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2021 Trucking Industry Outlook: 4 Trends to Expect



2021 Trucking Industry Outlook

2020 was a turbulent year for nearly every industry – and the trucking industry was no exception.

Now, as more Americans are getting vaccinated, restrictions on businesses are reopening, and a third round of stimulus payments are making their way out, hopes are high that the nation may finally return to some semblance of economic normalcy.

And industry and commerce rely on trucking for supplies and goods, there is a lot of speculation as to what this will mean for the industry.

Here are our predictions for the trucking trends we can expect to see in the duration of the year.

1. Increases in Pricing

One of the worrying trends in the trucking industry was the low cost of shipping.

This trend was already present in 2019, so it isn’t entirely the pandemic’s fault. That said, it certainly didn’t help, with carriers being forced to lower prices to subsistence levels out of fear of not being able to get work at all.

The current hope, however, is that an economic rebound will cause a boom in demand for shipping. If this comes to pass, it should correlate to higher prices and better wages for truckers.

2. Expect Freight to Become a Hot Commodity

In the immediate term, the demand for freight will remain mostly consistent. Basic inventory replenishment will keep retailer’s demand for shipping at its current levels, but it’s still too early to expect a major boom.

The economy is still slow to recover, owing largely to the slow roll-out of a vaccination program. However, the expectation is that the economy will start to make a comeback in the second half of the year.

Once life begins to return to normal, the expectation is that the resulting boon to the economy will reinvigorate demand for both standard shipping and hot shot carriers.

3. Higher Costs Related to Rising Fuel Prices

One downside of the economic recovery is that fuel costs are expected to rise. In fact, we’re starting to see this in action already.

At the height of the pandemic, the cost of fuel plummeted as Americans weren’t traveling and commerce and industry ground to a halt. As the country gets back on its feet then, you can expect fuel costs to rise along with it.

4. More Carrier Mergers

One consequence of the pandemic that can’t be overlooked is the number of carriers who were forced to close their doors last year. With few goods being moved the demand for shipping simply wasn’t there, leading to shuttered companies and thousand of truckers losing their jobs.

Many of those carriers who were able to stave off bankruptcy have done so by merging and using their shared resources to weather the storm. As economic recovery was sluggish in the first quarter and will likely remain so in the second, we can expect the number of new mergers to remain consistent.

The Future of the Trucking Industry

While market instability makes reliable forecasts difficult, hopes are high that the economy is beginning to normalize. As the economy runs on the trucking industry, that should mean good news for America’s truckers.

That said, we remain in uncharted waters. So in the weeks and months to come, be sure to stay tuned to Newshunt360 for all the news you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Becoming Affiliate On Twitch



Any up and coming Twitch streamer these days has dreams of making it big on the platform. One of the first steps on this journey is to become an Affiliate as part of the Twitch Affiliate program. Many people might think that this is a huge moment for your streaming career, as you can now start monetising your channel and begin to see some revenue as a result of streaming. But are there any downsides to becoming an Affiliate on Twitch?

We’ll be walking you through all there is to know about the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an Affiliate on Twitch.

First off, who can become an Affiliate and how can you get there?

Who can become an Affiliate?

Any streamer on the Twitch platform has the potential to become an Affiliate. Provided that you aren’t already a Partner on the platform, the Affiliate program is designed for smaller streamers who have ticked the boxes on the following prerequisites:

  • A minimum of 50 followers on your Twitch account
  • A minimum of 500 minutes of broadcast time
  • Streaming on 7 unique days
  • Average of at least 3 concurrent viewers on your streams

These must all be maintained over a 30 day period in order to qualify for the Affiliate program.

Advantages of becoming an Affiliate on Twitch

The first major advantage of becoming an Affiliate on Twitch is that you’ll be able to start earning money. This money comes in a few different forms. The first of these is through advertisements that appear on your channel when people click through to your stream. The second is through “bits”, which are essentially virtual goods that your stream viewers can gift you. Lastly, subscriptions from viewers will make up the majority of your revenue stream.

How much money can you make on Twitch?

This question really depends on the size of your channel and how many viewers you tend to receive. When looking at the stats, for every subscription payment that you receive, there’s roughly a 50/50 split between the revenue you receive and the half that Twitch receives.

If you start putting in the time and effort to really grow your stream at this stage, then you could make Twitch a full time job, by earning several thousand dollars or more a month.

