option, with bank transfers being the old reliable option.

You also want to check to see what the withdrawal times are going to be. As well as looking for this information on the platform itself, you should also look at the feedback from real users of the site as to how fast the withdrawals are in reality.

Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome bonuses and other promotions are a very exciting aspect of getting started with a new online casino. However, you should not let the big bonuses distract you. There are some online casinos that will have deals that look great at first glance.

However, when you dig a bit deeper you will soon see that there might be a lot of strict wagering requirements that make it very difficult to actually see any real money for these offers. Checking for the availability of a loyalty program and promotions for existing players are also a good idea.

Game Library

There is not going to be much point in signing up for an online casino account if it does not have the games you want to be playing. Therefore, make sure that your preferred game types are well-supported. The number of games might also be important, as well as ensuring that new titles are added on a frequent basis.

An easy way to quickly gauge the quality of a given game library is to check to see what studios are using games. If there is a good range of top-tier game studios, then you know you are going to be in for a good time.

Customer Support and Responsible Gaming

Another sign of a safe casino is that the customer support team will be easily reached and that you are not going to be dealing with outsourced representatives. You want to be safe in the knowledge that if you run into any issues with your account that you will be able to quickly seek help to resolve the problem. Ideally, you will have access to a variety of different contact methods, as well as round-the-clock support.

Responsible gambling measures are also very important. A safe online casino is going to have different tools that allow users to protect themselves from erratic gambling behaviour. These could be deposit limits, bet limits, loss limits, cool-off periods, and a self-exclusion program.

Different Approaches to Gambling

The UKGC is the go-to authority for gambling sites that are operating within the UK. They take the protection of consumers extremely seriously. New measures are coming into effect on a regular basis that will further protect gamblers.

However, there are certain players who are not too happy with the ever-increasing restrictions on UK casinos. These people often look for non-GamStop casinos from sources like to have a bit more freedom with their gambling. These platforms won’t have as strict measures on game features, bet sizes, and transaction types.

However, it is extremely important that people who are having problems with their gambling do not use these non-GamStop casinos, as this will only lead to more and more problems. Only people who are completely in control of their gambling spend should even consider these non-GamStop options.

Giving Yourself Peace of Mind 

Online gambling provides a ton of entertainment to people in the UK. From placing sports bets to playing poker with friends and engaging in the best casino games, there are endless hours of fun to be had. However, you will want to be sure that you are doing all of this in a safe environment.

By utilizing some of the points we have mentioned throughout this article, you will be able to find a platform that will be an ideal fit for your needs. You can then focus on the enjoyable playing experience rather than worrying about the safety of your information and funds.

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Different Tasks of Merging Companies




Among the many tasks of merging companies, there is nothing more important than choosing abroad. In this article, we will code the board and the information.

Among the many tasks of merging companies, there is nothing more important than choosing abroad. In this article, we will look at the board and the information you need to select board members and guide them in their responsibilities to help in your business.

What is control?

The Board of Directors of a public limited company is the group of individuals accused of running the company. The board is sometimes called a board of trustees (for a non-profit company), a board of directors, or an executive board.

How is the board elected?

Before board members are elected, the company must have approved rules governing the duties and actions of board members. This law governs everything the government does. This was done by following general business ethics network.

Once the articles of association are in place, directors can be elected. In a public limited company, the board is elected by the shareholders. Choosing a board of directors in a start-up company where there are no shareholders can be done by the president or CEO of the company. Board members should be selected for their ability to advance the company and provide oversight and guidance, not for friendship or political purposes.

What are the duties of board members?

The duties of the company’s board of directors and executives are set by company law set law, especially by the law of the state in which the company is established.

The board is responsible for the company’s finances and legal requirements. In addition, they must set the company’s mission and vision and set policies for company executives and employees to follow. Board members do not participate in the day-to-day operations of the company.

Which officers should have control?

The board should have a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary, and a treasurer. The duties of each supervisor should be set out in the articles of association. Managers should not be managers of the company itself due to the principles of conflict of interest.

What happens at a typical board meeting?

Board meetings should be in a standard format, including Robert’s Rules or any changes. The meeting begins with the approval of the minutes of the last meeting and the review treasurer’s report. If committee reports are available, they are presented. Old trades are discussed, and voting is recorded in the minutes. Then new transactions are discussed and possibly voted on before the meeting ends.

