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16 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Seychelles



Top-Rated Tourist

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Seychelles, beautiful and unspoiled, are featured in a plethora of tropical island fantasies. The archipelago’s 115 coral and granite islands, which are the tops of a massive underwater plateau, offer beautiful boulder-strewn beaches, virgin jungles, thriving coral reefs, and UNESCO-listed nature reserves, to name a few.

Seychelles is located near the equator, east of Kenya. Almost half of the country’s land is covered, and many of the islands and atolls are part of marine sanctuaries. Hiking the mountain trails, basking on the beautiful beaches, rock climbing, photographing the unique flora and fauna, and dining on delectable Créole cuisine are all common activities in Seychelles.

The clear, azure water is ideal for water sports. Seychelles offers world-class diving, snorkeling, surfing, and sailing, as well as some of the world’s richest fishing grounds and locations for the best resorts in Seychelles.

Seychelles’ larger granitic inner islands (primarily Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue) are the most built for tourism, with numerous luxury five-star and Seychelles resorts for honeymoon.

The small capital of Mahé, Victoria, as well as the international airport, cruise ship terminal, and the magnificent Morne Seychellois National Park, and Fishermans Cove Resort some of the best beach resorts in Mahe, Seychelles are all located on the island.

On Praslin Island, the UNESCO-listed Vallée de Mai can be visited, while La Digue is home to some of Seychelles’ most beautiful beaches. Uninhabited low-lying sand cays and small coralline islands and atolls make up the outer islands. Anglers can find unique fishing lodges on Alphonse Island and Farquhar Atoll, where the fishing is excellent. 

Learn more about the best places to visit in Seychelles with our list of the top attractions, no matter what you want to do on these beautiful islands.

1. Anse Lazio, Praslin

Anse Lazio (Chevalier Bay) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles, located on the north shore of Praslin Island. To get to the beach, you must walk up a hill, but it is well worth the effort.

This long stretch of soft blond sand, surrounded by rounded granite boulders, merges with crystal-clear waters in dreamy shades of blue. Takamaka trees and coconut palms line the beach, offering shade for sunbathing, and hungry beachgoers will refuel at restaurants on both ends.

Early morning or late afternoon are the best times to visit Anse Lazio when most tour buses have already departed.

2. Anse Intendance, Mahé

Because of the island’s frequent big swells and wild waves, this tiny and secluded crescent of sand on the island’s south coast is a favorite surfing spot.

When the trade winds blow from the southeast, swimming can be a little rough due to the lack of a protective reef, but sunbathers, beachcombers, and photographers can enjoy this picturesque, palm-framed strand at any time of year. Turtles lay their eggs on the powdery sands of this beach.

3. Baie Lazare, Mahé

Baie Lazare, a charming village on Mahé, was named after the 18th-century French explorer Lazare Picault, who landed here when the French government dispatched him to discover the islands.

The neo-Gothic Baie Lazare Church, dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi and offering a panoramic view of the region, is one of the area’s key tourist attractions.

With their breathtaking azure water and sparkling white sand, the beaches of Anse Soleil and Petite Anse are among the best in Seychelles.

4. La Digue Island

La Digue, the archipelago’s fourth largest island, is a refuge for nature lovers. Bicycles and oxcarts are common modes of transportation, making it a perfect place to visit for anyone looking for a glimpse of typical island life.

Beach connoisseurs will find one of the planet’s most picturesque stretches of sand and sea here: Anse Source D’Argent, which is surrounded by stunning white-sand beaches and granite rock outcrops. You must pay to use the beach at the nearby L’Union Estate, which includes a tour of the old copra factory and vanilla plantation as part of your entry.

The Veuve Nature Reserve, which is home to the endangered black paradise flycatcher, also known as “the widow” due to its flowing black tail feathers, is another tourist attraction.

Hikers can enjoy the La Pass to Grand Anse Trail, which winds past French colonial houses through woodlands and marsh areas to the beautiful Grand Anse beach.

