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12 Best Teaching Strategies for Teaching Lines and Shapes in 2020



12 Best Teaching Strategies for Teaching Lines and Shapes in 2020

Lines and Shapes serve as the basics to the mathematical domain known as geometry. Unlike other areas of mathematics, geometry has a visual and kinesthetic aspect to it. Geometry has always been a challenge for educators to get through to their students. The primary aim of this article is to offer various teaching strategies for teachers and educators to use while teaching geometry.

What is a Line?

It is pertinent to understand the types of lines and the applications of them. Understanding shapes is a cakewalk once lines are understood well. 

A line is defined as a set of points that extend in opposite directions. It can be extended indefinitely and has no defining limit. It has no thickness. It is one dimensional. Listed below are the types of lines most used in geometry.

Line Segment

A line segment is a part of a line which has endpoints. 

For example, if we consider a 15 cm scale as a line, a small portion of around 3 cm to 5 cm would be a line segment.


A ray is a line that has only one end/starting point. It extends in another direction endlessly.

For example, a ray of light coming from a torch.

Horizontal Line

A horizontal line is a ray that moves from left to right or vice versa in a

straight direction.

For example, the Horizontal Axis or X-Axis

Vertical Line

A vertical line is a ray that moves from top to bottom or vice versa in a straight direction.

For example, the Vertical Axis or Y-Axis

Parallel Lines 

When two straight lines don’t meet at any point, even at infinity, they are known as parallel lines. 

For example, lines of a notebook or railway tracks.

Perpendicular Lines

When two lines meet at a right angle (90o), the lines are considered

perpendicular to each other. 

For example, The Red Cross symbol or the corners of two walls.

Tangent Lines

A tangent (line) is a line that touches the curve of a circle at any given point. 

For example, the broadness and tallness of a building.

Secant Lines

A secant (line) is a line that meets the circumference of a circle exactly twice. 

For example, used in illustrating electronic waves in different modes of communication.

Cuemath, an online education portal that is revolutionizing the study of mathematics and coding believes that even a simple concept like lines can have multiple interactive and smart approaches. Cuemath’s approach is highly personalized according to a student’s strengths and weaknesses. 

To learn more about lines, click here. . 

What are Shapes?

Shapes are made by using a combination of lines and points.

There are two categories of shapes. 

1.    Two Dimensional Shapes (2D Shapes)

2.    Three Dimensional Shapes (3D Shapes)

While these two are the broad categories of shapes, listed below are two other types based on their symmetry.

1.    Regular/Symmetrical Shapes

2.    Irregular/Asymmetrical Shapes

Shapes that can be represented  by a combination of lines and points on the X and Y planes are known as 2D shapes.

Shape NameSides Edges Vertices AnglesExamples
Triangle 333Sum of  Internal Angles = 180°Pizza  Slice, Pyramids of Giza, Road Signs
Square 444Vertices,  meet at 90°Chessboard,  Coasters, Keys on a keyboard
Rectangle444Vertices,  meet at 90°License  Plates, Playing Cards, Indian Rupee Notes
Circle000NDCoins,  Pizza, Wheels
Semi-Circle2*2*22 angles  at the ends of the straight edge forming a 90° angle. Chinese  Fans, Umbrella, Bowls
Parallelogram444Opposite  angles are always equal (supplementary angles) and add up to 180°.Neck of a  Guitar, United States Postal Service Symbol
Rhombus 444The  opposite angles of a rhombus are equal. (Congruent Angles)Kites,  Baseball Field, Jewellery 
Trapezium 444Sum of  all angles is equal to 360°Handbags,  Bridge Truss Supports, Popcorn Tins

* Semi Circles have 1 straight side/edge and 1 curved side/edge.

Polygons are shapes with more than 5 sides. Some examples of polygons are,

1. Pentagon

2. Hexagon

3. Octagon

4. Nonagon

5. Decagon

Three Dimensional Shapes (3D Shapes)

3D shapes are represented on the x,y and z planes.

