12 Facts About Bangla Keyboard That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

Bharat’s Bangla Keyboardhas created quite a lot of buzz. It incorporates some of the latest trending features making it one of the most loved keyboards for the millennials. This new generation of people no longer compromises in terms of quality and effectiveness. They want the best, that too, with minimum efforts, rendering a seamless conversational atmosphere.

As more people join the group of smartphone users, the need for regional language keyboards is indispensable. Bharat keyboard has addressed this need and launched its range of regional keyboards for an augmented user experience.

Here we are talking about the Bangla keyboard. Read on to figure the 12 facts about Bangla Keyboard that will knock your socks off.

  1. Bengali typing keyboard is a robust medium that renders a seamless chatting experience in four different ways. First, you can chat in Bengali with an assortment of Bangla letters. Second, you can use the English alphabet to frame Bengali sentences. Third, you can type in Banglish that uses transliteration to transform the English phrases into Bangla phrases. The Fourth way you can use this keyboard is by using the compact keyboard. It has all the required features in a compact form. Moreover, users can easily interchange between these features as per their needs.
  2. Bangla language keyboard is saturated with customization features. Here, you can customize the fonts and choose your preferred option. There are, indeed, a variety of options to choose from.
  3. Bangla typing keyboard lets users save their information as it has added a section named my shortcuts. Here users can save their personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, frequently used phrases, and words, email addresses. Moreover, they can customize this section and add a shortcut of their own choice. 
  4. The Bangla Keyboard keeps updating itself to incorporate the ongoing phenomenon. The Covid-19 induced emergency situation required an intense amount of verified information all across the country. With its latest version, the Bangla keyboard incorporated a separate section named Covid-19 resources to help users find verified leads in one’s city, links for guidance to recover from the disease, in fact, the link of the Cowin, which is the vaccination application for Indians to book their slots in order to register themselves for the vaccine shots.
  5. The Bengali typing keyboard offers a variety of quotes, jokes, and shayaris that can be shared on other social media platforms. This feature is useful as users can share their kind of sayings with minimum effort.
  6. The Bobblehead feature lets users capture and transform their faces as stickers for personalizing the conversation experience. Users can share and create as many heads as they want and let their creativity shine.
  7. Bangla Keyboard with Bangla Stickers– as the name suggests, the keyboard consists of multiple sticker packs to choose from that the users are left spoilt of preferences. Moreover, users can create their own stickers to reflect upon their individual temperaments.
  8. The GIFs make your conversations livelier than ever. GIFs can brighten any conversation instantly, enabling users to experience a fun, personalized chat platform that actually provides a quality experience.
  9.  Customize your keyboard theme and choose your favorite picture as the theme. Yes! Bangla keyboard has a diversified theme ranging from nature to the option of setting a theme of one’s own creation.
  10. The Bangla typing keyboard has one of the most elaborate settings including the extent of auto-correct, key pop-ups, heights, and width to customize as per smartphone, suggestions regarding words, GIFs, and stickers with an integrated authentic Bangla Dictionary and speech-to-text feature.
  11. Bangla keyboard is an AI-enabled chat platform. Its intelligent algorithms work round the clock to provide smooth typing interference for its users. A keyboard that understands user intent, suggests emojis and phrases so that the keyboard doesn’t become a hindrance in your conversations.

The Bengali typing keyboard is more fun with your friends and family. Add your friends to the keyboard and have fun while chatting.Download the Bengali Keyboard app now!

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