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3 Questions You Need to Know When Applying In a Contact Support Center

If you’re a newbie in the call center industry or you want to work as a call center agent, you would want to know the responsibilities of a call center agent and how a call center works. Most importantly, you would want to know the typical interview questions when applying for you to nail the job post. 

Even if some of the interview questions are just the same as those in some industries, you still have to make sure that your answers are tailor-fitted to the needs of the call center industry. In this article, we cited some of the most asked questions during a call center interview and how you should answer those interview questions. Here are some of them:

Interview Question #1: Tell me something about yourself.

How should you answer it?

Yes, that’s not a question, obviously. However, this may be one of the trickiest questions ever. An ordinary person will think of this as a pure and straightforward question. However, your answer to this question will be your ticket to getting to the next process.

For this interview question, it is best if you lay down your hobbies and interests. Don’t fall into the mistake of reiterating what’s already in your resume. Telling the interviewer about your hobbies and interests is like providing an idea of your skills.

Let’s say for example if the interviewer asks you this question; you can say that you love playing basketball. By doing this, you’re giving the interviewer an impression that you’re competitive.

Interview Question #2: What do you think is a call center?

How should you answer it?

This question is a method for them to measure your expectations about the call center industry. Respond to this question in a general manner.

What we mean is describe the work done inside a call center, sell if it’s a sales account. Be prepared since you might be put in a situation where you will be asked to sell something and do a role-play. You should have a bit of an idea of what’s a question based selling technique.  For customer service accounts, your task is to help customers who contact for support and answer their queries. And you will be expected to fix something and walk your customer’s through when it’s a technical account. You may only encounter this question if you’re a newbie or you don’t have any experience related to the call center industry yet.

For example, if the interviewer asks you this question, “What is your idea about your previous company?” You can say whatever you know about your previous employer as long as you don’t mention something that may throw your résumé into the trash bin.

Interview Question #3: Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.

How should you answer it?

This question is self-explanatory. When you encounter this question, you need to enumerate some of the traits required to be in the call center like being a team player with a good typing speed who is proficient in using the internet and basic programs such as Microsoft Office programs. You may also boast that you are flexible, patient, and friendly.

However, in the weakness part, don’t fall into the mistake of saying you have none as this will make you look egocentric. Before showing up in an interview, this question should have at least crossed your mind. You cannot tell the interviewer that your weakness is that you easily panic that you’re already fidgeting when someone calls your tech support contact number and the phone rings.

You should have thought of at least one weakness that is not that negative like being too friendly or being a workaholic. Another tip is to answer this question with tons of confidence.


You see, the call center industry is one of the fastest-growing industries not only in the US but also in different countries. Getting ideas from this post will be beneficial for you. These tips are just some of the best ways on how to answer the interview questions.

However, don’t even think about memorizing it. Remember, the interviewer can sense when you’re lying.

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