Shape NameFacesEdges Vertices AnglesExamples
Cube6128All  vertices meet right angles.Rubik’s  Cube
Cuboid6128All  vertices meet right angles.Matchbox
Cone2*2*1Angle at  the Apex  Θ = LRIce Cream  Cone
Cylinder3**3**0In a  right cylinder, the axis is perpendicular to both basesPringles  Chips Can

*Cone has 1 curved face/edge and 1 straight face/edge.

**Cylinder has 1 curved face/edge and 2 straight faces/edges.

This topic is vast and has a lot of scope in fields like design and architecture.

So it is important for the students to have a clear understanding. For this reason, at Cuemath, lessons are made as informative and interactive as possible. Enrol in Cuemath to shape your child’s math in the right way. Learn Math the right way with Cuemath. 

Strategies for Teaching Lines and Shapes in 2020

While we are in the middle of a pandemic, teachers have had to take innovative approaches to teach online. Here have come with some strategies for teachers to follow which are internet friendly.

  1. Math Yoga 

Exercise and Education together in one activity. In this activity, the teacher will ask students to form various shapes with their bodies. This way students are using their very own bodies as a medium of understanding. It is a fun activity and can be done over video calls.

  1. Stationary Games 

In this activity, students just need standard stationery. They are expected to form various shapes using their stationary. Whether crayons or markers or pens, this activity can be done remotely.

  1. Geometry Scavenger Hunt

In this activity, students have to find various shapes around their house within a specific amount of time. It is a good way to start the day as it is a true adrenaline rush. Students have to run through the house and find all sorts of shapes.

  1. Extension 

In a way, our bodies are extensions of various shapes. Ask students to draw their bodies in the form of shapes. The more elaborate the drawing and shapes, the higher the child’s marks.  

  1. Geo Quiz

A very often asked question inexams and Olympiads is the number of the sides, edges and vertices in a shape. Despite it being such a popular question, students have problems recollecting the information. A terrific way to cement this information is a quiz based on geometry. A rapid-fire round about all information about shapes is a fun and powerful way to strengthen a student’s foundation.

  1. Sorting Shapes

On shopping sites like Amazon, many shape sorters are available which students can use to sort various shapes and put them into their respective slots. This helps students give a good practical approach to shapes and a more elaborate understanding.

  1. Drawing and Coloring 

Often adopted by art teachers, these are activities that help students come in touch with their artistic side while also learning something new. Showing popular artists’ works that are made of shapes helps too, like Kandinsky’s.

  1. Make a Shape Collage 

In a piece of paper, ask students to fit as many shapes as possible. This way students will learn how to manage shapes and learn concepts like congruence and symmetry.

  1. Sorting Household Objects 

In this activity students will sort objects, they use on a day to day basis, according to shapes. This can help them in their understanding of the subject and might prove useful to their moms too!

  1. Play Dough

Every child owns a play dough set and needs to be put to better use than making shapeless blobs. Play Dough can be used to give children a better understanding of shapes and they can get as creative as possible by playing with them.

  1. Baking 

While this is not an activity that a teacher can demonstrate in the class, parents can help to do this by using children’s help while baking. Baking is an art of precision and involves shapes of all sorts. This way children get to learn something and make their tummies happy as well.

  1. Animated Movies 

Ask students to watch animated movies and spot all the different shapes in the movie. This is a fun activity that the parents and kids can do together.

Cuemath has been providing its game-changing services for students across the world. With a unique approach of making students understand a concept instead of rote memorization, Cuemath makes sure students learn math the right way. 


Don’t let learning online become a boring activity. With these strategies, you can rest assured that your students are getting the best lessons sitting in the comforts of their homes.  

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4 Reasons Why Asbestos is Dangerous




Asbestos is a mineral composed of microscopic, malleable fibres. These fibres are heat, corrosion and electricity resistant. This resistance makes asbestos a good insulator and its fibrous structure means it can be used in building materials such as cement, roofing, or flooring.

However, this comes with risk. Every individual fibre of asbestos is composed of even smaller fibrils that can break off into the air when disturbed. Exposure to this toxic substance is highly dangerous, inhaled airborne fibres can be permanently trapped in lung tissue.

These fibres will cause you to develop serious diseases and cancers over a long period.