The secretary takes the secretary’s minutes in a specific format.

Some other issues that need to be known about the management of the company:

Responsibility and directors of companies

The overriding duty of the board is to put the interests of the company first. It is a confidentiality guarantee. The board’s confidential relationship with companies is trustworthy. Board members must sign a document agreeing to accept their confidentiality obligation.

If something goes wrong in a corporation and the board or individual members violate their duty of confidentiality, they can be taken to court. Board members carry several types of responsibilities. They must act on behalf of the shareholders (no conflicts of interest), and they must not merge with personal and corporate funds.

Many boards formulate and approve conflict of interest policies and say that board members cannot allow personal interests to influence their decisions on behalf of the corporation or its shareholders. In addition, many companies purchase a manager and liability insurance for directors to protect the company against lawsuits against directors and prevent directors from being personally sued.

Compensation of directors in companies

Some companies compensate their directors with benefits based on the type and size of the company. Many companies, especially non-profit companies, do not compensate board members but instead reimburse them for travel expenses at board meetings and other corporate locations.

Directors in general business companies can be compensated with stock options. Still, in any case, the remuneration of directors should not be so high that it is an initial incentive for individuals to agree to be on the board.

Annual General Meeting of Companies

One of the most important legal requirements for a company is to have an annual shareholders’ meeting. The Board of Directors is responsible for the annual meeting, which usually includes an annual report on the company’s position. Special requirements are made for what must be on the annual meeting agenda.

Removing a board member in companies

There are several ways to remove a board member. The best way is to have a time limit so that members are removed automatically when their term of office ends. Other fewer fun ways to remove a board member are personal intervention and termination.

The board in other types of business

The company is the only type of company specifically required to have control. But other types of companies can have boards that work the same way. LLC may establish a board of directors by creating articles of association arising from the board’s obligations and how it operates. Some corporations have control because the corporations have no say in how the company operates.

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6 Stereotypes about Nail Polish that aren’t always true! Read it Now

Nail polish boxes have a lot of misconceptions attached to them. However, the truth is that these are highly significant for the success of a business enterprise.



Nail polish boxes that we usually see in the markets around us are beneficial in a number of ways. These are now available in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and designs as a result of development in the packaging industry. These custom options help in increasing the worth of the products. These packaging solutions are highly strong and durable and have the capacity to keep the delicate-natured products safe from getting any damage. The good thing is that these are now available in a huge range of online platforms at economical prices. In addition to that, these can be used to spread the name of the brand by making good use of the available printing features.

The nail polish boxes that are used by the makeup companies are rich-featured in nature and prove to be exceptionally fruitful for the success of a business. However, there are certain myths that are attached to these specialized packaging solutions that are not true at all. People have some misconceptions in their minds as far as nail polish packaging is concerned.

The following lines are all about such misconceptions that are not true by any means. These lines will also clear up your mind by letting you know about the real truths.

Expensive Nature

It is generally considered that these boxes are expensive in nature as their job is to protect precious and expensive products. However, the truth is that these are affordable for everyone and can be managed on a small budget too. The reason behind the low cost is that these are available in the online markets where the competition is generally very high. The high level of competition forces the vendors to lower down their demanding prices with an aim to attract a greater number of buyers. In addition to that, the vendors also regularly launch promotions and discounted prices. Lastly, a huge list of suppliers is available on the internet that is offering wholesale supply of these nail polish boxes. The advantage is shopping from them is that they offer bulk solutions in lesser price ranges, and you will be able to cut down the business expense by huge margins.

Help in Environmental Degradation

Another misconception that is present in the minds of the people is that these boxes are dangerous for the environment and are a reason for increasing environmental degradation. People relate them with the plastic-made options that were previously in use. The truth is quite the opposite it as these packaging solutions are completely sustainable and eco-friendly. These are manufactured with the help of biodegradable materials only that pose no threats to the environment. These are crafted from organic resources and utilize a small quantity of energy and fuel during the processing. Ultimately, all of this leads to the reduction in pollutions levels all around us.

Less Durability

People are of the view that the custom nail polish boxes in USA are not strong enough to keep the delicate natured products safe from getting damaged. They think the packaging cannot resist damaging factors like moisture or intense heat. In reality, the boxes we are talking about are one of the very best in business and possess a higher level of qualities as far as the protective capacities are concerned. These are mainly manufactured with the help of cardboard or bux board materials that are known for their strength and durability. These are capable of keeping the nail polish items safe even during the course of transfer from one place to another.

