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15 Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers



Spring is in the air and it is again the favorite season for plant lovers!

If you are looking for gifts for someone who loves plants or gardening, here are some potential gifts which will be a perfect fit for the spring weather and mood!

Here is a list of gift ideas including gardening supplies, home decor, jewelry, planters, and more!

1. Handcrafted Macrame Plant Hanger with Shelf – $34.95

After hours of knotting, this meticulously handcrafted Macrame Plant Hanger with Shelf will be a wonderful gift for a plant lover or anyone who is interested in interior design! When vintage-meets-modern, this hanging shelf created with natural materials will be the perfect fit for any room!

2. Upflas-Solar Pathway Lights – from $19.95

This will come as a special surprise for someone who loves their garden! Powered by green solar energy, you never need to worry about changing the batteries of the garden lights. In fact, you only need to turn on the switch once, the light will then automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn. Their elegant hollow-carved shell design adds a charming and delightful glow to your pathways.

3. Elegant Plant Watering Spray Bottle/ Garden Mister – $13.95

A plant mister will always be the most functional gift for a plant lover. This pumpkin shaped mister has a lightweight and elegant design. You can manually adjust the water pressure and avoid overwatering.

4. Indoor Garden Starter Kit – $39.95

Nothing can be better than eating what you have grown at your home! With these growing kits, you can equip the countertop of your kitchen with fresh herbs and plants. This will be a fun and rewarding project for any plant lover!

5. LED Bonsai Tree Lamp  – from $39.95

Do you or someone you know often spend a long time working in the same space? This unique Tree Lamp can brighten up your mood and create a relaxing home office. The tree branches are easily adjustable which gives you the opportunity to DIY your space.

6. Tropical Wall Decals / Wall Sticker – $16.95

Studies have shown that elements of nature can significantly improve our mood! This removable + waterproof wall sticker can be a nice gift for plant lovers, and also can be a fun DIY project for families and couples.

7. Cactus Humidifier / Aromatherapy Diffuser – $24.95

The most adorable gift for someone who loves aromatherapy or enjoys humid air in their rooms! Simply plug this cactus humidifier into your computer and it will create a cozy environment for your workspace or bedroom.

8. Lucha Lamp – Owl Lights – $29.95

Lucha Lamp is your garden’s nocturnal ward! Standing tall, its majestic esthetic is a wonderful addition to any outdoor place and a perfect light source for creating a soothing atmosphere! It takes a minute to set it up, all you need to do is stake it down and adjust the solar panel. Without any wires, bills, or hassle, Lucha Lamp will lighten up your garden beautifully with green solar energy!

9. Baby Groot Planter Pot – $21.95

We all know someone who is a fan of the characters in the Marvel Universe, and this baby Groot planter pot will be the perfect gift! Amazing details of the facial expressions of baby Groot are carved on this premium quality planter pot. It can also serve as a pen holder, or flower holder.

10. Real Leaf Necklaces – $16.95

Each of these real leaf necklaces is made out of a real leaf. It will be the most elegant and natural gift for someone special!

11. “Just One More” Funny Plant Lover Unisex T-Shirt – from $17.91

We all know someone who loves plants so much and can’t stop getting more of them. This will be the perfect T-shirt for those plant lovers! This funny T-shirt will make them smile!

12. Self Watering System – Animal Shaped – from $12.95

 The Self-watering system for indoor plants & outdoor plants is suitable for lazy plant lovers or people who are often away from home. No more worries about the water levels! Shaped in adorable animals, these Self-watering devices will also be a wonderful home decoration.

13. 3D Cactus Cup – $14.95

We all know someone who loves cactus and little plants, and this cactus cup would be the perfect gift for them! This unique cactus cup will brighten your mornings! This adorable cup comes with a spoon and you will be ready to serve the morning coffee/tea with it!

14. Shovel Spoon – from $6.95

Funny and unique gift for someone who loves plants and gardening! Enjoy your tea or dessert with these spoons! Shock your friends when you pretend to be gardening on your cake.

15. DIY Miniature Garden/ Plant House – from $46.95

Building a miniature garden can be a lot of fun for a plant lover. This miniature flower house will be a dream come true for someone who wants to have their own greenhouse one day! This can also be a great DIY project for family and friends.