Because these afflictions progress over such a long period by the time they are diagnosed it is often too late to recover from. That is why it is important to know the dangers of asbestos exposure and how to keep yourself safe.


Mesothelioma will cause a malignant tumour to form in the lung lining after inhaling asbestos. This type of cancer can spread to the lining of the surrounding abdomen, heart, ovaries and testes.

The symptoms include the shortness of breath and pain when breathing, eating or coughing. Pressure on vital organs by the tumour and fluid build-up causes these symptoms.

After diagnosis, patients in England have a survival rate greater than 44.5% for the first twelve months. The survival rate at five years is around 6.5%. Treatment is through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical treatment or palliative care. 

Asbestos Lung Cancer

Only a small percentage of lung cancer is exclusively caused by asbestos. However, exposure will increase the risk of developing lung cancer from other sources such as tobacco smoking.

Inhaled asbestos will be lodged into lung tissue where the fibres will cause genetic damage to the cells, turning them cancerous. Much like with Mesothelioma this will develop over a long time. Additionally after developing it takes only a period measured in months for it to spread around your body.

Unlike Mesothelioma the cancer is formed inside of the lungs rather than the lining.

Symptoms of asbestos lung cancer include a wheezing cough, coughing up blood and chronic respiratory infections.

Depending on the patient’s overall health and how far cancer has spread treatment could be: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy or surgical removal.

However, the number of deaths from asbestos-related cancer is still high, being similar to the 2018 estimate of 2446 deaths by mesothelioma in the UK.


After exposure over the course of 20 to 30 years, excessive scar tissue will replace regular lung tissue. 

This lung scarring causes symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath and extreme fatigue.

This is because so much damage has been inflicted to the lungs that it reduces the lungs capabilities. With scarred lungs, the exchange oxygen is made more difficult which leads to tiredness.

Additionally, asbestosis has the unfortunate effect of setting into motion other conditions. This complicates your situation further by making you more likely to suffer from the pleural disease, Mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer.

There is no cure for this. It is not possible to reverse the damage suffered by your lungs. Treatment to relieve the symptoms includes oxygen therapy or pulmonary rehabilitation.

Pleural Thickening

Pleura are the two-layered membrane lined sacs in the chest cavity between the lungs and the ribs. Inhaled asbestos fibres that find their way here will cause scarring, much like that found in asbestosis. This scarring will cause the thickening to be found in the pleura.

A thickened pleural will cause issues such as shortness of breath, discomfort within the chest. This is because the swelling will squeeze the lung itself as it covers a large area and restricts the expansion of the lungs.


Asbestos is so dangerous because it causes cancers and diseases that are not instantly apparent that are difficult if not impossible to deal with whilst posing a significant threat to your lifespan.  Despite the asbestos ban, the substance can still be found in a lot of buildings as is a regular occupational hazard for those that regularly work with older buildings.

With how dangerous asbestos is to the health of those around it a preemptive stance is best taken to avoid exposure to the harmful substance in the first place. Contact asbestos removal experts for their services to protect yourself from the dangers of asbestos exposure.

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How to Get Sober and Stay Sober: 5 Tips to Remember



How to Get Sober and Stay Sober

Times are hard, especially now during the Coronavirus. Being locked in the house and worrying about your job security can take a serious toll on your physical and psychological health.

These stresses can affect your journey in your sobriety. And that’s okay if you falter because over 80 percent of people relapse but come back. But we are here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

If you are trying to become sober or you are already and are struggling with your journey in your sobriety, here are some ways to learn how to get sober and stay that way.

1. Know Your Triggers

The first thing to know and deal with are your triggers. Recognizing and understanding the things that incite your negative habits can help you actively avoid them and put yourself in compromising situations.

This can be things like specific locations and places, emotional stressors, job and/or financial problems, everyday stress and anxiety, or even people that you used to partake in the negative actions with.

2. Manage Your Impulses

Let’s be honest, urges and impulses do happen, and they are often sudden and out of nowhere. Understand that they occur but they’re usually no more than an hour at most.

