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11 Influencer marketing strategies to grow your business in India

Working with influencers will bring you great results, but what if you strategize things up. It is revealed that by planning any course of action, anything will become more efficient. Here in this article, we will discuss the same topic.

Influencer marketing has indeed become a very sharp tool in the field of marketing. From startups to mega giants, every company is using it to get more out of their business. With results of even more than 11 times the investment, it is slowly capturing the entire market.

To get such a high ROI(Return On Investment), one needs to practice some measures and strategies. After that, check the results. You will get the best returns. Let us take a look at these strategies.

What are influencer marketing strategies?

Basically, ‘influencer marketing’ means endorsement through influencers. It can be anywhere, like in social media, or Television, or other platforms. The term ‘strategies’ depicts planning.

Combining both, we get the planning of endorsement. There are various ways through which one can increase the efficiency of their business.

Here are the top 11 strategies to function.

1. Have a goal

It is the most crucial step before making any strategy. You should have a well-crafted objective as to what you want from this promotion. Your goal can be anything like creating awareness, leading generations, build traffic, increase sales, and so on.

Try to keep it crystal clear as the further steps will be dependent on it. You can call it a foundation step.

Next step is to analyze your Online Reputation

Literally, in order to grow your business in India or internationally, you need to first analyze your online reputation. 

According to the survey, 75% of online users look after a company’s online reputation before getting into business with them, and a big ratio of that search takes place on the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. However, if it’s not up to your aspects then do opt for online reputation repair services or perform the reverse SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, without a good online reputation, you can succeed in getting conversions. So, the very first step while performing marketing strategies is to look after the online reputation.

2. Take the help of celebrity shoutout platforms

If you are not aware of what these platforms are, then there are many of them. These platforms link the brands with the influencers based on their budget. You can take the reference of Celefi, which is a brand promotion platform. It has a vast number of influencers.

The reason for considering Celefi is because it offers a well-planned video or post. So, you do not need to look after the strategies. They will direct you through all the steps in making the best deal out for you.

You can also choose Kapwing, Cameo, etc., for international influencers.

3. Look after your niche

It is a foremost step before choosing any celebrity for endorsement. Analyze whether the influencer works on the same niche as yours. For example, you need a fashion blogger if you have a boutique.

In this way, you can directly target the desired audience for your brand, which is the prime step for promotion.

4. Pay the influencers

If you pay them, they will work with more eagerness. The influencers will try to give their best for the sake of getting some revenue in return. Most of the time, you will land up the deal of paying them. If you get the promotion for free, do not forget to reward them for their appreciable work.

5. Use the discount idea

Everyone likes the word ‘sale’, or ‘discount’. Try to use this. Provide a coupon code so that the audience buying using that code will get some discount on the actual price.

Circulate the coupon code through the influencers so that more and more purchases come from their side. It is an eminent way of increasing sales.

6. Try with giveaways

Contests and giveaways are capturing the market. Try to utilize it for more win-win deals and lead generations. Ask the influencer to organize a giveaway as the lucky winner will get the product for free.

The audience only has to share the promotional post or use it in their story. The people will try this out as the steps are simple, and they will check their luck for sure.

7. How about affiliate marketing?

This marketing is getting up on the trend. It will push the influencers to increase sales even more. If the influencer successfully sells the product, give some percentage of the amount to them. It will be like a reward. A small amount from it will keep them motivated to market the brand more.

8. Stay prepared with the script

In most cases, the influencers take care of this. Depend upon them and trust them that they can come up with a substantial and engaging script. But before the actual release, try to check what they planned. If you find it winsome enough, allow them to go ahead with it. Otherwise, immediately change it.

It is a cardinal step in influencer marketing as it will cover the story you want to convey to the audience. We can say it a way through which the audience can connect with your brand. It can be through the services, the story, depicting its importance and relevance, etc.

9. Work as a team

Working alone as a boss and working together as one team is very different. You may be more potent than others being a boss, but do not forget that it will overshadow the efforts of other team members.

If you are collaborating with an influencer and you already have a team, make sure to introduce the influencer to your teammates. It will make the influencer feel important and push more to work for betterment.

10. Go through the market of influencers

The influencers are divided into several categories. You need to make sure of what you need. It will depend upon the budget and the number of audiences you want to target. These are nano influencers with 1K to 5K followers, available at the lowest price to mega influencers with over 1M followers. The mega influencers are the most expensive ones.

11. Stay responsive

A great leader stays responsible. If anything gets wrong, stand up for it. Do have patience. Good things take time. Always stay with the team throughout the hurdles, motivate them periodically.

This step is ignored most of the time, but you need to consider it also. Teamwork has more potential than working individually. You might face bad times, but it is okay. Try to find out the cause and immediately plan over it and take steps to bring everything back on track.

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