5. Day Trip to Curieuse Island

Curieuse Island, formerly known as Île Rouge because of its russet-toned earth, now houses a breeding program for giant tortoises, which wander freely across the sandy coves.

The majority of the island is covered in takamaka and casuarina trees, which provide shade for the white-sand beaches, but Curieuse is also noted for another botanical distinction: the coco de mer palm grows naturally only on Curieuse and Praslin.

The island was once home to a leper colony, and the remains of the leprosarium, as well as the doctor’s residence, a protected national monument, can be found on the south shore.

From Praslin Island, boat tours to Curieuse Island are available.

6. Morne Seychellois National Park

Morne Seychellois National Park is a paradise for hikers and nature enthusiasts. This is Seychelles’ largest national park, comprising more than 20% of the island of Mahé.

The mountain chain called for its highest point, Morne Seychellois, which reaches a height of 905 meters and overlooks Victoria’s city, is found inside its beautiful borders. The Seychelles scops-owl, bulbul, and sunbird are among the many famous bird species, while the rich vegetation includes indigenous palms, pandanus, pitcher plants, and ferns, among others. 

Here you’ll find some of the island’s great walks. Hiking routes lead from the settlement of Danzil into the park, passing through tea plantations and providing beautiful views of Mahé’s southwest coast from the mountain slopes. The modest Morne Blanc trek is one of the most popular, and its peak provides superb views.

Hikers can reach the BaieTernay and Port Launay Marine Parks by walking west through the park. The hamlet of Bel Ombre and the solitary beach of Anse Major is located to the northwest.

7. Ste Anne Marine National Park

Ste Anne National Marine Park, which spans six islands a 15- to 20-minute boat trip off the coast of Mahé in Victoria, was established in 1973 as the first national park in the Indian Ocean.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, and glass-bottom boat tours highlight the park’s coral reefs’ amazing diversity of marine life, and day trips from Mahé can take you to most of the reserve’s islands. On a couple of islands, you can also spend the night.

Hawksbill turtles use Sainte Anne Island as a breeding ground. Despite its mangroves and crocodiles, the island hosted the first French settlement in Seychelles in 1770.

You may take a nature walk on Round Island, a former leper colony, and stay overnight at the JA Enchanted Island Resort.

Île Cachée is a protected nature reserve and a key nesting ground for noddies. Swim, snorkel, or dive around the spectacular reefs of Cerf Island, or relax on the quiet beaches. You can also stay at the Cerf Island Resort or L’Habitation Hotel in this area.

Nature walks, restored settlers’ dwellings, pirate tombs, a modest thatched church, and huge tortoises can all be found on privately owned Moyenne Island.

8. Beau Vallon Beach

On Mahé’s northwest coast, Beau Vallon’s seductive arc of dazzling sand is an attraction for both tourists and locals. Mountainous Silhouette Island shimmers on the horizon, creating a magnificent vista when looking out to sea.

This is a terrific pick if you’re searching for some lively beach action. Locals go here on weekends for beach barbecues, which are surrounded by hotels and restaurants. Jet Skis, water skiing, banana boats, and paddleboarding are just a few of the water sports available here.

The beach is patrolled by lifeguards, and the sea is normally calm, especially during the southeast trade winds, making it an ideal destination for families with little children.

9. Vallée de Mai National Park, Praslin

Do you need a break from the sun, the sand, and the sea? Visit Vallée de Mai National Park, which is pleasant and shaded. For nature enthusiasts, this is one of the best spots to visit in Seychelles.

On the island of Praslin, this beautiful palm-studded park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that preserves a prehistoric forest with at least 4,000 individuals of the rare enormous coco de mer fruit palm, which is peculiar to Seychelles. 

Stop by the visitor center before heading out on the trails to learn more about the park’s environment and witness some of the world’s largest coco de mer seeds. Vanilla orchids, palmist, latanier, spread traveler’s palm, and Chinese fans are among the other plants that thrive in the park.

The well-marked nature pathways make it simple to explore this reserve. There are three various hiking paths to select from, each taking one to three hours to complete. Huge stones sit along the forest floor, while towering trees form an overhead canopy, keeping the routes sheltered for most of the journey.