To avoid giving into these. keep yourself busy with work or things that you enjoy doing. You can also try to substitute the negative action for a more positive one that strengthens your resolve. 

However, if you do find yourself in a situation that can jeopardize that, places like the dual diagnosis treatment centers can help you get back on track.

3. Build New Routines

To protect your sobriety, it’s beneficial to build better routines for yourself. That means structured schedules too because a chaotic, disorganized lifestyle can also be a cause for your sobriety to be in jeopardy.

Developing a structure for your daily life is beneficial to keeping your urges in check and eventually pursuing higher life-changing goals for yourself.

4. Get Some Exercise

Part of that structured routine should be time allotted for exercise. Exercising regularly will help you win the constant battle with your sobriety.

It has several health benefits like improved mood and contentment with self, reduces stress, gives you better sleep, and also boosts your daily energy. Making time to work out will give you yet another tool to maintain your sobriety.

5. Lean on Your Support Base

The most important to keeping away from your previous substance abuse is making sure you have a quality support network. Friends, family, and even counseling can help you maintain in times of weakness.

These people are important to act as your anchors, things that will keep you from going back.

How to Get Sober and Stay That Way

It’s easy to learn how to get sober. The trick is maintaining it though. But with these pro tips, the road to recovery may just be a little easier. Lead a more fulfilling and happy life and stay sober. Your friends and family need it. 

For other helpful and informative articles like this one, be sure to browse the rest of our blog.

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Format Painter: Using the Format Tool in Excel




One of the more popular graphic tools in Word is the format painter. The format painter is a very powerful tool in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and in Microsoft Excel, all are included in, which allow you to copy all the formatting from one document and then apply it on another one. Think of it as copying and pasting into a different application. It can save you time, and money when you need to format multiple documents.

To format a document in Microsoft Word, first, click on the format toolbar located at the top left corner of your desktop or main window. Once you have activated the toolbar, click on the format options and choose the copy and paste option. You will then see two checkboxes on the right side of your choice, one reading format and the other verifying indents. Click on the verified option to begin copying text and formatting the selected paragraphs.

You can move your mouse over any paragraph and see a little drop-down box that says copy and paste. Use the drop-down arrow to point to the current selection that you want to be copied. Notice that the format painter uses a special format for selecting the selection. You can move your mouse over the selection, and a selection area will appear where you can choose a plain style, fill style, or keywords to use in your text.

So How Does Format Painter Work?

The process of copy and paste can be completed by right-clicking the selection and choosing the format from the popup menu. A blank format is shown with a dotted line underneath. Right-click the selected text and choose insert as well as modify from the popup menu. Once done, click on the indent as well as highlight the inserted text and enter a new size. Repeat the process for the other paragraphs.

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The way a lot of professionals are using the format painter tools is by hitting the format toolbar while at a word processing workbook. When a word finishes processing, the formatting toolbar will show up with a list of available formats. Select “iso-wired” to create a wireless label. If your document needs to be in a PDF format, select the format (robat/psd) from the popup menu and choose “color” for the text attribute. Using the toolbar while at a word processing workbook is helpful in that you can keep a copy of all formatting that was used in one session and that makes editing a breeze when necessary.

It is also useful to use the format painter tool even after you have completed the original text. Use the toolbar to create a selection of cells where you can insert your heading or initial text, and then use the arrow keys to put your selected text into the appropriate cell. You can even use bolding to change the appearance of your paragraphs. For example, if you have 12 paragraphs and you want to increase the number of bold paragraphs by creating an extra line under each, you can do so by selecting the “format toolbar” and then hitting” Bold”.


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It is also helpful to use the formatting toolbar even after you have finished formatting your document. Use the delete button on the toolbar to remove formatting from one or more lines. Click the delete button without selecting any spaces and then type the number or letter you want to delete. Then, type a period (.”) between the new line and the text you want to be removed.

By hitting the “format toolbar”, you can easily remove formatting attributes, re-size, adjust the font size, and perform other actions depending on what type of changes you want to make. You can also go back to your document at any point and make further changes to your text, headings, fonts, etc. by hitting the “tools” icon, selecting “reset” and then “refresh”.

