15 Benefits of Water Treatment

Water is essential for life and this is an undeniable truth. Our bodies, our planet, and our day-to-day life, everything depends on water. However, using contaminated or poor-quality water can be harmful to our health and make water-related activities such as gardening, cleaning, etc. harder. 

Many people in underdeveloped countries lose their lives due to the unavailability of clean drinking water. Developed nations such as Canada, United States, Australia have strict regulations to supply clean drinking water to everyone. Still, scientists are of the view that adding chlorine, pumping water with high pressure, and passing it through long pipes can ruin the natural properties of water. Some substances such as lead, plastic, and bacteria can still make their way to the water. 

Therefore, having a proper treatment method that makes water safe and utilizes its unique properties is essential. 

Let’s discuss what these treatments are and how they can benefit us:

What is the Water Treatment Process?

Water treatment process is any method that aims to improve the quality of water for drinking, irrigation, industrial, or household usage. These processes are essential to remove unwanted elements from water such as harmful bacteria, hard metals, and chemicals such as pesticides, plastic content, or other disease-causing germs. Certain treatments can even revitalize the natural properties of water which are generally lost as a result of extreme processing during purification. 

The most common types of water treatment process include:

· Coagulation / Flocculation

· Sedimentation

· Filtration

· Disinfection

· Fluoridation

· Sludge drying

· Water revitalization through vortexing

These treatment methods work on different levels. Let’s have a look and see some of the benefits that you can get out of water treatment process in general.

Benefits of Water Treatment

  1. One of the key benefits of most water treatments is that it makes water safe for drinking purposes by killing the disease-causing bacteria. Therefore we can say that water treatment can improve the microbiological and chemical properties of drinking water. 
  2. Treated water is safer for patients, pregnant women, and infants.
  3. Proper treatment can provide you with the quality water that is good for the functioning of your brain, kidneys, heart, and bladder
  4. Water treatment process such as filtration can separate the solid particles from a liquid using a physical or chemical method thus making the water free from particles such as lead, plastic, etc.
  5. Certain types of water treatment can also help reduce the concentration of various harmful components in water for example fluoridation is performed to balance out the fluoride content that can adversely affect the dental cavity.
  6. Another benefit of water treatment is balancing out the water pH level so that it helps keep your internal pH in check. 
  7. Water treatment such as can help revive the natural properties of water and give you more physical energy, hydration, and strength. 
  8. Water treatment can soften hard water and increase the lifespan of your appliances used at home. Soft water is also good for skin and hair. Usually, water is softened by adding lime and subsequent precipitation of magnesium as magnesium hydroxide and calcium as calcium carbonate. However, treatment such as vortexing can naturally soften the water without the addition of any chemicals.
  9. Vortex treatment can even improve the taste of the water.
  10.  Certain treatments can even improve the molecular structure of water, restoring its natural state. This leads to reviving water’s natural properties such as self-cleaning, and hydration, making it extremely beneficial to use.  
  11.  At the industrial level, treated water can decrease manufacturing costs and increase the quality of the products. 
  12.  Some water treatments can save you from the side effects of chemicals added for disinfection. For example, when a large amount of chlorine is added to water to kill germs, it does its job but it can cause rectal, colon, and bladder cancers. Water revitalization treatment can help avert these harmful effects. 
  13.  Using certain water treatments can be more cost-effective and benefit your budget. For example, drinking filtered water in bottled form is more costly than installing a water treatment system at home. 
  14.  Cooking with water treated with a technology that improves its taste will lead to improving the taste of the meal.
  15.  Certain types of water treatment can help lift off the burden from the environment that is caused by today’s water crisis. 

While all kinds of water treatment help mankind get a clean and healthy supply of water, it is important to choose the treatment method 

How Does Vortexing Work for Water?

Naturally, in springs and streams, when water moves in a spiral, it forms a vortex. This movement brings energy to water, secures its micro-clustered molecular structure, which is essential for keeping water’s natural benefits. 

Austrian forester, scientist, and true mastermind, Viktor Schauberger was one of the first who observed this phenomenon and developed the technology that mimics water’s natural flow in water. Once the water goes through the vortex treatment, implosion happens – its natural molecular equilibrium is restored.

The findings of Viktor Schauberger have inspired the development of The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ – an evolutionary treatment solution that puts water through double-spiral flow form. 

After revitalizing, water regains its health, strength, and vitality leading to the following benefits: 

  • Micro-clustered water molecules are easier to absorb through the stomach and skin, leading to optimal hydration and improved bodily functions; 
  • The Vortex Water Revitalizer softens hard water, improving its taste and feel;
  • Revitalized water has superior anti-bacterial properties, which makes water safer and results in better hygiene; 
  • Water’s natural pH is restored;
  • Added chlorine evaporates quickly; 
  • Using The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ for gardening has fantastic results – plants receive optimal hydration and nutrients from the soil, growing bigger and stronger.
  • Not only you, but your pets will get amazing benefits from drinking and bathing in revitalized water. 
  • Increased levels of dissolved oxygen make breaking down the wastewater more efficient, resultantly benefiting the environment. 
  • Using revitalized water decreases the need for bottled water and allows you to minimize your use of plastic. 

Above are just a small portion of the advantages offered by this water treatment solution! Click to see an in-depth analysis of The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ benefits

How to Revitalize Water at Home

Revitalizing water at home is as simple as it gets – The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ requires a single, non-permanent installation. After that, you can enjoy revitalized water throughout your home and observe how it transforms every single water-related activity. 


There’s no doubt that today’s water problems require having a proper water treatment solution. Amongst the many options used nowadays on the industrial and household level, vortex technology is the one with the ability to reinstate the natural structure of water. This helps water to revive its self-cleaning ability, making it softer and more beneficial for the entire household.

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