The valley is home to a variety of lizards and uncommon birds, including the Seychelles bulbul, the fruit pigeon, and the black parrot, Seychelles’ national bird.

It is strongly advised that you hire a guide to learn more about the plants and animals. It’s also worth noting that there’s a cost to access the park.

10. Day Trip to Cousin Island

The endangered Seychelles warbler is important for the preservation of this magnificent island. Cousin Island Special Reserve was established in 1968 to safeguard this and other indigenous bird species. It is also the most important breeding place for the critically endangered hawksbill turtle in the western Indian Ocean.

Cousin Island is also the first carbon-neutral wildlife reserve on the planet.

The island is just two kilometers from Praslin Island, and local tour firms may arrange day visits. When you get on the island, one of the reserve’s wardens will lead you on a 75-minute tour of the island, explaining its unique environment.

Keep a watch out for the Seychelles magpie robin, Seychelles brush warbler, Seychelles turtledove, and wedge-tailed shearwater, which are all resident species. Lesser noddies, fairy terns, and tropicbirds all have breeding areas within the area.

11. Day trip to Aride Island Nature Reserve

Aride Island Nature Reserve, the northernmost of Granitic Seychelles, is home to 18 different seabird species, including frigate birds, red-tailed tropicbirds, and the world’s largest colonies of lesser noddy and roseate terns.

The highest density of lizards everywhere on Earth, as well as several rare floral species, await nature lovers. The Wright’s gardenia, also known as the Bois citron, is only found on this island.

The majority of hotels on Praslin Island can arrange day trips to Aride, however, keep in mind that the island is frequently closed to guests from May to September owing to severe surf. Helicopter visits are also possible.

12. Silhouette Island

Mountainous Silhouette Island, located 30 kilometers off Mahé’s west coast in a marine park, is known for its vast biodiversity. Apart from Mahé, it’s the only other Seychelles island having a mist forest, which envelops the 731-meter summit of Mont Dauban.

Silhouette Island, the third biggest of the granitic islands, features steep topography that has helped to retain its natural beauty. Birds, geckos, chameleons, turtles, and skinks are among the more than 2,000 species protected by the park.

There are plenty of things to do in this place. You may go cave exploring, swim and snorkel on beautiful beaches, and witness a variety of flora and animals, including carnivorous pitcher plants, coco de Mer palms, millipedes, slugs, and snails.

To get to the island, take a 45-minute ferry from Mahe’s Bel Ombre dock to the Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa, the island’s lone hotel. Even better, reserve a room and stay here. Alternatively, a private boat trip or a spectacular 15-minute helicopter flight are available.

13. Victoria, Mahé

Seychelles’ little capital, Port Victoria, on the island of Mahé, is the country’s only harbor, named after the British queen after her coronation.

It’s simple to see all of the major sights in one day. The Seychelles National Botanical Gardens is a popular tourist destination. The gardens, which were founded about a century ago, include 15 acres of native and exotic plants, as well as flying foxes, gigantic tortoises, and an orchid garden.

Modern concrete and glass buildings have sprung up throughout the city in recent years, with the few remaining colonial structures clustered around Freedom Square. The clock tower is the most visible historical structure. It was built in 1903 and is based on Little Ben, a miniature counterpart of Big Ben in London.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, which overlooks the square, was built on the site of Seychelles’ first church, which was devastated by a severe cyclone in 1862.

Locals sell seafood, fresh fruits, and vegetables at Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, and several craft stores sell items ranging from ship models to pearl jewelry.

14. AnseVolbert

AnseVolbert (also known as Côte d’Or) is one of Praslin’s most popular beaches, located on the island’s northeast coast. The sun-bleached dunes are lapped by warm, shallow water, while coral reefs beckon close offshore. Swimming with tiny children is also safe in the calm seas.

AnseVolbert is one of the island’s most popular resort districts, with many hotels and restaurants on the coastlines, including the Hotel Cote D’Or, which features thatched bungalows nestled among the tropical flora.