Ability to add custom emotes

Another big plus of becoming an Affiliate is that you’ll gain the ability to add custom emotes for your viewers. These emotes are a great part of the Twitch community and many viewers love to share their admiration for a channel by using them.

One of the great ways to acknowledge your audience, particularly as you grow, is to use animated Twitch alerts to really boost engagement. Building these alerts in combination with your new custom emotes is a nice way to create a real sense of community on your channel. This again will only help you to grow even further on the platform.

Disadvantages of becoming an Affiliate on Twitch

Despite the allure of monetisation waiting for you on the other side of becoming an Affiliate, there are a few “disadvantages” to keep in mind before you officially join the program. Even though you can start earning some revenue, this also means that Twitch will be taking a healthy cut of your Bits and subscriptions.

This is where the use of a donation system has become very popular, with the best way to show your support on a channel through is by donating some cash to them directly. On Twitch, you don’t actually need to be an Affiliate to add this link, so we recommend setting this donation link up as early as possible, so you have a direct way for people to show their support (without becoming an Affiliate).

Content Exclusivity

Another disadvantage of becoming an Affiliate is that the content that you stream as part of your latest broadcast on Twitch is 100% exclusive to the platform for 24 hours after your stream ends. This means that although you could be dying to get the latest highlights up on YouTube to share with your fans, you’d actually be breaching the terms and conditions of the Affiliate contract.

You can directly share the Twitch link out to your Twitter, but you won’t be able to create unique content with it for other purposes.

Create a personalised stream

Whether you choose to become an affiliate on Twitch or not, the most important thing is that you’re creating a completely personalised stream that resonates with your audience. One of the best ways of ensuring your channel looks and feels professional and in line with your vision is by investing in animated stream packages.

These packages are filled with all you need to get going with your stream, making sure that you’re adding the level of professionalism to your channel that people are often expecting these days.

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3 Killer Local SEO Tips




Local SEO is a critical component of a successful small business. Pay Simple reminds us that local SEO helps local businesses to rank on search pages for a location and even gives them a place on Google Maps. In recent years, Google’s algorithm has switched towards giving users “intent-based” results. What this means is that if someone searches for a particular thing, they get nearby locations first. Those nearby locations depend on local SEO to work since they tap into the searcher’s current location (either on desktop or mobile) and match them with the closest geographical provider. But how does a company do local SEO in 2021? Is there some trick or tip to make it more effective? Here, we’ll examine three of the best suggestions to improve a business’s local SEO.

1. Build Content Focused on Local Locations

Many professionals would advise businesses that content marketing is crucial to their online success. As WebFX tells us, content marketing can drive traffic to a website resulting in more sales and better brand visibility. However, it also has a place in local SEO. A business looking to leverage local SEO can create content that focuses on its location. What challenges do the residents have there? What sort of attractions are there to see in this locale? Concentrating on your service or product offerings and tying it back to the location is a great way to build the connection without outright telling the reader about yourself. It’s the subtlety that sells.

2. Directories and Maps

Google has options for small businesses to get themselves featured on Maps. Google My Business offers a straightforward interface allowing brick-and-mortar stores to get themselves a presence online. However, Google My Business is just one of the many directories that companies can use to get themselves noticed. Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and even the local yellow pages have their own listings that will show up in search results. What’s more, the cross-referencing of these websites makes for a much stronger presence online. Occasionally, when businesses start doing this, they’ll get approached by bots and “businessmen” telling them that they could increase their business coverage for a small fee. These should be ignored since they can’t do anything that you can’t do yourself.

3. Build Local Backlinks

After you’ve established yourself on the directories, you should set out to build some backlinks. One of the best backlink building strategies you can get is through guest posting. By reaching out to other local businesses and asking to do features on their web pages, you increase your visibility and create valuable backlinks. Another great place to head for local SEO backlinks is the local Rotary Club. Members are more than willing to network and reach out to others in the community to build their network. Be wary of buying backlinks since these are dodgy and could hurt your local SEO strategy in the long run.

Drive Better Traffic Both Online and On Foot

Local SEO is a subset of the overall SEO strategy. You can potentially satisfy both of these directives and rank for a particular keyword locally and nationally. However, global SEO can be a much more intense game. Many businesses don’t both doing their local SRO themselves and subcontract it to a third party. A local SEO company deals with all aspects of local SEO and ensures its clients rank in searches. If you decide to go this route, you should check testimonials and determine if you’re okay with them working with your business. For the most part, the benefits outweigh the initial costs.