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Studying fashion online – Advancing your fashion career with the use of modern technology




fashion online

The Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has forced most of the institutions around the world to switch to Online or remote teaching.

Without a doubt, competition is unmistakably high in the 21st century with globalisation everywhere churning out dozens and thousands of competitors. Each armed with specialised knowledge, deep hunger and a keen sense to prove themselves. How can you then set yourself apart from the rest? How are you going to make it big in the world of fashion? How are you able to reach the heights of people like Karl Lagerfield, Tom Ford or Hubert de Givechy?

However, fret not young and zealous one. For there is definitely a way into learning the essential knowledge needed to advance your career. Whichever specialisation of fashion you are in. The answer is not even complicated, like really.

Well, the answer is not as far as it seems! Surely there has to be a modern solution to a modern problem! Alas, the answer is nearer than you can imagine. Think about how tough it is to find true apprenticeship with a famed fashion designer. Unless you are a top graduate from some of the biggest and best fashion universities, one should not even dream about landing the top job with the likes of Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Burberry.

Afterall, these companies receive an abundance of resumes day after day like a never ending waterfall. With such high demand for limited positions and internships, the chances of one landing a job at such companies would naturally be slimmer than a cobweb in the morning.

The Solution: Studying fashion online

Almost all sectors of the educational fields are now offering and tutoring online. This is the same with the fashion designing industry, with universities and colleges offering online fashion courses instead of the traditional classroom lesson.

With the online teaching medium, many students or those that wanted to learn the ropes of the fashion industry are left without any choice, they have no idea if the colleges they wanted to go to now offer online courses and if they don’t then what are the alternatives where they can get the same knowledge as they would have in the first. Hence, studying fashion online has now become an effective avenue for anyone keen in pursuing a career in fashion design.

With online courses, there is always a risk for sure. Using some of the methods above would certainly drive increased chances of success in achieving your goals in learning the right skills needed for your fashion career.

One of the methods to consider would be to assess the pricing of the academic courses one intends to pursue. Should the price be extremely high, you should consider searching online for cost effective alternatives that provide the same value.

How to assess the credibility of a fashion institution?

How do we find the right fashion institution then? There are a few steps to look at for sure. Firstly assess the credibility of the institution. Perhaps the school that you’re looking at has a good reputation, with outstanding testimonials. However, have you taken a look at the programs the institution offers? Always ensure to check with the right people such as friends and family who have previously taken a course or are graduates. Otherwise, look at online reviews to see what past students have said about the curriculum.

With the above issues resolved, learning from a good mentor online has never been easier. In fact it is much easier to find a true expert to learn from. If doubtful, do a search on Google and see if you can find any big names in fashion offering their skills in exchange for money online. Once you’ve identified a few fashion experts, look at their history, background and accomplishments. If they have proven themselves, then it’s certainly worth signing up for their course or becoming their apprentice. Although the latter is tougher to achieve, certainly it is more worthwhile should one succeed.

In these busy and modern times where everyone is rushing to pursue life without truly pursuing it, efficiency is certainly highly regarded. Hence, one easy way to level up your fashion career would be to sign up for a credible course taught by an expert from the industry. This way, you’ll be able to avoid huge commitments (for instance, going for an apprenticeship) and still be able to learn highly valued fashion skills that will allow you to create your own masterpieces.

With the advancement of technology, learning specialised fashion techniques has never been more accessible. All you have to do is simply go online to search for a credible institute of your choice. Clearly, not all such institutes are easy to get in. And for the busy professional, taking a diploma or degree full time would not be available for everyone. Unless you have the resources, time and money, you’d be like everyone else, working your guts out day and night. So the obstacles to reaching your goal seem unshakable indeed.

Credible online fashion institutions

Fortunately, there are some institutions that offer online fashion courses. One has to make a sensible decision too in this regard. That is finding the right academy to pursue when considering to learn via non-traditional means. By ‘non-traditional’ we mean learning online of course, where the lesson is no longer conducted within the confines of the traditional classroom.