Boring Displays

Previously, people were satisfied with the traditional packaging solutions that were available in the market. They are now looking forward to having their hands on the customized options. Unfortunately, they still place the nail polish packaging in the list of outdated and traditional options. However, as a matter of fact, these are now available in custom designs, and shapes and people can get them optimized as per their liking and interests. They can choose from a huge list of custom options that have the ability to change the outlook of the packaging completely and make them more adorable to cast a long-lasting impression on the customers. These custom features can help the business owners in grabbing the attention of a greater number of customers.

Single-Colored Solutions

The packaging options that we observed in the past were mostly available in the same colors. People wanted something new and unique. The good fact is that the custom printed nail polish boxes are now available in a huge range of color combinations. The shopkeepers can go with the color schemes of their choice to make the boxes look more elegant and appealing than ever. The availability of these solutions in multiple colors makes them a must-to-have option for your business. The business owners are now using attractive colors and themes to give a much-needed boost to their business.

Availability in Local Area Markets Only

People want convenient shopping methods as nobody has enough time to visit the local area markets personally. The shopping trends are changing, and the customers are looking forward to buying from online stores only. The same thing applies to the packaging industry, where people prefer only those options that are available from the online vendors. The truth is that that nail polish packaging solutions can now be obtained from a huge list of online vendors. In addition to that, one can also buy these from wholesale vendors. It is better to get connected to the suppliers that are offering custom nail polish boxes wholesale as it will help you in cutting down the extra business expenses.

The features discussed in the above lines are not always true when it comes to the discussion of custom packaging. The truth is that these are one of the best available box types that can help you with business success in the shortest possible mind. So, clear all the doubts from your mind and get in touch with a trustable vendor that offers the best deals in this regard.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Secured Credit Cards




Secured credit cards are some of the most misunderstood financial tools of our time. While many people think secured credit cards are “less” of a credit card than unsecured credit cards are, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to know the cold, hard facts about the world of secured credit cards, we have some information you need to read.

1. It’s NOT a Stigma

If you think you’ll be stigmatized each time you pull out your secured credit card from your wallet, you’re being just a bit paranoid. When you use secured credit cards, the only people who know that the card is secured is you and the bank. The people who swipe your card won’t even realize that you’re using a secured cvv shop.

2. You DON’T Need Thousands of Dollars

While it’s true that some people open up secured credit card accounts with a deposit of more than one-thousand dollars, the fact is that you can get a secured credit card with a deposit of just a few hundred dollars to start. If you eventually want your credit limit to increase and you aren’t yet ready for an unsecured line of credit, you can usually add money to your deposit amount in future installments.

3. It DOES Count On Your Credit Report

Some people mistakenly believe that the companies that offer secured credit cards don’t report account activity to the credit bureaus. This definitely is not the case. Your secured credit cards will appear on your credit report, as will your payment history.

People who think secured credit cards aren’t reported are usually confusing secured credit cards with prepaid credit cards. Prepaid credit cards are not reported to the bureaus. With a prepaid credit card, you put money on the card and when you use it, you use it. There is no revolving line of credit. This is very different than how secured credit cards work.

With secured credit cards, you put money into a savings account that acts as a guarantee for the revolving line of credit you are being issued. Each month you are billed for the purchases you made to the card and you must make minimum monthly payments, just as with an unsecured credit card account.

4. Interest Rates Are NOT Better

Some people think that secured credit cards offer much lower interest rates because the account is guaranteed by a bank account. This isn’t necessarily true. With secured credit cards, the interest rates are usually in the same ballpark as they are with unsecured credit cards (10 to 20 percent, depending on the card).

5. Some ARE Bad News

While it’d be nice to think that all secured credit cards are intended for the good of those who need them, that just isn’t the case. When applying for a secured credit card, make sure you only deal with reputable companies.

If a company charges extremely high interest rates (more than 18 or 19 percent) or an application or processing fee, then take your business elsewhere. You should never pay more than you have to and there are many secured credit cards that won’t abuse you with these unreasonable terms.

6. Rewards ARE Available

If you’re one of the many who believe that secured credit cards never have rewards programs or perks, you’ll be happy to find out that isn’t the case. There are some secured credit cards that do indeed offer rewards programs, although you may need to pay a minimal annual fee to enroll.

