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12 Easy Birthday Decoration Ideas in 2021

No matter whose birthday it is, be it children, adult or teenager, the decoration of the special day usually can give you stress. From the selection of something conventional to thematic decoration, there is a most important thing that needs to be considered is the budget. Before we directly just jump into the elements needed for decoration for birthdays, let us know why decorations are considered so crucial part of the celebration?

So, decoration for a birthday enhances the beauty of the special occasion, makes the person feel special, psychologically swifts your mood to the next level, and also adds fun. With so many benefits of decoration for birthday parties, there won’t be everything the same for organizing a party. Sometimes you might go the extra miles to go for a royal kind of theme or else sometimes you would want to bring the retro 80s to your party decoration. Renting a professional decoration is not always to go thing for everyone. And perhaps you won’t even feel convenient enough to get an event planner every single time if your budget does not seek to burn your pocket. 

For a budget-friendly decoration on birthdays, decorating yourself with an amazing and easy birthday decorationessential is quite trending nowadays. If you are aware of what all you have to get, you won’t be less than a pro event planner! 

To make your born day or your special one’s birthday a memorable one and an affair which mostly would love to talk about, we have come up with some easy birthday decoration ideas for you that are so much trending in 2021.

  • Add Precious Gold and Silver

The stunning metallic shine of silver and gold work excellently at any time of year and especially for your birthday decorations. These shades are special when added to party displays. The warmth of gold pairs well with any kind of party decoration while the silver adds shine to the entire celebration. Mixing and matching gold and silver pieces can be a sure way to warm up any decorative display.

  • Never Judge a Balloon By Its Look

Balloons have always been great essentials for birthday party decorations. Nothing adds special party vibes very well than a set of happy birthday balloons. Ranging from latex, foil to confetti balloons, you can go for any or go for all to decorate your special day. From numerical, alphabet to special themed birthday balloons, the addition of balloons can create a whole lot of difference in your party vibe. 

  • Banner Can Be Real Fun

Banners are one of the easy and essential parts of any party decoration. And what else can be so exciting than the addition of happy birthday banners on your birthday that shouts and wishes your HAPPY BIRTHDAY loudly? From color, occasion, to designs, several trending banners can be added to your birthday decoration this year. Banners always do not need to be bright and shiny as subtle shimmer banners can also be a strong element enhancing the wall décor of your party.

  • Memorable Moments With Stunning Photo Booth Props

Stunning funky and fun-filled photo booth props can get a total to your birthday decoration. Double the fun at your party with a collection of party props that will surely cherish the birthday celebration for a long time. In the time of selfie obsession, party props can be really fun to click on an insta-worthy picture.

  • Wall Stickers To Complement Other Favours

Another easy birthday decoration item for this year can be the addition of party stickers. If you have already planned your theme, get some amazing party stickers according to your theme party. Stickers can be a fun and easy way to enhance your entire party decoration in no time.

  • Swirl Hanging Decorations

Swirl hangings can be one of the best ways to add hanging decorations to your birthday party. As they are so much on trend nowadays, they come in several themes, sizes, and colors to enhance the indoor well and outdoor decoration. You can add swirls along with other party favors to make the day more memorable and auspicious.

  • Flag Banners to Shine

Flag banners are always a thing to make the birthday decoration more happening. Flag banners are so much on trend according to the theme that they can be seen at almost every party. Flag banners can be one of the most unique ways to add beauty to your empty wall. 

  • Funky Party Accessories

Funky party accessories are always an exciting thing to jazz up your birthday parties. To make birthday girls feel special on their birthday, you can get a stunning soft satin sash while men can go for a birthday badge as well. Funky goggles, masks, tiaras, caps, and many more are other exciting party accessories to add fun and excitement to your special day.

  • Blow the Designer Candles

A cake without a candle is always incomplete after all blowing candle on a birthday has always been a tradition for ages. The next easy and coolest way for your cake’s decoration can be the addition of a numerical or designer candle according to your theme. 

  • Accentuate Your Cake With Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are a great deal when we talk about enhancing the look of your simple birthday cake. No matter what cake you get, the addition of toppers is always the go-to trend to make your guests impressed. Cake toppers can also be your keepsake to treasure memories.

  • Dual Benefit of Ribbons

Let’s are true! Ribbons are no matter common party essentials, however, they are the easiest way of birthday decoration idea! Tie it to a balloon, make flowers and decorate the table, or else stylishly wrap your birthday gifts! From colorful ribbons to printed ribbons, there are so many options that you can go for.

  • Every Thing Whimsical With Rose Gold

Rose Gold decorations have always been a priority of those who want something simple yet elegant kind of birthday decoration. It can be one of the best and easiest ways to expand your birthday party decorations as it is all about rose gold. Go for everything in this shade and see the magic in few minutes!

Whatever the case may be, when you are looking forward to planning a birthday party, above mentioned birthday decoration ideas can work to get the festivities started on the right foot! Select some of these selected ideas that work for your theme and create an easy and quick decoration done like a pro!

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