3 Best Employee Tracking Apps 2021 [100% Results]

With employees working remotely, it is significant for business management to record the productivity of each employee to make sure the workforce is fulfilling their duties. And for that, businesses have started using employee tracking apps.

Since the demand for employee monitoring apps has increased during the global pandemic, we have come up with the top 3 employee surveillance software to help businesses with advanced monitoring solutions. In addition to human resource management, the board of directors should also take care of the ERP system of the company which can be solved easily by Sage Intacct, one of the best accounting software in 2020.

3 Best Employee Tracking Apps 2021 [100% Results]

Working remotely is a challenge to endure for both employees and employers. Unlike an office environment where employees are 24/7 monitored by surveillance cameras, work from home requires remote monitoring.

For remote working employee surveillance, we need a different strategy for better productivity. Here work phone spy apps come to rescue businesses.

The following are the three best employee tracking apps of 2021 that every business needs right now.

  1. TheWiSpy Employee Surveillance Tool
  2. FlexiSpy Employee Tracking App
  3. Spyera Employee Monitoring Software

There are surfeit reasons that can make you spy on your company-owned devices for the better interests of your company. Let’s review each of the employee monitoring apps mentioned above tracking apps in detail and see how such tools can be beneficial for the corporate industry.

TheWiSpy Employee Surveillance Tool:

TheWiSpy is a secure and reliable employee surveillance tool. It is a software application that can record the digital data stored on any Android target device. The excessive demand for TheWiSpy app among enterprises has made it the top position in the list of best employee tracking apps.

TheWiSpy employee surveillance tool, once installed on the target device, fetches all the ongoing and saved cyber activities. It then lets the end-user monitor the gathered information remotely via an online control panel. The app is designed to monitor remote working employees and minimize business loss by increasing workforce productivity. Businesses can install the TWS on their company-owned devices and monitor such devices remotely despite the physical location. To install the TWS on work phones, the respective business needs to purchase TWS corporate plans. Currently, TheWiSpy offers a one-license per device scheme. But, if you are a business owner who wants to track multiple devices, you can contact TheWiSpy officials to get a customised quote.

Features of TheWiSpy Employee Tracker:

Modern employee monitoring software delivers high-end features to completely let businesses spy on work phones. TheWiSpy offers supreme features that empower the business management to monitor screen time, as well as other online activities done by company-owned devices, remotely and secretly.

Here is what employers can do with TheWiSpy app;

  • Hear Phone Calls
  • Monitor Call Logs
  • Track Phonebook
  • Read SMS/Text Messages
  • Spy on Device Camera
  • Monitor Keystrokes
  • Track GPS Location
  • Listen to Ambient Sounds
  • Monitor Multimedia
  • Geofence Localities
  • Record Screen Activities
  • Monitor Installed Apps
  • Track Calendar Dates
  • Monitor Emails
  • And many others.

Qualities of TheWiSpy Employee Tracker:

TheWiSpy app comes with excellent functionality. It is the only employee tracking app that has become the public’s best choice within a few years of getting launched.

Following are the top-notch qualities of the TWS app:

Affordable Pricing – The TWS license is available in different packages. The lightest license subscription starts at only $9.99 (15-days plan). TheWiSpy offers monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually subscriptions as well. The basic plan starts at only $19.99 per month, whereas the premium subscription starts at $29.99 per month.

Advanced Monitoring – TheWiSpy features are beyond time tracking. It allows employers to view every digital activity done on company-owned phones and tablets with secret and remote access.

24/7 Customer Support – TheWiSpy customer support is efficient and available round-the-clock to help its customers. Regarding technical queries, TheWiSpy technical support resolves each app-based issue on a priority basis.

Strong Compatibility – There is no Android device that the TWS cannot monitor. TheWiSpy is strongly compatible with Android smart devices and can monitor phones and tablets that run Android OS 4.0 or higher.

100% Stealth Mode – Businesses can monitor the work phones under complete stealth mode. TheWiSpy remote monitoring allows businesses to catch deceiving employees or business traitors with a few clicks.

