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You may use a free online converter to preserve any documents while still presenting them in a professional way for various purposes. There was a time when individuals had to acquire or pay software to convert various files to the PDF format. However, this is no longer essential since there are other methods to do this. If you are searching for a free online converter, you may look at these options. Then you can end up with getting the best returns at the end of the day. 

  • OnlineConvertFree.Com

This online converter provides users with some of the simplest methods for converting files from one format to another. To use this online converter, just drag and drop the file into the area given or click explore to choose a file from your computer. This website’s services of file converter are free, and you may upload up to two files at a time. If you decide to convert additional files, you may need to choose a plan that allows you to do so. The service is quick, and you may download the converted file with a single click on your computer.


  • Converted files are simple to upload and download from Onlineconvertfree.com.
  • Almost any file may be converted to whatever format you choose.
  • There’s no need to supply personal information like your email address.
  • Offers three subscription tiers, all of which are ad-free.


  • The free service is only good for two files each conversion.
  • Zamzar

You can trust our online converter to provide high-quality file conversions across various formats. This website, like many others, will ask you for the format to which you want the file converted. All converted files are sent to you and may be downloaded from there. It has also enabled additional features on the converted files, such as password protection and the use of a watermark to copyright protect them.


  • High-quality conversions between various formats.
  • Members get unlimited file conversions per day with the basic, pro, and business subscriptions.


  • Converted files take longer to convert 
  • There are no simultaneous or bulk conversions available.
  • Unipdf

Although this is one of the greatest free file converters, it does have a few drawbacks. This is why it is ranked last in our top five. The ability to convert several files in a batch is the key benefit of this converter. With this free file converter, you may create high-quality PDF conversions. With each UNIPDF session, you would be restricted to three pages of conversion. If you want to have this file converter installed on your computer, you may buy it.


  • This application allows for batch conversion.
  • Conversions of exceptional quality
  • Multiple language choices are available. 


  • Online conversion is not feasible since it requires download and installation.
  • The free download or trial version only allows you to convert three pages.
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