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IPad screen replacement in Coventry




Apple products are worth the swag people nowadays show off. iPhone, iPad, and iPods are offering the best services in the world without any doubt. You can have complete access to any website, download files, play games without any issue. IPad does not lag or slow down no matter what the file size is running in the background. Apple’s tremendous bionic chip and high maintenance made it possible. Years of hard work and research are paying off quite well. But, the iPad is nothing more than a machine. There are some issues in both the external and internal designs. Though, Apple Inc. Is trying their level best to get over the issues and fix the problems as soon as possible. Here in this article, we will be discussing the external issues of the iPad. You will get to know the same-day phone repair services at your doorstep.

External damage

External damage to any gadget mainly indicates screen breaking and cracking. If your iPad screen broke from any trauma, Apple would not take responsibility according to the rules and policies. But, iPad Screen Repair Coventry is the No 1 Phone Repair Company in Coventry. This company is serving the community for ages to repair and upgrade pads and providing top-notch services. We repair all iPhone – iPad, and other Apple products. Our professional repairmen have years of experience and expertise to turn your broken or damaged gadget back to its optimum health. The servicing will allow you to keep using your device for years without upgrading or replacement without any complaint. It is not only feasible but also very cost-effective. We all know Apple products do not come cheap due to their high maintenance costs and expensive algorithm. So, it is a wise decision to make the full out of any device.

Repairing options

If your device is facing any problem within the insurance period or international and official warranty, then you got lucky this time. Apple will replace any defective product within seven days with an international warrant card. After the initial seven days from purchase, Apple promises to repair and service up against any product for one year. All you need to do is mail your product with the cash memo using about seven dollars from any USA corner. In other countries, apple corporation has its servicing centers as well. If the Apple Store is not very far away from your home, then you can drop and pick the product by yourself. It usually takes three to five business days to repair and ship the product to the original address.


During the repairing procedure, Apple will serve the customers with a new and similar model product that will act as a temporary replacement. You can use the product until they ship your gadget. But, make sure not to save or use any sensitive data in the temporary device to maintain your privacy. Once you return the temporary product, Apple will issue a memo on your name and hand over your gadget.


If you decide to repair your gadget from the Apple service centers, then the pricing will be a lot higher. For example, the iPad seven will take about seven hundred dollars to repair completely without a shipping charge. The earlier versions Will cost less. You will need about three hundred dollars for it, and then the IPad mini costs less than the iPad versions. IPad mini repairing works will cost you about three to four hundred dollars. So, you can rely on us for your screen touchscreen repair works. The company will return your device to the best health and within your budget.

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6 Best Auto Attendant Phone Systems 2021




An auto attendant system provides remote administrative and support resources to businesses which can help them streamline their business operations. These also allow businesses to outsource a variety of tasks such as site management to appointment scheduling anything which can be completed by the online employees.

In this article we have compiled a list of the best virtual receptionists in the UK, so you can make the right choice for your business.

  1. VoIPBusiness

The company is one of the best VoIP service and virtual receptionist providers in the UK.


  • Customise multi-level custom greetings
  • Get notification for missed or dropped calls
  • Call handling from any location and device via internet
  • Can send calls straight to voicemail when no one available to answer
  • All urgent calls will be routed to the right individual based on caller ID
  • 24/7 uptime
  • All messages will be forwarded through SMS, email or fax


  • £7.99 per month for Basic plan
  • £11.99 per month for premium plan
  • The answer centre

The company was established in 2000 and has grown to be one of the UK’s leading providers for phone answering services.


  • Get all calls transferred to your location
  • All calls will be answered by your dedicated PA
  • All calls will be transmitted through email or text
  • All mail will get sorted by the Virtual Assistant and will get forward to an address specified by you.
  • Call handling services for every type and size of business
  • Transfer calls to your landline or mobile
  • Free trial
  • System set up in just minutes
  • No contract


  • No set up charges
  • Just 99p per call
  • No hidden costs
  • Connect First

The company offers a cost-effective solution which ensures that you never miss an important call or a potential client since you are unavailable or on another call. Connect first provides personalised voip for small businesses.