15. Bird Island

Bird Island, formerly known as Îles aux Vaches due to the presence of dugongs (sea cows) in the vicinity, is home to a colony of migratory sooty terns that grows to 1,500,000 birds during the nesting season from May to October. Birders and photographers can watch the nests from elevated observation platforms.

Fairy and noddy terns, cardinals, ground doves, mynas, crested terns, and plovers are among the island’s other residents. There are also giant land tortoises in the area, and the neighboring Seychelles Bank is known for its big-game fishing.

The Bird Island Lodge, a no-frills eco-lodge, is the only place to stay on the island. A 30-minute flight from Mahé will get you to the island.

16. Aldabra Atoll

Aldabra is the world’s biggest elevated coral atoll and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Through four channels, the center lagoon fills and empties twice a day, revealing mushroom-shaped pinnacles known as champignons.

The shallows are frequented by tiger sharks and manta rays, and the atoll is home to hundreds of birds, including the white-throated rail (the only flightless bird in the Indian Ocean). Lesser and greater frigates, red-footed boobies, dimorphic egrets (only found here and in Madagascar), Aldabra sacred ibis, greater flamingos, and the Malagasy kestrel are among the birds on display.

Aldabra is home to 200,000 giant tortoises, which is five times the number found on the Galapagos Islands.

Visiting this secluded island is difficult; you can only get to the atoll by chartering a private boat, and you must first receive authorization from the Seychelles Islands Foundation.

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10 Hotel Housekeeping Tips and Tricks





Creating the ideal experience for tourists and consumers is critical in the hospitality sector. Only one or two negative online reviews can be the death nail for a company, and for better or worse, business owners must be aware of this risk. Top-notch housekeeping procedures must be part of the plan for creating the ideal hotel experience for your guests. This not only ensures that your hotel visitors have a clean room, but it can also extend the life of your hotel’s furnishings and fixtures.

Cleaning isn’t as simple as changing a bedding and picking up dirty towels while preparing for seasoned tourists. There are specific methods that a hospitality cleaning service should implement to ensure that cleanliness requirements are met and that customers are satisfied.

From guests who turn the room inside out to visitors who decide to host a party, there’s no telling what you’ll walk into as you flip the handle. Keep the following tips in mind while cleaning a hotel room.

Keep Your Cleaning Stock Ready

Restock all supplies as needed in addition to cleaning the hotel room. Toiletries, laundry bags, menus, snacks, pens, notebooks, and robes are just a few examples. Since your guests will be looking for these products, it is preferable to have them available rather than having to request them. Also, make sure the ice bucket, glassware, mugs, and other coffee/tea supplies are clean and refilled as needed. Visit Dzeeusa Online to get everything at one place.

The Linens Should Be Removed

Remove all linens from the bed and inspect the mattress, mattress pad, bed frame, and other components for any stains or flaws.

Clear The Trash

After you’ve removed all of the linens from the bed, go through the room and clean up any trash that has accumulated. Look inside drawers, around the bed frame, in corners, on windowsills, and even behind dressers to see whether trash is hiding. Then gather any worn robes and slippers, as well as mugs, glasses, room service trays, and so on.

Dust it Down

Dusting is required since even a small bit of dust will stick out, especially to detail-oriented visitors, and give the impression that the entire area isn’t as clean as it should be. Make sure to wipe dust off lampshades, artwork, and window sills from the top to the lowest surfaces.

Pay Attention to Surfaces

After that, you’ll want to clean all of the hard surfaces. This includes the remote control, telephone, door knobs, light switches, and other high-traffic objects in the hotel room. This is a procedure that not all hotels take, but it is crucial to maintaining cleanliness. Picture frames, lamp bases, drawer interiors and exteriors, and even the mini-fridge door and handle should all be cleaned.

Make the Bed

Make the bed after dusting the room. Starting with the mattress pad, make sure to smooth out every element of the bed. Everything from the cushions to the linens to the bedspread should be replaced so that your guests have a clean and pleasant stay.