7. The Deposit IS Refundable

You get one or two secured credit cards and use them for about a year. Your credit is looking much better and you’re now eligible for an unsecured credit card with much better terms. You want to close your secured credit cards, but what happens to your security deposits?

When you send in a deposit for secured credit card, it goes into a savings account and the money still belongs to you. When you close that credit card, the money is sent back to you with the interest the savings account has earned once the balance of the card is paid in full.

Now that you know the facts about secured credit cards, go ahead and find the card that’s right for you. Remember, secured credit cards may not be your dream card, but they are definitely a means to that end.

A secured credit card is in effect the opportunity to regain a sound financial position.

Due to the easy accessibility of credit reports through well-established credit bureaus today, credit issuers rely increasingly on these reports to make their final decision on providing you credit. A credit card is often denied to you when you do not have a credit history. This is often in the case of the young adults who have never taken out a loan or have so far used a credit card through a parent. It can also occur in the case of divorced people who have never had a credit card in their name.

Secured credit cards [] thus provide the best means for anyone to establish a credit history. The secured credit card by virtue of being secured by your own money allows the issuer to feel safe, ensuring their money back in case you default. Since the issuer is also holding your money, they persuade you to make your payments regularly instead of losing your security deposit on the secured credit card.

Secured Credit Card – A credit card with a security deposit

Very often when you rent an apartment, the landlord will ask you to deposit an amount equivalent to a month’s rent into a special account. This amount acts as security and is not used till you move out. When you move, this money along with interest is returned to you. You will not owe the landlord any money if you leave the apartment without any damages. The same rule applies to the secured credit card. In a secured credit card you have to deposit an amount as security equivalent to 50-150% of your credit limit in a special account with the credit card issuer. The credit card issuing company will provide you with a secured credit card which is used like a regular credit card. The only difference being that only you and your credit card issuer know that the secured credit card has attached to it a security deposit.

Provided you use your secured credit card wisely, the security deposit will not be used. This means that the secured credit card will be used to make reasonably priced purchases and the monthly bills will be paid regularly and fully as far as possible. To increase the credit available to you on your secured credit card, you can either increase your security deposit or get as many secured credit cards as possible. The credit card issuer will soon increase your credit limit from 50% of your deposit to anywhere between 75% and 100%.

The interest rates on secured credit cards are usually quite high. In the even that you have been rejected for credit by some companies you will be thought of as a significant credit risk. The issuing companies are taking a huge risk in lending you money through secured credit cards, and these interest rates are based on these risks.

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 In every industry and every niche of business, competition is one of the lifeblood on which quality production and consumer preferences run. The same is true for the gaming industry. And one of the notable names in this space is Paradox Interactive. They are big-time creators and publishers of PC video games. These are games that are known in the Esports and gambling industries. Online casinos regularly employ the use of these types of software development to bring physical table games to virtual reality, to make video slots for example Aristocrat slot machines more realistic or enable them to be played on mobile or PC.

Paradox Interactive, however, is a digital media agency that is famous for developing strategy video games. These games are usually historically themed or grand. These published games and remarkable revenue turnovers have given this company bragging right in the industry.

However, Paradox Interactive is not without competitors. These competitors have done so well in the gaming niche, and they are driving the market alongside Paradox Interactive. And as of 2021, the bubbly and most viable competitors include:

  1. Kabam
  3. Glu
  4. Unity
  5. Riot Games, Inc.
  6. Gameloft

We’d look into each of these companies to know what they bring to the table in the game development and publishing space.


Formerly known as Watercooler Inc., Kabam has succeeded in the gaming space as an interactive entertainment company that develops, creates, and publishes Massively Multiplayer Social Games (MMSG’s), like Marvel Contest of Champions and Transformers: Forged to Fight, both of which thrived. They largely build games for mobile devices. With headquarters in Vancouver, they also have locations in San Francisco, Austin, CA, and Texas.

Before their full shift into gaming, they made mobile applications for the sporting and entertainment industry which grossed about 60 million users. Kabam has also had various top players in the investment community invest in them. Players like Alibaba, Canaan Partners, Google, MGM, Intel, Pinnacle Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, and Warner Bros have had investments in this company.