Although the risk is that such fashion courses may not necessarily be credible. In fact, one should not simply sign up for any online course unless one has done sufficient research regarding the academy or institution. Hence, the first step is clear, finding the right fashion institution is essential.

Online fashion courses that will help you advance your career:

To make it easy for people who are seeking fashion designing courses online, we have compiled some courses for you to check out and start your career or journey into this wondrous and fascinating industry.

So, without making you wait further, let’s get started!

1. Creating a Fashion Collection

Having your very own vogue collection is every aspiring designer’s dream. Eventually, when someone learns much about fashion designing, they launch their brand and sell their amazing and creative products.

Creating your very own fashion collection via an online course is all about the same thing, creating your collection (or line, another name called for Collection) as the name suggests. In fact, you’ll be able to learn from the industry veterans at your own pace.

In this course, you’ll learn the necessary steps you need to learn to have your own collection/line.

And after learning the knowledge you need to have, the course teaches you how to excel in your social media campaign so that you can sell better in the real and the virtual world.

2. Introduction to Fashion Illustration

Next in line would be the Fashion Illustration design course. In the old days, apparel or footwear designers would use pen/pencil and paper to draw their creativity and then turn it into a product.

But those days have gone, the pen/pencil and the paper have now been replaced by technology and software taking their place.

So, it’s essential for everyone who wants to pursue fashion designing to learn the software that is used for drawing.

3. Sustainable Fashion

Although this course relates to maybe the final stages when you have learned much and want to start your own business/brand/collection nevertheless it still is considered among some courses that need to be studied.

As the name suggests this course means how can you run your business sustainably. This course focuses on already existing brands or businesses and analyses their strategy of getting their brand to the top. The course then lets you make your judgments and analyze how you would want your fashion design business to be and how you prosper.

You would already know by now that this indeed is an important course.

4. Fashion Designing with Adobe Illustrator CC

You wouldn’t have imagined a Fashion world without technology or applications that all of the world and businesses use.

When you’re into the design world, you need to take advantage of the technology prevailing today and so, in this case, it’s the Adobe Illustrator CC. You must be aware of Adobe, there’s no need for us to tell you about what Adobe is. Adobe Illustrator has been the app that has been the go-to app for almost every fashion designer, so it’s imperative to know this application thoroughly.

5. Sewing Online Fashion Design Course

This might be an obvious fashion design course as there’s no attire without sewing but the important point to note is sewing isn’t just about threads and sewing machines. There are technicalities in every place in every area of the cloth, so for those technicalities, you need to take the sewing course(s).

This course would entail almost every kind and type of sewing such as zig zag or the button stitch. Also, you’ll get to learn about the different types of machines available for sewing such as the mechanical or the electronic sewing machine.

6. Pattern Cutting and Making

Just like sewing, this course too is essential in the fashion design niche. The skills acquired here allows you to learn the fundamentals of pattern cutting and making which is used in garment production as well as apparel designing.

It’s a complete package making you first get to know the basics and the types of equipment that are first used and then head on to the next areas where the cutting and making gets to an advanced stage. Of course!

7. Understanding Fashion, from business to culture

There are many courses on the web that only focus on the essentials of fashion designing and making your own brand, there are, however, very few courses that focus on keeping your business alive and healthy and merging business ideas with culture. This is something that has a lot of significance and many fashion design students pay no heed to it. It is one of the courses that are also very essential for the students to learn as they need to know how you can make your business survive in the commercial world.

You might be a skilled fashion designer but if you don’t have skills and the knowledge of keeping your collection afloat, all that knowledge goes in vain, after all, you’re taking this path because of your interest and you want to capitalize on that interest into something monetary. This course is then essential for interest and monetary relations.


We picked some of the top-notch and some of the best courses that you can find on the web and start your fashion design career. These are picked carefully because they cover almost all of the important aspects of an online fashion course.

We made it easier for you to surf and learn what exactly you need to know and the last course being the most prominent one as every student who aspires to be a fashion designer focuses on creating their own line but do not focus on how to keep that line surviving and how to build your brand long-lasting enough which would reap you the rewards of your hard work.