Prioritize Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is an area that must be kept spotless at all times. From the toilet to the tub/shower to the sink, you want to clean and disinfect every element of the bathroom. Also, make sure to replace linens, bathmats, and robes, as well as clean the hairdryer, including the lint trap if necessary. This is the time to be as meticulous as possible, because an unclean bathroom will leave an unfavorable impression on a visitor right away.

After you’ve finished all of the procedures above, take one last stroll around the room to double-check that everything is in order and that your hotel’s requirements are met.

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What Do I Need for My First RV Trip?




RV Trip

If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, trying to figure out what to pack on a first trip can feel overwhelming. The great news is that there are no real wrong answers. What you forget, you can pick up along the way. However, for a list of things you’ll want to consider packing for that first road trip adventure, read on.

A Solid Packing List


The first step in packing well for an RV trip is to pull out a notebook and start a packing list. From your favorite pair of girlfriend jeans and socks to a comfortable hoodie and raincoat, it’s a good idea to begin with a list of obvious items you’ll want for your trip. After packing these essential articles of clothing, take a step back and assess how you’ll wear these items. While it’s okay to bring duplicates, it’s important to remember that your space will be limited.

Think about the length of your trip and your final destination. Most RV parks, for example, have laundry facilities. If you know you’ll have amenities that mean the ability to get your clothes clean, you won’t need to pack as heavy. At the same time, packing with an eye toward layering is a great idea because it’s likely you’ll spend a lot of time at Mother Nature’s mercy. When in doubt, pack clothes in the same hues and colors so that you can easily swap them out as weather conditions change.

When making your packing list, be sure to include technology, indoor games and entertainment for rainy days, food, plenty of water, and a camera.

A Final Destination


Regardless of if you’ll be staying at a premier RV park or finding a free spot along the way, it’s a good idea to bring a plan with you for your first trip. No matter how close you intend to stick to it, a general idea of your final destination will add up to less stress and anxiety during your experience. While the RV lifestyle is enjoyed by many, problems can happen on the road, and having a general plan is a good way to prevent unnecessary aggravations. Making reservations ahead, having backup plans, and letting loved ones know where you’ll be traveling is smart. Do your research ahead. Soon enough, you’ll be traveling more experienced and won’t be as dependent on a bigger plan.

An Open Mind


If you’re dreaming of hitting the road to travel to a unique destination, see family, or just satisfy wanderlust, odds are that you already have an adventurous spirit. While this spirit will make your adventure great, it’s important to bring with you an open mind. That is, the road has many twists and turns. Especially in the middle of a global pandemic, there are bound to be minor changes along your journey. Instead of being fixed on one plan or experience, bringing an open mind will be important for a successful first RV trip. For example, you may have certain ideas about what it’s like to sleep in an RV park or how it is to wake up on a beach. Instead of focusing on specific moments, try to be open to whatever comes your way. You might be surprised to find your best memories are the ones that happened spontaneously.

At the end of the day, preparing well for your first RV trip comes down to great planning and a willingness to take things as they come. Even if you pack the perfect items, you’re bound to come across a few surprises on the road. Going into your travels with an open mind and willingness to try new things is the best way to have an adventure of a lifetime. Travel safely!

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Tips for renting out apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi




One of the main reasons for apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi is that foreigners worldwide regard the process as transparent and straightforward. All documentation is designed so that it is easy and straightforward to understand even a nonprofessional person. Government authorities control every transaction. A large number of significant real estate developer companies also indicate their reliability. Immobilien is very diverse, and the number is growing steadily. Most buildings are under five and stand out from the rest of Abu Dhabi’s older buildings.

Apartment benefits:

1. Return 

Investment returns are also an essential factor. This is an excellent indicator because not every bank in the world can boast that its depositors have such a share of income. At the same time, you gain two times by apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi. Firstly, the potential revenue for rent, and secondly, the property’s value is increasing year by year. Many see real estate in Abu Dhabi as a two-way investment: you can get rental income for several years, and then you can sell the object profitably.