  • All calls will be answered with name and message of your company
  • Seamless Call patching-where suitable for the urgent calls
  • Professional reception services
  • Free 0845, 0800 or 0870 numbers
  • Message information will be forwarded by email, SMS or by fax
  • Management of all inbound calls


  • Affordable monthly charges based on usage
  • Time assistant

The company provides the best Virtual receptionist in the UK. The call handlings services are cost effect and rich in feature.


  • Get your own Virtual Assistant to delegate all tasks like arranging meetings, travel arrangements or admin tasks etc.
  • The Virtual Assistant is based remotely, no worries about the employer liabilities or overheads.
  • Up to date inbox, calendar and admin
  • No long term contracts
  • No set up charges
  • Free trial of 7 days


  • £120 for 5 hours of time
  • £200 per month for 10 hours of time
  • £350 per month for 20 hours of time
  • £27 per hour additional time charges
  • Connect-Communications

The company was established in the year 2005. Connect communication is one of the largest internet and data service providers. They provide several services to the consumer and corporate sectors. Connect services are greatly used in the demanding markets like financial services, service provider, health care, media, government and retail.


  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Fast and flexible set up
  • For all business type and size
  • Send all incoming calls through connect
  • All the calls will be answered by the virtual receptionist
  • With the VR you can transfer calls, make bookings and take messages
  • Solutions for every business


  • Plan starting from £19.99 per month
  • Charges for only sent messages
  • No charges for hang ups, sales calls or wrong numbers
  • UK virtual services

            The company has several years of experience in providing virtual receptionist services like mail forwarding, meeting room and phone answering to small and large businesses. UK virtual services has a global client based and has helped thousand of businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business ideas.


  • Get a phone number matching the city of your choice
  • All messages will be forwarded through SMS or email
  • Complete voicemail services
  • Low monthly cost
  • Quick one or two day set up
  • 24/7 call answering service
  • All calls will be answered in your company’s name
  • All urgent calls will be direct to your landline or mobile phone whichever you prefer
  • Inbound call handling


  • £25 / hr

We hope with this article you can compare the virtual receptionist providers and select the best suitable service for your business.

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Earn Some Extra Cash from Your Spring Cleaning Efforts



As we settle into the new calendar year, now is the perfect time to get started on freshening up our living spaces. Springtime may not be upon us quite yet but it’s just around the corner, so that means spring cleaning will be knocking at the door before we even see it coming.

Take advantage of this new year and fresh beginnings by getting a jump start on spring cleaning your home before warmer days come our way. Best of all, there’s a chance to make some extra cash off your spring cleaning efforts!

Getting Started: How to Make the Best Spring Cleaning Plan

Just saying spring cleaning can be enough to send chills down your spine. At least that was the case until we found out that spring cleaning could come with some monetary incentive. Before we get into how to turn cleaning into cash, let’s figure out how to get a jump start on spring cleaning that is as pleasant as can be. There are plenty of spring cleaning tips and tricks to look into but overloading on ideas will just make your head spin before you even get started.

Before jumping into cleaning headfirst, the most important thing to remember is to clean one area at a time. In other words, make a cleaning plan that breaks down your living space into sections. Let’s say you want to start your spring cleaning in the kitchen, focus only on that area from start to finish.

For example, your kitchen cleaning plan can be broken down into sections, such as:

  • Throw away all garbage from the floor, table and counter tops
  • Clear out any clutter that doesn’t belong in the kitchen (that means removing any clutter off the floor, countertops, table and any other surfaces)
  • Go through the fridge and cabinets and toss expired food or products
  • Reorganize cabinets and drawers
  • Make a pile of anything you no longer need or don’t want to keep
  • Wash/clean all cabinet surfaces, appliances, countertops, table and lastly the floor

Since the point is to get a jump start on spring cleaning there is no need to rush. Depending on how thorough you plan to clean, take a day, or more if necessary, to properly take on each section of your home before moving on to the next room or area to clean.

Turn Spring Cleaning into Your Next Pay Day

Now that your house should be nice and freshly cleaned the big question is, how can you turn all that effort into a cash payout. Remember those piles you made in each section of your house with things you no longer want? The scrap yard is your ticket to getting paid for parts of those spring cleaning piles.

That’s right, Canada Iron wants to buy your old gadgets and metal scrap. Go through those piles for any old electronics and ferrous or non-ferrous metal items, like old brass pots. Then put together your haul and head to the scrap yard for your spring cleaning pay out!

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