For more ideas about gifts for plant lovers, visit the website Get 15% off with coupon code “spring15”!

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Four things you need to know before renting a flat in Mumbai




This article will guide you on things to consider while renting a flat in Mumbai that meets all your needs and make the search for a flat a manageable process. The main thing is the house you are looking for should fit your lifestyle which means, you shouldn’t have to make any significant changes to your lifestyle next when you rent a flat in Mumbai next time.

Four things you need to consider before renting a flat in Mumbai

The apartment you are renting in Mumbai should meet all your lifestyle requirements. Here are some factors to understand before starting your apartment hunt:

Commute: how far is it from your workplace?

Mumbai might be blessed with excellent connectivity throughout the city with the metro and local transit line. Still, it’s always best to look for an area closer to your workplace and have easy access to other amenities, and it best suits your lifestyle.

Nearby essential stores: Are there any good-quality grocery stores available?

Before shifting to your new flat, you need to check on the nearby supermarkets or grocery stores nearby. There are also options like many online grocery delivery apps like Grofers, Big Basket, etc., that provide these things at your doorstep. 

Safety: What are the safety measures in the neighborhood? Would you feel safe renting a home in that locality?

Since Mumbai is always jostling with people all around the clock, it’s ideal to rent a safe and convenient home. Check if the flat you want to rent follows apartment safety rules and regulations. Security features like alarms, fences, deadbolt locks, CCTV cameras, and security guards are all in place.

Amenities: What are the amenities offered and usability norms? For example, parking, community pools, gyms, and parks.

While a rental property may offer several amenities, check your priority are taken care. For example, If you have two cars in the family, check for the additional parking available and the cost for the same. Do a check on your needs versus availability to simplify the search process.

Final Thoughts

Renting a flat in Mumbai is a great experience — if you do it right. There’s a lot of effort that goes into renting a perfect apartment. However, the benefits of finding a happy and comfortable home often outweigh the work it took to get there. Before starting your new flat search for renting, have a clear understanding of your requirements.

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Top Six Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your Old House




Believe it or not, you can keep spending thousands of dollars improving your home’s exterior but cannot still match the wonder a landscape alone adds. A well-maintained garden can make your prospective buyers fall in love with the property at first sight and pay comparatively more price than for the houses that lack the green element.

So, if you are putting your old house on sale any time soon, here are some ideas that you can use to improve your landscaping condition and fetch the best possible deal –

  1. Mow the Grass

Greenery is, of course, attractive, but anything overboard can make your surroundings look like a wild forest. And it is only by cutting the grass more often that you can make it look tame. That is why landscaping experts suggest mowing the lawn about two times a week.

  • Use Lawn Edging

Lawn edging is a divider between the lawn and the rest of the garden, such as a flower border, play area or path. It is used to keep mulch or other material such as gravel in place and stop turf grass from growing into flower beds and other areas. You can use it to define different areas of the garden and enhance the landscape design. Choose low-profile aluminum or flexible strips of faux rocks – anything that compliments the house overall.

  • Plant Colorful Flowers

The role of landscaping is to let people notice your house amongst many other properties of the neighborhood. Trees, bamboo, and bushes can hide away the ugly views but generally not preferable because of the problems they cause to the foundation. Instead, accent plants such as roses are better as they pull the eye to the front door by adding a pop of color and are even easy to take care of.

  • Tackle Irrigation Issues

A bad irrigation system is not only troublesome to handle but also unhealthy for your plants and trees. The repairs are expensive but not to be ignored to save long-term loss. There are automatic sprinklers these days to cut down over-watering habits but you need to read the manual book carefully. Get in touch with an expert who can customize the watering schedule to work in your garden.

  • Add Personalized Elements

Even the best-maintained backyards look boring without a comfortable seating option. So, think about decks and patios. Install outdoor furniture along for a quick appraisal in your home’s resale value. Other interesting elements can be a water fountain, fire pit, barbecue, lights, and more. If you are on a tight budget, you can explore thrift stores. You can get a lot of things in good condition there.

  • Carry Out Regular Cleaning

You cannot expect your landscape to always remain in a tidy condition. Piled-up leaves, stringy weeds, water algae, dirty pool filters are something you have to deal with daily; only then can you stage the landscape well along with your home.  Hence, stick to your cleaning schedule till the day you don’t finalize the deal.