2. Flexible.

For their flexibility, some renters prefer the property to rent Abu Dhabi whether working, travelling or just a slicker apartment on the street. For example, a Dubai short term rental will enable you to see a job outside your natural “commuting” zone if you are looking for work. Or, if you need to move to another city for a temporary assignment, a short term Dubai rental will give you additional mobility. Moreover, if you move to a new town and want to take your time to the area in the best place to settle, a short-term Dubai rental would give you the opportunity to hang up in town while you live in it.

3. Ready for space living.

In Dubai, property to rent Abu Dhabi is usually fully equipped and ready to live, from kitchenware and tableware to material and bath sheets.

4. For your money, you get a lot more.

A short-term rental in Dubai usually features an equipped kitchen to save on food at restaurants: great for individuals and families.

5. Cost. 

For renters, short-term rentals in Dubai can have minor inconveniences. For one, property buyers tend to sell more for a short-term rental, including cleaning and rental furniture costs. This will not only cost you in the short term but also long term if you continue to renew the short-term rental for a more extended period. Furthermore, rent increases and changes in terms of the lease are always possible more frequently than in a long-term contract.

Conclusion:  There are two options for long-term or short-term accommodation in Abu Dhabi. In the ABU DHABI, anything in the short term is less than one year (with renewal options) and in a long time is more than one year. In addition, unlike in other countries, short-term rentals via the Department of Tourism and Trade Marketing are fully regulated. Short and long-term opportunities are essential for a healthy property market and short-term rent growth in Abu Dhabi in recent years. Hence, when you are looking forward to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi, then it is always a good decision to get in touch with an expert and experienced company which has a proper idea about the same.

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Traveling with kids during the pandemic



Traveling with kids

Traveling with children can always be a challenge. Depending on the ages and number of children you are traveling with. It is even more challenging when you are traveling during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are some useful tips that you need to keep in mind to make your life easier as you travel in the middle of the pandemic. Keep on reading and we will share all those details that you need to be aware of.

Things to do before you travel

The very first thing you should do before travel is to take a look at the travel restrictions. Travel restrictions are constantly being changed at very short notice during these uncertain times. Hence, you should keep yourself updated regarding the change to travel guidance to make sure that you don’t encounter any surprises as you travel.

Some of the travel destinations would require you to have a fit to fly covid certificate. You need be mindful about this as well and prepare well in advance of your travel plans if this is possible. If you require evidence of a negative Covid 19 test you need to make sure that you make an appointment and obtain the certificate within the required timeframe. Then you can proceed with traveling. Since you are traveling with kids, you should specifically check and see whether you need to get a fit to fly Covid test certificate for your kids as well or not.

All the parents who travel with kids should pick airline seats strategically. The main objective of selecting such seats is to minimize contacts with other people. It is a good idea to refrain from reserving aisle seats. Moreover, you should also refrain from reserving seats in the rows located near restrooms. Make sure that you speak to the airline ahead of time and reserve the appropriate seats.

There are some essentials that you need to take along with you as you travel. For example, you should take hand sanitizer and proper face masks. Only buy hospital-grade sanitizers for higher effectiveness, and when it comes to masks, purchase reusable covers with multiple layers of protection like these masks from AusAir. Likewise, you should also carry disposable gloves, tissues, disinfecting wipes, and portable chargers.

Things to do at the airport

You should also be mindful on how to make your life easy as possible at the airport. It is advisable to check online before you come to the airport. This will not only save you time but will also minimize contact with ticketing agents. Then you will need to check the bags while going through minimum touchpoints. If you can keep the boarding information on your phone, you can further reduce interactions with people. So make sure your phone is fully charged.

There can be crowds at the airport. This is where you should try your best to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others who don’t travel with you. If your kid is aged above 2 years, you should provide a mask. Along with the mask, you can also allow the kids to wear face shields as they provide extra protection. Make sure that you purchase an appropriate mask that delivers both comfort and protection for the kids while wearing them for an extended duration of time.

You need to take complete advantage of family boarding. It will be less congested, and you will not have to wait in the queue at the ordinary pre-boarding line.