FlexiSpy Employee Tracking App:

FlexiSpy comes in the second position among top employee spying apps. It is jam-packed with high-quality cell phone and tablet monitoring features.

FlexiSpy app could not make it to the first rank because of its costly pricing. Otherwise, FlexiSpy is the most advanced employee tracking app you can get in the market. It offers a user-centric interface and an easy installation process.

Features of FlexiSpy Employee Tracker:

FlexiSpy delivers a complete set of features that any business needs for monitoring their work devices. Amazingly, spy app for android can help you monitor mobile phones as well as computers and laptops.

Here are the features employers can avail of from the FlexiSpy app:

  • Listen to Phone Calls
  • Intercept Phone Calls
  • Track GPS Location
  • Monitor Browsing History
  • Track App Usage
  • Monitor Digital Screens
  • Listen to Environment Recordings
  • Read SMS and IMs Chats
  • And many more.

Qualities of FlexiSpy Employee Tracker:

FlexySpy is an all-rounder monitoring tool for almost every digital device. The employee tracking capabilities of FlexiSpy are known among enterprises worldwide, making it a demanding tool for workforce surveillance.

Here are the salient qualities of FlexiSpy app:

Diverse Compatibility – FlexiSpy supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. From Samsung to Apple to other popular mobile manufacturers, you can monitor them all with FlexiSpy.

Remote Monitoring – FlexiSpy is a cloud-based employee monitoring system. It allows you to monitor devices through an online server that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Hidden Mode: You can remove the FlexiSpy app icon from the app drawer of your target device.

Pricing – If we compare the features that FlexiSpy offers with its pricing, we must say that the app is worth the shot. FlexiSpy subscription starts from $29.95 per month. Each monitoring plan varies following specific features and pricing.

Customer Support – FlexiSpy customer support is very active. You can directly reach the app’s support team via their website.

Spyera Employee Monitoring Software:

Spyera is another robust employee monitoring software on which businesses can rely. Enterprises across the world have frequently used the spy app for android phones, for employee tracking purposes. It works as your corporate spying agent, helping you monitor the work devices in stealth mode.

Spyera is a complete app to monitor various electronic devices. You can monitor PCs, smartphones, and tablets with this app. If you are looking for a flexible yet affordable employee surveillance solution, Spyera can help you monitor employees at the corporate level.

Features of Spyera Employee Monitor:

The Spyera app is a non-intrusive employee tracking software filled with eminent mobile and desktop monitoring features.

Here are the powerful features of this fantastic app;

  • Track GPS Location
  • Tape Phone Calls
  • Read SMS Chats
  • Track Instant Messengers
  • Monitor Social Media
  • Spy on Device Camera
  • Monitor App Activity
  • Track Browsing History
  • And many more.

Qualities of Spyera Employee Monitor:

Spyera app is the best choice for employee surveillance due to its high-end compatibility and functionality. Other prominent qualities of Spyera are mentioned below;

Flexible Pricing – Spyera offers monthly and annually subscriptions for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices. This employee tracking app pricing starts from $89 per month for Android devices.

Real-Time Monitoring – Spyera sends instant alerts on mobile and computer activities. Business can detect if their employees are being productive or wasting time on social media with Spyera real-time monitoring.

Complete Stealth Mode – Spyera is an invisible employee monitoring app. It is non-intrusive and does not let the target user know about its presence and activities.

Spyera is highly compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices. Businesses can track any digital device with this excellent app.

Remote Access – With Spyera, there is no need to peek into your employees’ desktop screens as you can monitor desktops and mobile devices with remote access.


The global pandemic has indeed overturned our routine lives. With social distancing becoming a necessity, businesses have shifted to remote work duties. Perhaps the lockdown has mainly affected the ventures at the global level. But don’t worry, as you can now monitor your workforce with the most demanding employee tracking apps.

We have mentioned the three best employee monitoring solutions. And as per detailed review, we recommend TheWiSpy app to all the ventures out there who want to monitor their employees under stealth mode.

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