Advancing your career is certainly not easy, especially in a competitive niche where learning the right skills is unequivocally necessary. This applies no matter which specialization you go into, regardless of whether you are in apparel merchandising, garment manufacturing or footwear designing.

The years of experience accumulated in terms of skill, knowledge and expertise is unfathomable as compared to learning from a standard textbook where you won’t learn much in the first place. This is especially true since a hands-on approach is always a better option than simply staring at a bottomless pit of words which could be dry, boring and a waste of time. Also, how else can you learn something like sewing without getting your elbows in the mud? Would you be able to properly grasp the techniques of creating your very own footwear if you don’t do it yourself? Probably not!

We hope that you find the above-mentioned courses essential and important enough to learn them. More importantly they should teach you the much needed in-demand skills that top companies look for when hiring fashion designers and merchandisers.

Learning from the best is definitely something worth pursuing if your goal is to reach the pinnacle of the fashion industry.

Just as Marc Jacobs says “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”. What’s truly important is finding meaning, without which there is no purpose to continue moving forward in which direction you choose. This is why knowing what you want is unbelievably important.

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PowerPoint Functions To Customize Your Presentations




Don’t make your presentation look boring and uninteresting by missing out on all the features of your presentation software. There are a lot of cool PowerPoint functions that can help you make your presentation look more exciting and interesting. There are certain functions that you should always incorporate in your PowerPoint to make it look more professional. These are the functions of PowerPoint that you should have on your list to include in your Microsoft PowerPoint software:

Skip Intro. Make your slides look more exciting with the introduction slide skip option. Use this option if you need to get rid of the introductory slide on the presentation before the audience begins reviewing what the rest of the slides will contain. You can simply click on Skip Intro to skip the intro slide. When you have finished skimming through the slide, go ahead and review the remaining slides and be prepared to begin the presentation! In case you don’t know that Office 365 is now Microsoft 365 and it can be downloaded from www office com setup and follow the on screen instructions

Use the Search and Find functions. This is very helpful especially if you are searching for a particular term or terminology in the slide. If there is an entry on the Search and Find option, you can double-click on it to reveal a list of all the associated words or terms. For instance, if the word “weight” appears on the search term, you can then find other related entries. In addition, if there are items in the drop-down menu, you can drag them to the right or the left depending on the arrangement of the items on the Microsoft PowerPoint Home tab. Some other useful functions of PowerPoint that you might want to learn are the rotate, zoom, and pan options.

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Double-click on a picture in your presentation. In the tab, you will see a button called “double-click picture”. When you double-click on this option, a new window will open in which you can select a picture to enlarge it.

High contrast colors and menus. Some people say that PowerPoint can be boring. However, if you know how to make it interesting, you will discover that PowerPoint has so many customizable options that it can definitely keep you and your audience glued to the screen. You can change the background color scheme, choose from a variety of themes and high contrast colors. If your presentation requires you to read from left to right to left, you can easily adjust the text alignments by using the handy options on the pane. The same applies to any other formatting options available in the presentation.

High contrast colors and fonts. If you are presenting graphics or pictures, you can easily change the background and colors of the images and choose from the wide color and font range offered on the Tools menu. You can use the Font option in order to customize the fonts and character sets used on the slides for a typical slide show. If you want to play around with headings, you can easily modify the size, height, and color of the text boxes. Furthermore, the Font option enables you to select different fonts for headings, subtitles, and text.

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High contrast colors and fonts. PowerPoint offers a wide variety of color schemes and fonts, such as Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, etc., so that you can easily highlight important graphics or texts on the slides for a typical slide show. You can also apply visual filters and shadows to the text and create the appearance of a 3D effect on the background of the slide. The same applies to the appearance of the headings, subtitles, and other elements on the slides for a typical presentation.

If you want to develop an in-depth understanding of the functionality of all these features and more, you can always take help from the online tutorials provided by the various companies. There you will get to learn more about how to utilize all the features available on PowerPoint. You can also download free demos of different templates that you can use for developing an informative and engaging presentation. The best part about the online tutorial is that it comes at no extra cost. You can download the same and put them to use for developing an interactive presentation. You just need to open a new file and start using the various functions on PowerPoint.

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