Things to do while you are on the plane

As soon as you get into the plane, you will need to wipe down everything with the help of disinfecting wipes. For example, you should wipe the seats, tray tables, arm rests, call button, and everything else that you will be touching.

Most airlines have paused their beverage and snack services. However, you will be provided with pack snacks. You can consume them quickly. Make sure that you keep the air vent wide open, so that you can facilitate circulation of air.

Follow these tips and you will minimise risk to yourself and others and will have a safe traveling experience with your kids during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Abandoned Places Near Me – 6 Creepiest Abandoned Places To Visit



Abandoned Places

Abandoned places near me are deserted places that once used to be inhabited by people. People left them due to many reasons like a catastrophe or some other serious reason.

You often get to hear about those places being haunted. Those stories can psychologically affect anyone.

Therefore, these places reflect ambiguousness. People hear so many scary stories related to the places that they feel scared to visit those places. We can’t ignore there is something eerie in those places.

There are also some very scary stories about those places that chill the bone. We come to hear stories about murder or suicide happened in a place that is now haunted. Many places are considered cursed and occupied with demonic power.

Let’s Explore Nearby Abandoned Places Locations In Your Area: 


There are so many abandoned places near you that you can find here on that are seen as cursed in every country. We can find many closeby abandoned places in India which are there for centuries. Many of them have become tourist attractions, but nobody likes to be there after the sunset.

There is an abandoned village named Kuldhara in Rajasthan that is considered cursed. There are many folk tales about the place, like a powerful minister there had an evil eye for the village head’s daughter.

So all the villagers left the village, and the brahmins cursed it that the village would never get inhabited by people.

It is now believed that the village is filled with many spirits. Many people claim that they felt the presence of spirit there. Apart from this, we can find many nearby abandoned places in Rajasthan. Bhangarh is considered the most haunted place in India. It is also on the list of Asia’s top paranormal places.


Bhangarh is now a tourist place, but it is advised not to visit there after sunset. Once, its use to be a prosperous estate had met a tragic end.

There is much folklore that suggests that the village was cursed by a tantric. The tantric who was involved in witchcraft once fallen in love with the beautiful princess there.

He made a magic potion conspire to give it to the princess to possess her. But somehow princess got to know that threw the potion away into a huge rock.

This rock killed the tantric who, during dying, cursed the whole village. The paranormal activities are considered so strong that ASI has placed a board there to avoid visiting this place after sunset.

Apart from its haunted side, it is a prehistoric place that is an attraction for many tourists worldwide. But it is during the evening that many locals and tourists felt the strange eeriness there. Many paranormal experts have visited the place.

Other Nearest Abandoned Places Locations To Explore

 Ross Island

The Ross Island is situated in Andaman and is considered as one of the haunted locations in India. It became abandoned after a massive earthquake hit it. It was once a British settlement that had become a ruin.

Its wildlife and old ruins attract many tourists. The long roots of the trees surround the ruins that give a spooky aura to the island.

 Mandu Town

In Madhya Pradesh, there is an abandoned town Mandu which is also considered haunted. Tourists love to visit this place to see the architectural marvel.

 Fatehpur Sikri

In Agra, there is a beautiful town Fatehpur Sikri built by king Akbar. It is known for its beautiful architecture is also on the list of haunted towns. Because of the scarcity of water there, this town became abandoned. Many of India’s closest abandoned places have tourist spots.

There are so many creepy abandoned places close to you to visit here. Many beautiful castles are unfortunately considered haunted. It is believed that many demonic and satanic powers are there in this place.

 Dundas Castle

There is a very famous derelict Dundas Castle in New York which is believed to be haunted by the spirit of Ralph Dundas. Many tourists claim to experience paranormal activity there. In Belgium, there is a Miranda castle which is considered haunted.

People love to see the architectural marvel and beautiful hues of the castle. It is surrounded by a forest where we can do camping gossiping about ghosts there.

Once, this castle used to be a fairy tale world, for the royal has now dilapidated. This can be one of the reasons we get psychologically affected by this place and feels a mysterious ambience there.

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