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2022 Interview with Southern Super Friends About Upcoming Projects

Being in one of the most populated cities when it comes to the music scene, the emerging multi-national enterprise, Southern Super Friends are not only trendsetting and diverse, but different went it comes to the musical sound they portray. Some might say the sounds of Southern Super Friends sounds identical to the Wu-Tang Clan because the group has so many personalities that shine through their discography. The Southern Super Friends group constantly find themselves executing ideas and making moves before they become popular, whether that is in fashion, marketing, or philosophies. The Southern Super Friends Purple Label is a fashion house you can purchase exclusive SSF Merch as well as 1 of 1s crafted by Zypherman G himself.

Lately, the talks of a new project are into play. They are preparing for the release of their 8th album: Freeze Warning 2. Inspired by the winter elements that are becoming a natural occurrence in Dallas, TX; this sequel highlights that the Southern Super Friends are indeed cold at their craft. From the mixing to the bars, the vibes, this album showcases our growth from its predecessor. It is personally a favorite album that has made thus far.

DH OFFICIAL, a member of the Southern Super Friends, explains that the entire collective has 12 members. And members within are from populated cities like Washington D.C. , El Paso, TX ,Texarkana, Arkansas, and even Oklahoma City. With that many individuals in a group, the advantage to populate, grow, and diversify, is high. The group itself has ideas coming from people with different walks of life, different styles, but all culminated to maintain a singular goal: And that is to bring positivity and inspiration through our music and other creative ventures. You’ll be able to feel it through the music. The best part of having so many members of Southern Super Friends is that the music sounds so different than what you might typically here in the industry today, especially coming from Texas.

“One minute you may be singing along to a ballad, the next you’re vibing as we float on melodic beats, then you feel turnt up ready to get lit for the weekend all on the same album.” Says DH OFFICIAL, member of the Southern Super Friends. DH OFFICIAL explains that he speaks for all the members in the set saying that they want to bring positivity to the world and encourage others to be their best selves. That’s why they continue to work even when things seem stressful, or uncomfortable. Manifesting the large amounts remains a notable goals for the group.

For the Southern Super Friends, the goal is generational health wealth and knowledge through their endeavors and knowing they impacted masses of crowds with their music.

The struggle to strive in the music industry is real. And the Southern Super Friends aspire and inspire to do it all. By remaining positive and not succumbing to vices, they stay 10 toes down, work hard, and shine through the shade. That’s that Southern Super Lifestyle.
“Believe in yourself and work hard at whatever it is that you do. Be positive and stay solid. It’s not about what you get, it’s about what you can give. Keep it 10k.” says DH OFFICIAL, member of the Southern Super Friends music group.

The upcoming content for Southern Super Friends to look out for in 2022:

Zypherman G – Cloutesphere
Dommi.San – Luv v. Lust 2
B Swan – kill Yourself Too
DH OFFICIAL – Addicted to my Hustle

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