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Reasons Why Omega Watches Should Be Part Of Your Watch Collection



omega watches

Most people would agree that a watch is one of the essential possessions a person can own today. Others believe that a good relationship with time can help change your outlook in life. A watch enables you to keep track of time and even makes you value the amount of it that you spend with the love of your life. Understanding how to spend your time wisely will change your life.

Even with the long list of luxurious watch brands that are currently in the market, Omega timepieces are still able to stand out and showcase their uniqueness and durability. If you are having second thoughts, this article will list down a few of the reasons why you should include this brand in your watch collections.

Their Watches Are Versatile

Omega is a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer. It is well respected and in the world of luxury watches. Their timepieces have been around the world and even worn by significant personalities like Elvis Presley and the Royal family. They have also been part of some crucial expeditions that were celebrated by the world.

When it comes to versatility, Omega is one of the top lists. Planet Ocean Omega and the brand’s other lines like De Ville, Speedmaster, Constellation are only a few of the reasons for the company’s success. Not only that, their watches can be worn on the moon and in the ocean. Their versatile styles and designs make them wearable at any formal events, at the office, or even at home during leisure time.


Aside from revolutionizing how their watches’ movements are assembled, the company has made significant steps for the entire watchmaking industry by coming up with a way to upgrade a watch’s resistance to a magnetic field. Magnetic fields can be damaging to any timepiece, making it inaccurate and slowing it down over time.

Keeping your watches stored anywhere away from devices and other things that have a magnetic field like your mobile phone is the best way to prevent them from getting damaged. Fortunately, Omega successfully created a movement that did not include ferrous materials. This means that they are not vulnerable to magnetics. This innovation has become very helpful to the growing watch industry.


Aside from the excitement of owning a luxury watch, the timepiece should serve its essential purpose; provide an accurate time. Omega watches have been tested over and over and still have proven their accuracy. The company has even broken the record for accurate timekeeping held in Geneva in 1950.

In case you do not know, Omega is the brand that is chosen to become the official timekeeper of the Olympics. It began in 1932 when the company produced 30 stopwatches in the Los Angeles Games and was carried on until today.

They Are Swiss Made

For a watch to be called “Swiss Made,” its pieces must have been assessed for quality, assembled, and manufactured within the borders of Switzerland. Swiss-made watches are considered to be the cream of the crop, especially when it comes to luxury. Swiss have an extensive history in crafting reliable and beautiful timepieces.

Swiss-made watches typically have mechanical movements; these are tiny gears and cogs that can keep time when put together accurately. These intricate, handcrafted pieces and bits are expertly assembled to create a watch that will stand through the years. Omega follows a Swiss world-renowned watchmaking protocol, producing a lasting heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.

The Company Is Socially Responsible

There is a lot more to love about the brand when you get to know its heart. First, it honors itself in being a responsible and ethical brand. It is a proud member of Responsible Jewellery Council – a non-profit organization that sets an international standard of responsible practices for gold, platinum, and diamonds.

The code practices environmental impact, product disclosure, labor rights, human rights, and many more crucial topics regarding the jewelry supply chain.

Another great thing that Omega is subtle but should be proud of is their cooperation with Orbis International. Orbis runs a flying eye hospital carrying state of the art medical facilities. The plane visits the remote parts of the world to provide assistance to people who suffer from blindness, honoring them the gift of sight.


The watch industry is growing and growing over time, with many excellent watches being offered from luxurious brands, and one of them is Omega. The company has been long known for its quality made timepieces making it one of the favorites today. If you have second thoughts on including this in your collection, the reasons stated above should help.

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Women choose to wear wigs for many reasons, from hair loss to the excitement of experimenting with different hair colors and styles. At Just Wigs, we are a big believer that finding the perfect wig builds confidence in our women, and we believe that the wide selection available can be overwhelming. To make your search a little easier, this blog post tells you all you need to know about the amazing benefits of a lace front wig!

What is a lace front wig?

Lace front wigs are worn by Hollywood stars and celebrities such as Beyoncé ،, Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Tyra Banks to give them the perfect high style for movies, concerts, and carpets. Over the past decade, lace front wig have grown in popularity, and it’s no wonder why! What makes these wig designs stand out is their sheer lace front construction, which has revolutionized the shape of natural wigs. The front lace wig has a small sheer lace panel attached to the wig’s hairline. The hairband is tied on it, which has the effect of an unrecognizable hairline and creates the illusion that new hair is growing.