Recently, Kabam has tilted operations in the direction of building more immersive gameplays which involve the gambling of virtual currencies. An example is the Kingdom of Camelot which was launched in 2009. It was one of the early thriving strategy games on Facebook until when its user statistics began to shrink. However, the game, Marvel Contest of Champions, grossed $100 million in 7 months.


This is a gaming and social networking company with the aim of “connecting the world through games.” Founded in 2007, it has made giant strides in the gaming industry with acquisitions and IPO in its growing portfolio. Farmville, its first game on Facebook, had about 10 million daily active users within 6 weeks in 2009. And in 2017, the game had about 30 million monthly active users.

Also, its two most successful games, Zynga Poker 2 and Words with Friends 2 had about 57 million games being played at any given moment as of 2017. In fact, in 2011, Zynga Poker became the most played Poker game in the world.

Zynga’s games have been published on platforms like Facebook, Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Google+, Windows Phone, etc. As of February 2021, a free game for mobile devices and Nintendo Switch titled Star Wars Hunters is in the works, to be unveiled by Zynga.


This video game company was founded in 2007. Formerly known as Cause Collective, KIXEYE is a video game company that creates, develops and publishes Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy games (MMORTS) for mobile devices as well as PC. They have succeeded as the video game company to realize 20x more revenue just after their initial launch due to their 5x more active user engagement. And all this can be traced to the fact that they are lauded pioneers of mid-core action games featuring real-time combat. This enabled them to create games that allow users of social networking platforms like Facebook to play each other in real-time.

One of KIXEYE’s games with great market love and enthusiasm is the War Commander. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where natural resources became objects of super importance. The government has collapsed; hence, people living 30 years after civilization are the main characters in the game who have divided themselves into small factions of warring lots. These humans are fighting to gain control of these natural resources – Metal, Oil, and Thorium.

Other games developed by KIXEYE:

  • Battle Pirates
  • Vega Conflict
  • War Commander: Rogue Assault
  • Backyard Monsters
  • Desktop Defender
  • Tome


This is another name to reckon with in the mobile gaming space. Glu was founded in 2005 in San Francisco and has since created and published games on multiple platforms. They are a top game publisher for mobile devices and tablets, especially operating systems like Java ME, Android, Windows Phone, Google Chrome, and Amazon. Glu prides itself in taking “smart risks and fostering creativity” to create global standard interactive games for their players.

Games published by Glu have developed a life of their own and have been recipients of awards multiple times. Some have even undergone some IP title licensing to third parties. This shows the rate at which these games have flourished in the gaming ecosystem as top-grossing ones.

Some of these Glu-developed thriving games include Covet Fashion, Deer Hunter, Design Home, Diner DASH Adventures, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and MLB Tap Sports Baseball.

Riot Games, Inc.

League Of Legends Video Game

This is the maker of the worldwide sensation League of Legends. This game’s players increased monstrously from 60 million to over 100 million players in two years (2014-2016). Also, this game was the most played multiplayer PC game in 2013. Based in West Los Angeles, USA, Riot Games has proven itself to be a visionary game developer, publisher, and Esport company.

The founders, Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, both felt that game developer moved from game to game too quickly. Hence, these two were inspired to create a game that will gain global attention, be well managed, and reproduced in many spinoffs (in the same franchise).

Little wonder there is the League of Legends World Championship as well as 14 international Esport leagues hosted by Riot Games. This has won them a name in the Esport space.


Gameloft was founded by one of the founders of Ubisoft, Michel Guillemot, in December 1999. This company was later acquired by the media giant Vivendi in 2016. Gameloft is popular among mobile device gamers as the logo pops up on their screen before most of the games they play load. This shows how much Gameloft has reached deep into the mobile device market, focusing its energy on this audience niche right from time.

Their long stay in the market has taught the company valuable tips on evolving to reflect current times and realities. And also create games along with this trend. They currently have 19 game development studios across the globe, with their headquarters situated in Paris, France. Since their IPO, Gameloft has recorded about 2 million daily downloads on the iOS store. Also, as of February 2009, Gameloft had shipped over 200 million copies of its games. With this, they undoubtedly stand as a major competition against Paradox Interactive in game development and publishing.


In conclusion, Paradox Interactive as a remarkable game developer and publisher has over the years gained counterparts driving the market alongside it. And the activities of these other companies thriving in the gaming niche have reflected interestingly in the works, products, and decisions of the former.

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