3 keyword research tips for videos recommended by YouTube

3 keyword research tips for videos recommended by YouTube

What is video keyword research?

It is the task of researching the most common and popular words and phrases that people use to find video content online. Keyword research is basically a technique used by Search Engine Optimization professionals to find terms that users or potential buyers enter into the search engines while searching for particular information, product, or services.

Why do you need keyword research for YouTube?

If you plan on getting information on where to find a particular thing, you will Google it. Now,suppose you want to learn how to do something,what will you do? You will definitely opt for YouTube,right? 

YouTube is ranked among the top 3 most popular search engines. Around 5 billion videos are searched daily on YouTube. It is a marketer’s paradise. However, video marketing is very expensive. You have to be very careful and strategic about what you are creating and delivering to the user. You have to get very creative and find every possible way to get low-cost video marketing while keeping your ROI high. 

Having targeted keywords will make it easier for the interested users to find you,which means more exposure and more opportunities of getting shared. Now, if you have a well-established business and can afford a video marketing company or digital marketing agency then it will be easier for you because the experts will take care of this issue for you. But if you are a new emerging business or influencer, you will have to take care of it on your own. But you don’t have to worry about it because YouTube has provided a few fruitful tactics for beginners like you to get their online platforms boosted. They are:

  • Audience insight
  • Google trends
  • Competitive analysis

Audience Insights

You can track the performance of your videos and the overall activity of your channel with up-to-date reports and metrics in YouTube Analytics. It is primarily an audience insight card that lets the creators, like you, keep a track of the interests of your targeted audience. It lets you see what other types of content your viewers are interested in.

 What good this information is to you? You might ask. Here is the answer to your question. The other videos that your viewers are watching serve as a source for keyword research because it lets you discover the interests of your viewers so that you can focus on those specific topics in the future.

You should also give a good look to the thumbnails and titles of videos shown on the Audience Insight card. By doing this, you can easily analyze the similarities between your content and viewer’s interest which ultimately helps guide the optimization of your coming videos in the future.

Google Trends

It is a type of search analysis website launched by Google to help content creators and business owners keep an informed analysis of the popularity of certain topics across various regions and languages. Comparative graphs are used by Google Trends to show the comparison popularity among two or more similar or contrast topics, to help the owners and creators form a balanced strategy for the future.

In short, it keeps you informed about which topics are more popular at the moment.In situations where you have a few topics in mind but you cannot decide which one to focus onin your next video, you can simply put the information on Google Trends and they will provide you with the statistical information you need to make an informed decision.

Competitive Analysis

You might be familiar with this term if you have worked with any digital marketing agency. It is one of the most successfultactics used by SEO companies to help you expand your online game. This method helps you identify major competitors and research their products and strategies. It helps you to learn the critical ins and outs of how your competitorworks. It enables you to make sure that your product is consistently meeting and exceeding the industry standards.

Competitive Analysis lets you analyze the basic aspects like thumbnails, titles, introductions, descriptions, video chapters, ad displacements, and much more. It helps you determine where your competitor is outdoing you and what exactly does his videos have, which appeal to and encourages the user to watch their video

According to YouTube, no single approach can work for all channels. Their algorithm is structured in a way that surfaces videos based on the user’s response. YouTube encourages its content creators toexperiment around and explore all possible ways to find what works best for them.

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