Why is a lace front wig so popular?

Natural impression

When wearing a lace front wig, the biggest benefit is the illusion of growing hair with a natural hairline. Because of how natural the wig looks, it is almost impossible to tell which wearer is wearing the wig! Just in wigs, we are excited about our customers that they feel very comfortable and comfortable in their wigs. In the lace front wig, the natural impression presented is a great confidence booster for those experiencing hair losses. Lace front wigs are great for finding the unnatural boundary between your wig and the skin, making it great for people looking for new hairstyles to find.

Comfort is the key

Lace front wigs are lighter and more comfortable than many other wig constructions, especially during hot weather, or when wearing a wig for long periods of time when your scalp gets hot and starts to sweat. ۔ However, when wearing a lace front wig, your scalp can breathe because the lace is so sheer.

Ease of application

Here at Wigs Only, we offer a range of pre-cut wigs so they are ready to wear. Alternatively, we offer uncut and partial cut wigs, which give you the option to be in charge of your beautiful hair. If this is your first time wearing a lace front wig and you need to know how to wear it, please read our guide to all our expert tips.

Your wig, your style

Another advantage of lace front wigs is the versatility when styling. There is no place on the nape (behind the neck), just a wig edge that adds volume to your wig. For some women, a volatized wig may be preferred, giving the impression of healthy, brittle dry hair.

Many of our women find that lace front wigs look more natural when the wig is not refrigerated. This is because of the combination of wig and skin, which creates a natural-looking hairline, giving you more confidence in discovering styling options. Similarly, you can clean any of our frontless wigs without risking exposing the edge of the wig.

The perfect wig for you

For more information on how to care for lace front wigs, please read our guide to learn more about lace front wigs.

Finding the perfect wig can be a daunting task, especially if this is your first wig and you are not sure what you are looking for. Just at Wigs, you can browse our wide range of wigs to find the perfect wig for yourself!

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Installation of closure wigs




Closure wigs are soon becoming popular among women all over the world. Regardless of hair type and skin tone, women are increasingly embracing the closure wigs and choosing them over others. If you’re asking why closure wigs are so mainstream, there are a number of reasons, ranging from calm to basic installation.

The basic explanation that most women like about the closure wig is that they create hair that looks very normal, thus improving when the image of their human hair is introduced.

Hair closures protect your regular hair. In the closure wigs, you do not need to avoid some hair with center or side parts. As all things being equal, you twist the whole thing of your hair at once and avoid damage caused by heat, toilet, and various other things.

Here are steps to install closure wigs

  1.  Mash your hair into the corners and place it on the wigs before you put the piece in your hair. The wig cap guarantees that your hair does not appear at the ends.
  2.  Apply some Got2B splash in your temples to get a wig cap on your head.
  3.  Apply fixtures to the pieces of the wig cap that allow the result to become clear. (Apply it to a part of the center, inside the center, or to a part on one side). Make sure the stimulant is your right combination, or in case it is a lighter shade than your skin.
  4.  Little remove the excess of your wig cap from your temple with a small pair of scissors. For example, the form in which your closure wigs is needed, and confirms the disappearance without any abundance.
  5.  Get the phantom bond, place it on the tail of a wooden stick or brush and apply the paste on the part of your head where the result will be. The phantom bond will maintain the closure and prevent it from constantly retreating. (Make sure you apply the paste at least an inch away from your hair to protect it from damage to the hair.)
  6.  Gently place your hair from front to back. Spot the distribution appropriately, so it’s on the part you helped with the installation. Make sure that the front part of your hair is on the sideband and press down with your own hand to get the result. (Make sure it is straight and not warped.)
  7.  Use a small brush to brush back the previous hair while pressing down on the paste.
  8.  Believe that your end will be dry, and then you take your scissors and cut the web in front of your closure wigs. Follow the example of the hair on the front while minimizing the web, so this is as normal as can really be expected.
  9.  When you trim the web completely, your installation is over!

As a result of introducing your end, you will continue to try to prep whatever you want, depending on the personality of your closure wigs. You will use styles for straight hair or wavy hair.

All the management you may want to try, oil, and change, and your closure wigs are ready.

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