3 Benefits of Using a Car Accident Attorney vs. Fighting Your Own Case!

Many people have chosen to fight their legal battles and go through the process of claiming compensation on their own. While many have been successful at getting compensated, it’s really not advisable that you use this approach.  

You need to work with a skilled car accident lawyer who will guide you through the whole process of getting the compensation you’re rightly owed. Your ideal lawyer should also have the expertise and experience to help you navigate the case.

But that’s just barely skimming the surface.

Here is a detailed breakdown of three top benefits you can expect from hiring a car accident attorney instead of doing it yourself. If you’re looking for a car accident attorney, reach out to Betz and Baril for help.

1. Your Car Accident Attorney Should Help You Gather Evidence

A skilled car lawyer attorney should help you prepare as best as you can for the legal battle ahead, and that includes gathering the evidence you need to win your case.

Pieces of evidence that could come in handy include police reports, surveillance footage of the crash, and details of the other party involved. You will also need medical records and receipts to prove your injuries from the accident and any medication or follow-up hospital visits.

A lawyer will also gather statements from eyewitnesses and accident reconstruction experts. Their statements will go a long way in proving liability for the accident as they will prove your aspect of the unfoldings.

Attorneys also use their skills to get access to certain types of evidence that you would not be able to get as an individual such as subpoenas that grant them access to cell phone records and security cameras.

2. A Car Accident Attorney Will Help You Ascertain the Exact Amount of Compensation You Should Claim

When calculating your compensation, a lot of factors come into play. Your costs of treatment and recovery, your loss of income while injured, the cost of repairing anything damaged in the accident, and the cost of any follow-up visits to the hospital all get considered.

The party that caused the accident might also get additional charges when the court finds out the cause of the accident. A lawyer will factor all these into your compensation claim and include the emotional damage and trauma you suffered. 

3. A Skilled Lawyer Won’t Let You Sabotage Your Case

Many individuals who choose to wing it often end up messing up their case themselves due to a lack of experience or knowledge of the court process.

For instance, many people make the mistake of contacting the other party to either reprimand or intimidate them. A reasonable car accident attorney should be able to handle all direct communications with the other party.

A lawyer can also help you complete all the prerequisite court processes and gather all necessary documents in good time on your behalf. Many states have a period within which you should file a compensation claim. After the expiration of this period, your chances of winning the case decline sharply.

The Bottom Line

Every victim of carelessness or neglect deserves justice and that’s why lawyers are necessary to guide them through the process of getting the compensation they so rightfully deserve in a court of law. They will also represent you and advise you on how to conduct yourself in court and what to say to win your case.

Consider the benefits highlighted above and get in touch with a car accident attorney to take your case.

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